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For a Wow Vidai – Fab Ideas for Bride & Groom's Exit

By  Richa Sahni    February 05, 2018

A goodbye means a lot. It isn’t just a good wish when you part; it is more like an unsaid..Read more

Funny Couple Photos That'll Make You Laugh

By  Richa Sahni    January 08, 2018

Me And You And All The Funny Poses In Between. You'll likely spend months planning the perfect..Read more

A Good Comedy Ends in…Marriage

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Tough Money Talks You Need To Have Before You Get Married

By  Richa Sahni    November 01, 2017

Planning a wedding? Here’s what you really need to talk about with your partner— personal finances..Read more

Road to a Perfect Relationship

By  Utkarsh Chaturvedi    April 25, 2017

Getting married to your special someone and all you can be is nervous because of the fact that what..Read more

Wedding bonding: daddy and his princess

By  Richa Sahni    April 14, 2017

No matter how close or far, a daughter’s bond with her father is a holy one which needs some..Read more

LOVE MARRIAGE Expectation versus Reality

By  Sarabpreet Kaur    July 06, 2016

When your love affair matures into marriage, life become a bed of roses… or does it?..Read more

Are Men The Dreamers?

By  Anuradha Turner    December 01, 2015

A Look at the thought process of men and women while they choose a partner..Read more

Bonding with your Partners Siblings

By  Anuradha Turner    December 01, 2015

Brothers and sisters of your partner are friends that you, as a couple, can rely upon all your..Read more

Heres How to Make Your They lived happily ever after Scene!

By  Harini S Santosh    October 06, 2015

Here’s mirroring your honeymoon yen, post marriage pickle and the relationship in between...Read more

Catching up with Gul Panag

By  Sarabpreet Kaur    September 22, 2015

Actress Gul Panag says that having clear understanding of life goals with your partner helps you..Read more

Laying The Foundation of Marriage

By  Sarabpreet Kaur    May 25, 2015

If it helped, one would get ready to gulp down magic potions for having a fairytale-like marital..Read more

Get Married not stressed!

By  Sarabpreet Kaur    March 24, 2015

New wardrobe- check. New car- check. New house- check. New Life- err… double check! As a soon-to-be..Read more

The Case Of Inquisitive Aunties

By  Sarabpreet Kaur    March 24, 2015

Pull up your socks, friends, as we present some queries that will change your face colour from..Read more