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Sonam Kapoor & Anand Ahuja Tied the Knot: Get All the Deets Here!

By  Richa    May 09, 2018

Take a look at the pictures of first big, fat Bollywood wedding of the year - Sonam Kapoor and..Read more

DREAMLIKE WEDDING for Saurabh & Richa

By  Sarabpreet Kaur    November 28, 2015



By  Sarabpreet Kaur    October 05, 2015

A bride, so beautiful. A groom, so dapper. Venues spelling exuberance. Ambience wrapping you in..Read more

Bond Of Happiness Pramod Reddy Weds Ramya Reddy

By  Executive Editor    July 04, 2015

Mrs. Anitha and Mr. Sama Subhash Reddy’s darling daughter, Ramya Reddy, was given away in marriage..Read more

A Heavenly Wedding On Earth!

By  Executive Editor    July 04, 2015

Marriages are made in heaven, was in the yesteryears…now, heavenly marriages are made on earth!..Read more

Tandoori Nights for Kunal Kapoor & Naina Bachchan!

By  Priyanka Swami    May 27, 2015

And for us, a dive into this mesmerising bollywood gala with all the ingredients of a glamorous..Read more

The Royal Wedding Pallavi Weds Jagajith

By  Executive Editor    May 04, 2015

It was a wedding laced with richness, grandeur and a series of traditional rituals. Lakshmi..Read more

A gala Tamil wedding of a Daddys girl Aishwarya with Somesh

By  Executive Editor    May 04, 2015

A wedding is an ensemble of a variety of events, rituals and immense amounts of joyous proud..Read more

A Grand Grandeur! Adithi with Kruthik

By  Executive Editor    May 04, 2015

The Chamaraju Family solemnised the wedding of their ‘angelic’ daughter Adithi with Kruthik. The..Read more

Bharathi Weds Ryshyanth

By  Executive Editor    March 10, 2015

The wedding of Bharathi and Ryshyanth held at Bangalore Main Palace was one of the biggest and..Read more

Anirudh and Shruthi

By  Sharjeel Ahmed    February 18, 2015

This wedding at Mangalore Gopala Krishna Temple was nothing short of a visual treat. Em-Cee..Read more

Sridhar weds Sharanya

By  Sharjeel Ahmed    February 18, 2015

It was an arranged marriage, yet did not seem like one. The gorgeous couple Sridhar and Sharanya’s..Read more

Sampreeth and Vineela

By  Sharjeel Ahmed    February 18, 2015

In a first of its kind, Plan Your Wedding brings to you the bride’s own account of her wedding!..Read more

JodhaAkbar style Wedding for Ripandeep and Jaldeep

By  Sanhati Banerjee    November 29, 2014

Plan Your Wedding brings to you the saga of Ripandeep and Jaldeep’s wedding, one that saw ballroom..Read more

Glamour and Glitz at the StyleStudded Wedding of Aditya and Astha

By  Sanhati Banerjee    November 24, 2014

A vivacious wedding and a very voguish wedding planner,vibrant decor, wedding fashion and..Read more

Alice Weds Praveen

By  Nagashree    September 12, 2014

Isn’t it a delight to hear stories like childhood friends getting married to live happily ever..Read more

Karthik Weds Anusha

By  Nagashree    September 12, 2014

It was an arranged marriage, yet did not seem like one. The gorgeous couple Karthik and Anusha’s..Read more

The Royal Saga of Gourav weds Sonali Wedding

By  Sanhati Banerjee    July 18, 2014

Weddings now have come of age with more and more people opting for a lavish blend of traditional..Read more

A Big Fat South Indian Wedding

By  Nagashree    June 12, 2014

They met, they separated, and again when they met there was no stopping them! Shravan and..Read more

The Great Indian Family Wedding Show

By  Sanhati Banerjee    May 27, 2014

Here's How Joshika Kapoor got married to her since nursery friend Mohit Piplani in a truly warm and..Read more

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