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The Latest Designerwear for Grooms

By  Sarabpreet Kaur    October 03, 2015


Your Collar ID

By  Priyanka Swami    May 27, 2015

With an ocean of options, deciding on collars to fit the occasion and flatter the face can be..Read more

Using Perfumes Deodorants and Colognes

By  Sarabpreet Kaur    May 25, 2015

With summer heat expanding its grip in the city, keeping body odour at bay is a challenge everyone..Read more

Khadi The New Fabric Statement!

By  Priyanka Swami    April 28, 2015

Let’s find out the cosmopolitan implications of the ‘sacred cloth’— the canvas for imaginative..Read more

The Turbaned GloryTraditions & Trends

By  Priyanka Swami    April 28, 2015

Given its traditional value and modern flavour, a pagdi lends the quintessential bridal look to the..Read more

Ceremonial Looks for the Suave Groom

By  Sarabpreet Kaur    April 25, 2015

Not just one or two but for many more ceremonies a would-be-groom is the center of attention. Here..Read more

MultiHued Groom

By  Executive Editor    March 10, 2015

Celebrating the newness in the year,PLAN YOUR WEDDING explores the colours most significant to the..Read more

Decoding Sherwanis

By  Executive Editor    March 10, 2015

When it comes to wedding, the Indian groom is still desi at heart. Even in the world of tuxedos and..Read more

The Maharaja Muse for Classy Grooms

By  Executive Editor    March 10, 2015

As imperial grandeur rules the style sheet for groom’s couture this wedding season, Plan Your..Read more

The Man Bag Syndrome

By  Nagashree    December 01, 2014

Handbags, a few years ago, were seen as a female-only accessory, but now the scenario has..Read more

Gazing at the Trend Book

By  Sanhati Banerjee    December 01, 2014

Here’s a trend report and a manual on wardrobe creation for men who love to dress up for occasions..Read more

The Bespoke BrigadeStitched to Perfection

By  Priyanka Swami    November 29, 2014

Let’s take a look at the world of customised tailoring that is part of every man’s dream of a..Read more

Couture for the Discerning Dandies

By  Sanhati Banerjee    November 25, 2014

From offering eco-friendly couture to minimalism in ethnic wear, from weaving simplicity in Indian..Read more

The Six type of shoes for the Groom

By  Sanhati Banerjee    November 25, 2014

Plan Your Wedding explores the six shoes that every Indian groom needs to put in place for that..Read more

From Regale Ethnic to Smart Western Wear

By  Sanhati Banerjee    November 25, 2014

Any moment in life is incomplete without dressing up well. For more than 130 years, Mohanlal Sons..Read more

Courting the AutumnWinter Couture Trends

By  Priyanka Swami    November 25, 2014

Fall for the beaming trends frosting up fashion this wedding season! Transiting from the summery..Read more

Shekhawati Style for The Grooms Grand Couture Saga

By  Sanhati Banerjee    November 25, 2014

Plan Your Wedding presents the autumn-winter wedding collection by Adonis Wedding Galleria inspired..Read more

Doing the Drapes

By  Sanhati Banerjee    July 18, 2014

As you plan to put your best foot forward for your wedding, spare a thought about the different..Read more

Monsoon Workouts for Men

By  Sanhati Banerjee    July 18, 2014

While working out in the monsoon may seem to be a difficult project for some or while some of you..Read more

Couture for your Complete Wedding Wardrobe by Shree Sons

By  Sanhati Banerjee    July 18, 2014

Shree Sons brings to you a fabulous collection for the upcoming autumn-winter wedding season. This..Read more

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