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Good Shoes Take You Good Places

By  Sonam Poddar Hissaria    April 03, 2018

Amidst all that hustle, bustle and excitement, you forgot that one minor but important thing. Shoes...Read more

Wise Man’s Wedding Guide

By  Anuradha Turner    March 27, 2018

Just like being fashionable is ageless it’s never too late to marry; whether you’re in your 30s or..Read more

What Men Should Wear To Weddings as a Guest?

By  Sarabpreet Kaur    March 16, 2018

Weddings! The perfect occasion to up your style game, put on a classy suit, a regal ethnic outfit..Read more

TREG by Designer Pawan Sachdeva

By  Richa Sahni    March 05, 2018

Ace designer Pawan Sachdeva has a global sensibility—modern and wearable. While his focus is cut..Read more

To Beard or Not To Beard on D-Day

By  Richa Sahni    February 17, 2018

Love your beard? Experiment with different styles and see what suits you the best and defines your..Read more

When Sherwani Is Not Your Type!

By  Richa Sahni    February 08, 2018

When you don’t see yourself clad in a sherwani at a wedding function, panic strikes your mind. The..Read more

Your Happiest Groom Colour

By  Richa Sahni    December 26, 2017

Gone are the days of boring plain shades and predictable attire for the grooms. Add a pop of colour..Read more

A Piece of Paradise by Designer Manav Gangwani

By  Richa Sahni    December 16, 2017

Master couturier Manav Gangwani launches his new collection “Begum-e-Jannat”. The inspiration for..Read more

Bringing the Dhoti Back With a Bang!

By  Richa Sahni    November 09, 2017

Dhoti clad groom - the latest trend this wedding season? Read on to crack the latest fashion code!..Read more

Preserving Your Wedding Attire!

By  Richa Sahni    November 08, 2017

Why waste your money by ruining or not using your wedding attire again. If you store it..Read more

Fashion Mistakes That Grooms Should Avoid

By  Richa Sahni    November 03, 2017

There are certain fashion mistakes that are an absolute no-no dear groom, or as I like to call..Read more

Fashion Tips for Men to Dress Sharp This Diwali

By  Richa Sahni    October 18, 2017

Most of the men take the plain Joe road during Diwali and adorn the traditional kurtas and suits..Read more

A Guide on Dressing For Your Body Type for the Groom

By  Richa Sahni    July 22, 2017

While everyone talks about the bride choosing the wonderful wedding dress, but most forget that the..Read more

That Extra-Special Groom’s Gift

By  Richa Sahni    April 21, 2017

A little something special to the groom-to-be is a fine way to show love and appreciation on the..Read more

What to wear to a wedding?

By  Richa Sahni    April 11, 2017

Looking for the ideal wedding day ensemble for your dad and brothers? Check out these wedding..Read more

Mehendi for Mens

By  Richa Sahni    March 16, 2017

Henna is for men too! That is a fact. But would you be ok with your groom sporting the full-fledged..Read more

For Stout & Stylish Grooms

By  Richa Sahni    February 22, 2017

Our offbeat grooms come in all shapes and sizes and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Plan your..Read more

Grooming timeline for precious groom

By  Richa Sahni    February 18, 2017

A pre-wedding beauty regimen is not just for the bride. Even men are now ready to embrace their own..Read more

The Code of Bachelor Party

By  Richa Sahni    December 23, 2016

We are not asking you to make the hangover part iv here; sure the movie seems like a dream world,..Read more

Different Colours For Different Skin Tone of Men!

By  Palak Bhalla    December 20, 2016

When you don’t see yourself clad in a sherwani at a wedding function, panic strikes your mind. The..Read more

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