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Get Those Barbie Eyelashes

By  Sanhati Banerjee    December 15, 2012

Amyn Manji gives plan your wedding a trend update on the hot treatment this season – eyelash..Read more

Go Straight hair this Bridal Season

By  Sanhati Banerjee    December 05, 2012

There’s just something inherently classic, elegant and feminine about straight hair. This wedding..Read more

Stylish hairdos this bridal season

By  Sanhati Banerjee    November 29, 2012

Wake up to the stylish hairdos as Simmi Ghai shares brilliant ideas for this bridal season...Read more

Minimalistic Makeup Works too!

By  Mandakini Dev Sharma    October 10, 2012

Tejal Rao is a Bangalore-based freelance make-up artist who specializes in bridals, TVC’s, events,..Read more

Bridal looks this season with Aashmeen Munjaal

By  Sanhati Banerjee    October 05, 2012

Look, feel and read on to get a lowdown on how these bridal powderroom perfections have been..Read more

Designer nails for your wedding

By  Swati Khatri    September 19, 2012

Brighten up your bridal look with well-designed finger nails this season. Whether you are..Read more

First Angsana Spa in Hyderabad

By  Asra Shaheen    September 06, 2012

There are umpteen spas and fitness centres dotting the city of Hyderabad. But what if you desire a..Read more

Revel in Spas

By  Asra Shaheen    August 30, 2012

Yearning to spend some tranquil moments of togetherness with your loved one? The good news is that..Read more

An Exciting Exfoliation Experience at Fantastic Stylists Spa & Salon

By  Asra Shaheen    August 27, 2012

Here's an exciting exfoliation experience! Fantastic Fish Spa, powered by Fantastic Asia Pvt Ltd,..Read more

Time to Get a Facelift

By  Asra Shaheen    August 27, 2012

Fantastic Stylists Spa & Salon now makes it possible to get exfoliation, facelift, pigmentation..Read more

Skin Wellness! Just before your wedding

By  Admin    August 05, 2012

Face the heat as your face can be full in its glory. Strike a fitting pose as you can be in your..Read more

Hot Tips for Hydration

By  Sanhati Banerjee    July 20, 2012

Water replenishes skin tissues, moisturizes and increases the elasticity of the skin. Legendary..Read more

Beauty Secret the hydration essentials

By  Sanhati Banerjee    July 20, 2012

Pour a little bit of the hydrating essences onto your skin and hair to get rid of dryness,..Read more

The Great Seasonal Polish

By  Sanhati Banerjee    May 17, 2012

A must-do for aspiring honeymooners and style-savvy brides and grooms-to-be; body polishing is an..Read more

Lifting the Hope

By  Sanhati Banerjee    January 18, 2012

Advanced cosmetic procedures have entered the realm of aesthetics. Find out all you need to know..Read more

Beauty and the Best

By  Admin    January 16, 2012

Shake a few myths, stir a few ideas. A new bride on a date or up for a cocktail dinner, a new bride..Read more

The Natural Crush

By  Admin    November 20, 2011

The how-to-dos and what-to-look-for parts, the sense and sensibility of endorsing eco-friendly..Read more

The Grooms Blooming Diary

By  Sanhati Banerjee    November 18, 2011

By now you must have met the metro-sexual man - the man who has a pink shirt in his wardrobe and..Read more

Fantastic Stylists Spa & Salon Styling in comfort

By  K S Reddy    November 02, 2011

With the growing number of double-income families in the city, couples do not mind spending that..Read more

CLUB Latitudes For Fitness & Wellness

By  K S Reddy    November 02, 2011

With the launch of its third center in Visakhapatnam and the revamp of its Jubilee Hills and..Read more

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