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Your Makeup Kit Essentials

By Anuradha Turner

From sweat to dullness, your makeup kit works like a first aid box, ready to fix you up under all circumstances. A quick touch up and you are all set. Read on to know what you really need in your makeup kit.

The moment you wear your beautiful wedding ensemble, your makeup looks fabulous. It almost seems like a magical transformation and you cannot stop thanking your makeup artist. But let's face it, the journey from your home to the time when the wedding ceremony actually begins is too long for your pretty makeup to survive. With almost three to four functions to attend per wedding, your makeup kit needs to be versatile and filled with some basic essentials. Here’s on the world of the most essential makeup items and how to manage your makeup kit.

Listen to Your Skin
The most important factor in any beauty and makeup regime is to understand and listen to your skin. Each skin tone is different in terms of colour and texture, and only because a product is popular outside does not mean it will suit your skin tone.
"There is a range of skin creams and foundations available today. But we need to understand the thin line between effective and expensive, and of course what exactly makes our skin comfortable," says beauty expert Darshna Mehta. For example, an oily skin may not be able to breathe in a greasy foundation or a combination skin struggles to create an even tone skin.
Dry Skin
: If you have dry skin, you need to go for cream-based foundation which will help moisturise your face. However, most of these products might still leave your skin even dry; hence it is advisable to apply just a hint of moisturiser before applying a primer or BB cream or foundation.
Combination Skin: A combination skin needs to go for a tone that is at least one shade lighter than your T-zone. This will help you in creating an even tone. Another trick is to start by applying on the darker patches or the T-zone and then spread out towards the cheeks. To keep the cheeks from looking too dry, you can dab a little rosewater on your cheeks. To keep the shine off the T-Zone, you can use powder foundation.
Oily Skin: If you have oily skin, you can opt for powder foundations or matte sticks which will help you keep your skin dry. However, if you find only a cream-based product suitable for your skin colour, you can always remove the excess oil or shine by simply dabbing your skin with a tissue.
Tips by beauty expert Chandrakala Sanap

Five Updated Additions You Need in Your Makeup Kit

The world has gone through tectonic shifts and so has the makeup kit. The last decade has seen some amazing additions which have become commercially viable. Here's a look at some of the top additions:
Primers: Primer is like having a foundation and a skin brightening cream all-in-one. It sets the base for your makeup and no makeup kit is complete with the base foundation. So chuck those foundations for this new set in your kitty!
What’s crucial is to invest in the right skin primer colour. There is a range of colours available in Mac and Colorbar and many other brands.
Take time to test a few products since some primers may have the tendency to look too made up. Hence it is important to invest in a good skin primer. A range by Baba Meru, who has been in the business of makeup and beauty, offers a range of skin primers especially for the Indian skin tone.
Concealer: Anybody who is mastering the art of makeup will not stop raving about the wonders of a concealer. The quick fix up for all those blemishes and dark spots, a concealer is that magic brush that will make you go blemish free! It is the essential salt of the makeup world.
Lip Balm cum Gloss: A nude lip balm gloss with just a tinge of pink will moisturise as well as make your lips look supple. So even if you missing out a lipstick, lip gloss will help you give that little sparkly shine on your lips. It actually works better than a lip gloss which might leave a sticky feeling.
Natural Mineral Based Powder
: A basic compact or a range of powdered bare minerals is another essential. Especially with the Indian climatic conditions, compacts and skin contour powders help you keep all that makeup intact; however, there is a tendency to look cakish. This is where natural powders which settle lightly on your skin help. They not only look natural but give you enough coverage.
Face Mist
: This is the newest addition that works wonders. A face mist adds much-needed life to your overall makeup. It is like the stage is set, just spray on some face mist and the lights are on! That is how refreshing and light your face will feel.

Storage Tips

  • Regularly sharpen your pencils. It is always advisable to store a small sharpener in your kit itself.
  • No matter how much in a state of rush, always put the lid of your pencils, lipsticks and powders, you don't want to create a psychedelic colour form in your makeup box.
  • Your skin primer and concealer colour needs to exactly one tone away from each other. While the powder needs to be of a colour between these two.
  • If you have dry skin, a face mist is a must in your kit, it will keep your skin hydrated while nourishing it.
  • Always keep cotton and tissue handy in your makeup kit.
  • For Indian skin, rosewater is the best way to start your makeup. Hence, dab a little before you start applying a primer.
  • Keep a medium-sized pouch for pencils and lipsticks, however, it is advisable to use a box styled pouch for items in glass packaging like foundations, primers, eye-shadow containers etc.

Tips by beauty expert Darshana Mehta

De-clutter—Essentials for your Travel Makeup Kit
The first step to makeup kit essential is to de-clutter. The de-clutter stage actually begins with firstly, understanding your skin and features. For example, if you have droopy eyes, the kajal tends to fade quickly in this eye shape or if you have a really oily skin, a compact is a must. However, if you have dry skin, you can do without a compact and carry some face mist instead.
Hence, study and understand what your skin and face needs. Do you have frizzy hair? Well then, carrying some extra gel or spray help more than just a comb.
"There is a tendency where people want to simply carry what is in trend but a makeup kit essential is not about what is trendy and what is not. One needs to understand the importance of carrying essentials that specifically suit one's requirements", says Baba Meru, renowned makeup artist and beauty expert.
Not all lipstick colours need a touch-up. For example, a peach colour lipstick might not need a touch up as much as a dark colour lipstick. A lipstick is not always a must to carry. In many cases, a touch-up of lipstick might actually look out-of-place with fading makeup and may also develop cracks on your dry lips. Hence, it is advised that you carry a similar colour lip balm or gloss. This will moisturise your lips as well as retain the hint of colour.
If you sweat easily, you need to carry a compact and a face mist. A compact will clear all the sweat; however, it will merge with the sweat leaving a layer of cake or a white mask on your face. A hint of face mist will clear all the sweat and retain the freshness and glow.
If you find it difficult to choose between ranges of products, go for the three essentials in your clutch. The idea is to fit in only three most essential items in your clutch, which will mostly form the trinity to complete your look. “To say, if you are going for heavy eye makeup, a touch of mascara from time-to-time will help in highlighting your eye-makeup. However, if it is your lips that highlight your dress, you will need to carry your lipstick as an essential. Hence, a lot depends on your look and what feature you want to highlight,” adds Darshana Mehta.
A makeup kit is an investment for a lifetime and whatever be the occasion, it always helps to be organised and well prepared. So, get your essentials and be ready to raise the bar. After all, a makeup kit is like having that tiny little magic jar and magic in any form is an essential!


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