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Your Happiest Groom Colour

By Richa

Gone are the days of boring plain shades and predictable attire for the grooms. Add a pop of colour to your groom's wedding day look for that bold statement.

People often talk about weddings in superlative terms, like your wedding should be the ‘happiest’ day of your life, the ‘most important’ day of your life, the ‘biggest’ day, and so on. But I’d also like to think your wedding should also be one of your best-dressed days as well. Whatever form your ceremony takes, it certainly merits your sharpest appearance. In many cases, it’s also going to require some coordination with bride or general wedding theme. And since you’ll be making up 50% the pictures, thinking carefully about your clothing is almost as important as the bride’s (I have to be careful as a few brides may read this). The options for dressing sharp on your wedding day are as varied as wedding ceremonies.


Wearing the right colours is just as important in an outfit as is its proper fit because colours have the ability to make or break an outfit. Trying to find a colour that works for your skin tone isn’t the easiest thing in the world. There is no doubt about the fact that style comes naturally to most India men and they have the panache and confidence to carry off almost anything. But, does it look good if it is not colour coordinated? ‘No’ is the answer! Proper colour coordination can help your outfit glow even if it’s a tad boring, or tone it down a bit if it’s too loud. On your wedding day, you cannot take chances!

ndian Wedding Colours 101

Designer Gautam Gupta opines, “It is phenomenal for the bride and grooms to get colour coordinated. They want to experiment with colours. Contemporary bride and grooms are confident enough to carry unconventional colours like black and grey. The selection of the colours depends upon the time and venue and even the body type that a person has. During the day, the colours get absorbed by the light. So, the grooms can preferably carry light colours like Olive Green, Turquoise, and Beige. At night, warm colours like maroon red, chocolate, grey, black and others would do more justice.”


For your haldi ceremony, an occasion where you can show off your love for indigenous Indian textile by sporting cotton kurtas with block or ajrakh prints, you can opt for soothing earthy tones like ochre, brown or rust for a minimalist look. However, if vibrant colours are your calling, then there is no better time than the haldi ceremony to wear a vegetable dye indigo or a maroon kurta teamed with comfortable bottom and a pair of Kolhapuri slippers.

Following to this, your mehendi ceremony gives you an opportunity to step up your fashion game and test the waters with your fashion choices before the D-Day. Unless the ceremony has a colour theme, your colour options are dime a dozen. But if you had to pick one colour that would carry you through the evening like a star, make some different choices to set yourself apart from the crowd. Go for bright kurta, like maybe combine purple, red and orange together paired with pyjamas, and most probably stay away from light colours that can get stained easily. For cocktail party, think tuxedos, jackets and chic blazers in black, navy and grey. Bandhgala jackets and sherwanis in vibrant floral colours and printed blazers are an option if you want to make the girls swoon with your offbeat style.


The Debonair is in the Details For D-Day

“The current generation is majorly preferring subtle work with less embroidery. So, they focus more on the colour of the outfit. For example, if someone is slightly plum and wears a soft colour, he would not look in shape and it would certainly not suit him. So they should wear dark colours that would make them look sleeker. Also, the wedding is not just a function these days, it is rather a story and particularly has a theme and the groom and bride being the most important part in it. The story revolves around them. The presentation and the colours are chosen accordingly. For instance, if a wedding has an Arabian theme, reddish would be appropriate,” shares Mr. Gupta.


He further added, “Apart from regular Ivory, some new colours can be chocolate, coffee. Also, grooms are more daring these days, so they are choosing unconventional colours for the wedding like royal blue, peacock blue, and even tangerine.”

Match For Each Other or Not?

That woman you’re marrying. You’re going to be photographed together—a lot. So your respective wedding ensembles need to make sense as a pair. With three styles in mind -contemporary, classic, and rule breaking. Coordinating your wedding outfits may seem like a task, especially for the grooms (because the universe still has to figure out the answer to the question ‘why men hate shopping?’) but trust us; it’s not that difficult really! Besides looking super-cute, colour coordination looks extremely nice in pictures too. Coordinate your wedding outfits with each other to make a statement like never before!



Mr. Gupta concluded, “They should go for colour coordination. Because brides these days are not just confined to wearing red. They confidently carry unconventional colours. Hence, it would not be difficult for the grooms to coordinate with the brides. Grooms can go for olive green this wedding season.”

It is all about ‘YOU’

Now that everyone is matching and coordinated, it's time to pick your extras. To achieve a totally unique look, it's all in the details. Spice things up and don’t be afraid to inject your personality into your outfit. Have music in your blood? Add a treble clef to your lapel pin. More of a movie nerd? Find a cool pair of Batman inspired cuff links.


A final word of caution: If you don’t give sufficient time, you might end up in an ill-fitting wedding outfit that has seen better days. Take the time to ensure you wear something that looks and feels good, and, of course, fits beautifully. Whether you’re the groom (if so, congratulations!) or a guest, weddings aren’t exactly run-of-the-mill occasions, so it is the time to treat yourself to something a little special.

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