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You live only once

By Visweswar Reddy

Where excellence defines the attire, aristocracy refines the sensibility and every occasion is an allusion of a bigger affair to come in the future. And when it’s Diwan Saheb, this big affair needs no introduction.We explore the varied nunaces that have gone into the making of this iconic brand and what it means to be Diwan Saheb.

Diwan Saheb


Diwan Saheb is the custodian of a very proud fashion legacy. They showcase the most unique and fresh collection of men’s wear that can be worn for regular use and big occasions. Their stylish creations have inspired a very exclusive following and now every collection is awaited with enthusiasm and bated breaths. But of course along with popularity comes the huge burden of responsibility, but they have thankfully not been fazed by it, rather inspired to give their customers a new look that’s impressive and beyond the ordinary. Diwan Saheb’s enviable range of apparels will therefore will suit not just your occasion but your mood, personality and style. As Surinder Diwan and Sudhir Diwan, the minds behind the exquisite creations say, “Weddings and big occasions demand stand-out styles, and every season it is our endeavour to give our valued customers a classy collection that captures their imagination and makes them the centre of attraction.” This commitment is echoed by the young guns Amit Diwan, a graduate in fashion designing and clothing technology from Manchester, UK and Sumit Diwan, a business management graduate from University of Sheffield, UK, who are carrying forward with their zeal and enthusiasm.
Exquisite Wedding Wear
They say that any wedding is incomplete without a visit to Diwan Saheb. A glimpse of their latest collection will reveal that their fine lines, colours and fabric quality are of the highest standard and fit for a royal groom. But there is no reason to lose heart even if you aren’t getting married, as their excellent everyday wear comprising of western and ethnic designs are exquisite as well. But primarily of course, Diwan Saheb is the ideal destination for all your marriage shopping. They have sherwanis, jodhpuris, kurta-pyjamas, designer suits, juttis, safas, kalgis etc., surely the entire wedding wardrobe for a fashion conscious family. So whether you are bridegroom, baraati, or just attending a wedding, then go to Diwan Saheb, you won’t be disappointed, that’s for sure.
Six Decades of Customised Tailoring
A lot of people use the terms “bespoke” and “made-to-measure” interchangeably. They are mistaken. ‘Bespoke’ is actually a term which dates back to the 17th century. When a customer chose a length of cloth, it was said to have “been spoken for”. Hence a tailor, who makes your clothes individually, to your specific personal requirements, is called “bespoke”. This is unlike “made-to-measure” where the tailor simply uses a basic, pre-existing design template, which is then adjusted roughly to your individual measurements.
At first, it is important to discuss with you what type of suit you are looking for and its uses. Then a cloth is chosen to suit your type of style, fit and your activity. More than 20 measurements and figuration details are taken from the customer. The cloth is then cut and trimmed, along with the finest linings and silks available. A single tailor is then given the parts of the garment to sew together, to the final complete suit. Each suit is completely hand-made, even down to the button holes.
At Diwan Saheb, the “customised tailoring” service is exclusively for demanding customers, who have the panache of dressing up to certain expectations. This expectation level is mutual, as the customer knows exactly what he is looking for and the tailor also appreciates his knowledge and delivers every stitch with flawless detail. We encounter particular customers who are finicky about detail and possess a fair deal of ideas on stitch patterns and special motif work. The “customised tailoring” service is taken care of by traditional craftsmen, fashion designers with fabrics handpicked from some of the biggest names in the apparel industry, globally.
Fashionably Western!
Diwan Saheb is a name synonymous with very exclusive ethnic wear, so you will most probably be taken aback by the huge western wear range that they showcase. It is of course a well-kept secret amongst their regular clients, but if you did visit - and you should – you will see that they have an exceptionally stylish and exclusive western wear range for everyday and big occasions. Be it suits, blazers, 3-piece suits, waist coats or a variety of ties, bows or pocket squares, you will definitely want to try on everything. And even if you are into the whole slim fit trend, or like Italian cuts or classic western styles, there isn’t a place with this kind of variety anywhere. So if you are planning a dinner out, or want to make a statement in your office every day, you’ve just been let on to the best kept style secret of the exclusive set.



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