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Wise Man’s Wedding Guide

By Anuradha Turner

Just like being fashionable is ageless it’s never too late to marry; whether you’re in your 30s or 40s, fashion defines and redefines itself; especially when you are ready to embark on the new phase of your life. In fact, grace and fashion are more refined with the onset of age. we provide you fashion for men getting married in their late 30s and early 40s.

Image Courtesy: lead

There is no age to fall in love and when it comes to weddings, Indians have never been more open-minded. From Rahul Sharma to Saif Ali khan, this wedding season has seen a dearth of men in their late 30s and early 40s embracing fashion and style in a graceful manner.

Fashion has never been a prerogative of any age or gender. It’s common to relate fashion more to women but we would be hugely mistaken if we underestimate its wide presence in menswear. Men’s fashion cycle has moved from being tailored-to fast moving readymades and now back to customisation.

For the mature male, we see a lot of colour play and attention to details in the clothing. Colours like pink, mauve, lime which were conventionally considered feminine are now widely used at menswear. Fabrics and accessories are of utmost importance as they contribute hugely to the making of a product. Basic and classic styles are preferred till date. We can now say that there is a subtle shift in men’s fashion where now it looks more balanced and aesthetically appealing.

“Getting married in later years is actually an opportunity to dress. Men by this age gain poise, confidence and a certain edge over men younger to them,” says Sangeeta, Fashion Designer and Owner of Royal Attitude.

With a range of designs and styles catering to different age groups, Plan Your Wedding takes a look at some trendsetters and tips for men over 35 preparing for the wedding season.

The 3 Fs! - Most Common Myths and Fears

A Sherwani suits only Younger Men

Wrong! A wrongly fits sherwani does not suit anybody. Most sherwanis are designed for the younger lot, hence, when you try a sherwani you might find it ill-fitted. However, what you require is a slim fit sherwani with minimal work. Men of any age group can wear a sherwani! It is only a matter of fit and fabric. So chuck the kurta pajama and go for a younger look.

“I have worked with prospective grooms who are not comfortable in a heavy suit/sherwani with pointed shoes. This is the time where they should combine a silk kurta with their regular pants and add a mandarin collar jacket to achieve that look without much fuss! Another trick is to accessorise. A plain shirt can be very well combined with a customized handloom tie for that rich and elegant ethnic look. Alternatively wear a pocket square made of an exclusive textile with your regular suit to have that edge and yet not compromise on the comfort,” adds Suditi Srivastav, Fashion Designer at Mafatlals.

Grey Hair Must be Dyed

This is actually not true! There are some men who carry the completely grey hair look really well. It depends on your overall appearance and the texture of your hair. For example, thin hair or an oily scalp looks even thinner with grey hair, while thick hair with grey hair spread around like snowflakes or otherwise called the ‘ash grey’ look is actually in. You need not dye your hair especially if you are absolutely confident of your look.

Rugged Look is not cool for Older Men

Most people will advise you to go for the clean shaven look which will make you look younger. While this is true, you can also opt for a rugged look if that’s says YOU. The major challenge with an older male client is their hesitation and being averse to the idea of submitting in to the popular ongoing trends. I think we should never force down any fashion trends to an individual, rather educate them about it before they willingly accept it. It’s a challenge to design within their comfort zones of such clients but it is also important.

‘BOW’ to the Gentleman!

One of the biggest advantages for this age group would be embracing any classic look in a suit.

Rahul Sharma, 40, who married actress Asin was seen embracing the bow tie look and set a new fashion standard. “The Tux with a Bow is the absolute classic and if one notices the Oscars or any such major event; you will find a George Clooney or older ones embracing this look which makes them stand out for the younger yuppie looking actors. Bow tie is also the ultimate classic look and probably the original suit look. Only the most secured men can embrace the look, hence, it comes naturally to older men,” says Sangeeta, Owner, and Designer at Royal Attitude. A Tux with a bow tie is a must try if you have a leaner physique while someone on the plump side can opt for a two button suit.


The Nehru Jacket is a look that brings out the finesse and poise in any gentleman. It is subtlety at its finest. One of the major fears men of this age feel is overdoing the look or feeling like they are trying too hard. They need to be comfortable in their skin and that is an absolute priority. The Nehru jacket sets the right balance in terms of age and grace. The look is a must, especially if you have a leaner body type. The look might not be the most graceful option if you are on the plump side since it will add more years to your look.

The Jamming

When it comes to weddings, the right fabric can make all the difference, especially if you are struggling with getting a look that creates the right balance.

While cotton and silk are too simple for an occasion like wedding, jamawar has the subtle richness that helps elevate any ensemble. “If you are opting for a sherwani for sangeet or pheras, a sherwani in jamawar fabric with just a simple mala or stole will strike the right chord. Jamawar as a fabric is rich in texture and light on shine which suits a refined look,” adds Sangeeta.

Fabrics like jamawar can be clubbed with just a stole or a mala and they create a rich look without compromising on comfort. So take a break from the usual silk and cotton and opt for a richer and refined look with the elusive jamawar fabric.



Fashion Tips:

  • Jeans or Denims is an absolute no for this age group.
  • Make sure that the choice of fabric & texture is right-no synthetics for a summer wedding and no sheer fabrics at winters! Small little details like the embroidery around your sherwani collar should not be itchy or the bottom wear fabric should not be too slippery etc. Invest the most in making a choice of good, breathable, and well designed fabric.
  • It’s very important to do rounds of fittings before the wedding. The magic lies in nailing the Fit. The length should be accurate, the shoulder should sit well, collars should be crisp, and the chest should be just the right measurement.
  • The choice of accessories should have harmony to it. For example if you are going for a gold watch, make sure that the broach of your sherwani/or the cufflinks has a gold tint and not silver or any other colour.
  • Any form of patterns and designs should be avoided. Focus on a rich fabric. Try to keep the look simple.
  • Go for medium sizes cull-links or buttons, especially square shaped, this will give more structure to your overall appearance.
  • Go for a nice looking pagdi if you have a receding hairline. Alternately, go for nicely gelled hair. The idea is to embrace your natural self.

Tips by Suditi Srivastav, Fashion Designer at Mafatlals

As the saying goes ‘Age is just a number, nothing stops a young heart’. No matter what prejudices one has against older age group, wedding is a day to rejoice and celebrate. So find yourself a suitable look and remember what keeps you one step above the younger men; the wise experience!

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