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Why to Opt For Two Tone Jewellery?

By Palak Bhalla

Stones and diamonds have always been the accessories of jewellery to enrich its demeanour. What we don’t notice is what happens when two metals are blended. So read on to see the charm of two-tone jewellery!

Jewellery has always been the best friend of women since the advent of jewellery making. This art of jewellery crafting has seen newer trends time and again. Many might think of two-tone jewellery as blended jewellery wherein two metals are mixed either to increase weight or to decrease the price. The popularity of this new trend can be seen in the gusto and enthusiasm of women adorning the beautiful earrings, chokars, bangles, rings and much more. These can be pre-designed or you can get it designed as per your desires. Let’s see what more our experts have to say!

What is two-tone jewellery?
Like other advancements, technology has played its role in enhancing the use of metals as ornaments and jewellery, especially gold. “Resultant of research and technology, gold is now available in many colours. Yellow being the natural form, it is now available in rose, white, purple, blue, green and black. However, white and rose gold have been the most successful so far,” remarks Ms. Manju Kothari, Creative Director, Entice. These combinations of different coloured gold are what we know as two-tone jewellery. Mr. Minesh Shah, COO, comments in this context, “Gold is converted in white and rose colour using different alloys and then depending upon the look of jewellery either of the two tones are used i.e. yellow white or white rose or yellow rose to manufacture the jewellery.” In fact, jewellery made using two or more different metals like silver, bronze, platinum, etc are considered to be multi-tone jewellery too.

Combinations Considered as Two-Tone Jewellery
The glitterati yet the balanced hue of the combination jewellery is gaining vogue due to its suitability with varied fabrics, attires and skin colours. The question is about knowing the types so that you can choose the right one for yourself. “Two-tone jewellery can be with any two shades of gold; whether it is yellow-white, yellow-rose or even white-rose. We are even making three-tone jewellery these days where we use gold in all three colours,” says Ms. Manju Kothari. Apart from the different combinations of differently coloured gold, the different combinations of metals are also in; although, one must be aware of the actual two-tone and plated two-tone jewellery. The real one contains both the metals in material quantities whereas the plated ones are just single metal of which a part is coated with a different colour. “Two-tone jewellery comprises of distinguished combination of metals like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or bronze,” comments Ms. Chitwan D Malhotra, Founder and Lead Designer at Dillano Luxurious Jewels Ltd.

Why Opt For It?
The two-tone jewellery looks beautiful and has its own advantages over the conventional bijoux. Here is why it is a safe move to opt for this trending jewellery:
It adds versatility to your jewellery collection. Instead of one, you get to keep a piece of jewellery which acts for two.
It can be adorned with different kinds and colours of attires. There is lesser hassle of mix-matching.
It is a money saver. It lets you buy multi-facet jewellery in the price of one.
It enhances your glamour quotient as its subtle appearance oozes elegance.
Simple two-tone jewellery looks stylish with ethnic to western wear. So, even if a pair of denims is on your mind then you can pair it up with two-tone jewellery and look chic.

Well, ultimately the consumer is worried about the end benefits of buying jewellery; especially how the jewellery accentuates their features like neck, wrist, ears, etc. So, it is important to be aware of the pros and cons of selecting two-tone jewellery. In the end, it is your keen eye to try on something new which should be the driving and guiding force. So, leave your scepticism aside and grab a piece of two-tone jewellery for your wedding and casual needs. Happy Shopping!

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