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Why Hire a Professional Wedding Planner

By Richa

On your wedding day, you can either be the bride/groom or the wedding planner – it’s very difficult to be both. Our advice: save yourself the trouble and hire a professional!

Hiring a wedding planner sounds like a big investment, especially when you talk about Big Fat Indian wedding, but it’s also a total sanity-saver. You might start off the wedding planning process excited about buying a dress or tasting the yummy dishes for the menu, but the nitty-gritty details that make up the less-fun parts of planning a wedding can really drive you to the edge. Therefore, having a professional by your side to help with mundane tasks such as making sure you book the right wedding venue or checking if your caterer is available will transform a good wedding into a great one (and make the months leading up to the big day a little more enjoyable).

Why O Why?

“Many people have the wrong notion that hiring professional wedding planners means many unnecessary expenses. If you look at the bigger picture though, you will begin to see that professionals are always better than ordinary people at their work, and your wedding planner is just the right person who is professionally equipped with the notion of the right things for your wedding. Once you hire a person to do the work, you can sit back and relax,” says Trupti Lalwani, Founder, Exotic Wedding Planner.


“Wedding planners work at your convenience and since they tie up with vendors you get cheaper rates than otherwise. Also they help you relieve the stress by answering all your doubts and hesitations, while making sure they deliver all your needs at the correct price. They coordinate the decoration, guest list, themes, and other stuff that you might not be able to do on your own. Also they suggest the best options based on their experience and a refined view, which ultimately helps you choose the best. Wedding planners give you the freedom to have fun at your wedding and enjoy every event without any stress to deal with, as they deal with it for you,” she further added.

  • A Wedding Planner guides you and consults you.
  • Helps in the supervision and execution of the events.
  • Provides right menu, hotels, various unique themes in all areas with vary budgets, to widen your horizons.
  • Tells you the practical and aesthetic of an event, to avoid any last minute hassles.
  • Helps you to cope with last minute emergencies in case they arise.

Inputs by Ms. Neeta Raheja, Wedding Consultant, T 'zires


“You entrust a much specialised assignment - which can have less basis on logic and more on emotions – to a Specialist, who knows the craft and how to translate your needs with practicality and precision. God truly lies in the details, which a planner is intuitively designed to capture,” opines Aditya Motwane, Director, Motwane Entertainment & Weddings.

Should You Say ‘I Do’ to a Wedding Planner?

When it comes to planning a wedding, no bride wants to run up additional expenses, many never even consider hiring a wedding planner, especially in India where people are unrealistic when it comes to weddings. Because people tend to underestimate the amount of work and time that goes into planning a wedding. And they prefer to rely on their jugaads rather than hiring a professional.


We can agree there are some inconvenient factors attached to the whole process of hiring a professional. Ms. Lalwani gave a lowdown on few of them:

  • Wedding Planners can be expensive.
  • You will not have all the control.
  • Your wedding might not have that personal feeling as compared if you had planned it yourself.
  • It might be difficult to find someone whom you can connect with easily and who understand your vision for your wedding.
  • You might be detached with the whole world and the experience.

But what if the single add-on of a wedding planner could point you in the right direction for everything from florists to photographers?

“There are no cons, really. From our experience, the most accomplished of people are conscious of the fact they own the world; yet, when it comes to making rational choices for their child’s wedding, it's the planner who will think, feels and know how to translate their needs, with that extra edge and finesse. That counts for everything!” says Mr. Motwane.


I get it, we’ve become somewhat of a DIY society and we think we can do it all ourselves, but we all know there are times when it’s better to just pay an expert right? Unfortunately for most, this realisation often happens pretty late in the planning process, you know, because we all learn from our own experiences.

But once you get to the point of hiring, there are a few things that you MUST know before you pull the trigger on any hiring…

  • You should have an exact budget in mind so that you can explain it to your planner the amount you wish to spend.
  • If you have any specific idea or direction which you want your wedding planner to follow then you should mention this in the beginning.
  • You should have a proper list of things you want your wedding planner to handle
  • If it’s a destination wedding then make a list of 3-4 locations where you want the wedding to take place.
  • Food choices, menu, theme/colour you want to use.

Inputs by Trupti Lalwani, Founder, Exotic Wedding Planner

Interviewing Wedding Planners?

Because they’ll be your point person at every step of the way, you’ll want to find someone who is not only organised and professional, but also makes you feel at ease and who you trust to have your best interest at heart. The initial interview should really be a conversation - a good consultant will have plenty of questions for you too, to figure out your wishes, needs, level of maintenance, budget, and scope of imagination. Whomever you choose to go with, don’t hire a consultant who doesn’t want to listen, is bossy, tries to convince you of what’s best for you, critiques your ideas or has no references.


Before you make a final decision on who will help Plan Your Wedding, an in-person or over-the-phone interview is necessary. Prepare yourself with this list of important questions to help you find out which wedding planner is the right fit.

  • Do you have proven capabilities to deliver?
  • How innovative / creative / expressive can you be?
  • What is your USP or how do your weddings differ from others?
  • Can you balance creativity & numbers with equal dexterity?
  • Most important of all - Do you get our vibe?

Inputs by Aditya Motwane, Director, Motwane Entertainment & Weddings

In general, hiring a wedding planner is a good idea if you have very little of your own time that you can devote to planning your wedding. If you know that you aren’t the most organised person, or you have literally no idea where to start when it comes to planning your big day, consulting a wedding planner may be a good idea for you. If you think wedding planners are only a privilege the rich can afford, think again. It’s definitely your day, your way, but you have a specialist working on your behalf to do the legwork, reduce your stress, and ensure every detail is ‘your’ kind of perfect.

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