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Which Jewellery To Wear According To Your Zodiac Sign

By Asra Shaheen

While different signs of the zodiac present different personality traits and characteristics, they also give a glimpse of your ornamental sensibilities.

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What’s your zodiac forecast for today? Is it a statement neckpiece or a simple chain with a delicate pendant? German chandeliers or button studs? Beaded bare sandals or palm cuffs? Oh, okay, just kidding, take it easy! That’s definitely not for the astrologers to foretell. While regular zodiac columns many not recommend the design and style of jewellery for your star sign but then how you wish they did! After all it’s your personality traits that govern your choice of jewellery. How else do you explain your Aquarius friend being not-so-pleased with the tastefully designed jhumkis you gifted her on her birthday or your Taurean cousin privately expressing her distaste for the flashy blings worn by Mrs X at a wedding, which you seriously found gorgeous?

Surely, each one of us is a unique creation with our own tastes, likes and dislikes. While it may not be fair to pigeonhole personalities, it’s just that we like to see some method in madness when we read zodiac traits. Well if the idea is to try and understand what pleases our near and dear ones, why not! Here’s our astrological bling guide to help you pick the right piece of jewellery that brings a genuine smile on the face of the ones you wish to! You may take it or leave it; you may be a hardcore believer or a complete sceptic but this zodiac reading will bring out the curious cat nestling inside you.


Adventurous Aries Appreciates Sleek & Off-beat

The feisty Aries woman is a warrior of sorts. When it comes to jewellery, many Aries women like bold and stunning accessories but that doesn’t mean they like it heavy. So keep it sleek and off-beat for this fiery lady. And remember, a li’l flashy is more than fine! “An Arian woman is impulsive and adventurous. It is said that she is a natural leader. I would choose a diamond palm cuff for her since her ruling stone is a diamond and her adventurous side will make her try new unconventional accessories and lead others into following her style,” says Tanya Rastogi, Director, Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers.

Solitaire rings, embellished wrist watch, simple-n-sleek ear studs

Earthy Taurus is Driven by Sensuality

Stubborn in some ways but sweet natured in many ways, the bull takes an instant liking for all things pretty and sensuous. Since her ruling stone is emerald and governing body part is neck, an emerald necklace is just so perfect for her. If you are dating a Taurean woman, rings or ear-studs in solitaire diamonds or intricately designed jewellery with rare and precious gemstones that are well-cut will appeal you. But always keep in mind, classy and minimalist is her kind. Avoid bold and flashy!


Silver is a better option than gold. Personalised pendants, simple and elegant neck chains and earrings.

Multi-faceted Gemini Seeks Variety

Predictability is one thing that Gemini dreads the most. She likes changes in every aspect of her life, including jewellery! “Elegant jewellery with unique design or craftsmanship features, which will fascinate her and will keep her interested – like jewellery with changeable stones or modular/detachable jewellery which can be worn in different ways,” reveals Ishu Datwani, Founder, Anmol Jewellers.

Variety of finger rings, stackable bangles and bracelets.

Sensitive Cancer Values Sentiments

Sensitive and moody, she is by definition ruled by the moon. If you have a Cancerean bride-to-be in the family, the best gift you could think for her is an heirloom piece coming down from generations. She will value it like nobody else does. “Danglers of concentric circles of diamonds, which depict her mood changes with the changing moons,” says Tanya Rastogi. Elegant jewellery with unique design or craftsmanship features will fascinate her and will keep her interested. Jewellery with changeable stones or modular/detachable jewellery, which can be worn in different ways.

Classic designs in white gold or platinum with diamonds & pearls; vintage-inspired jewellery with a feminine & timeless appeal, heirloom pieces

Vibrant Leo Likes it Big and Bold

If your fiancée happens to be a Leo, just remember the three B’s - big, bold and bright! She is someone who likes to stands out in the crowd with the loudest laugh, the brightest smile and the most confident strut of all the women. Just like she wears her attitude on her sleeves, she wears her jewellery with her attitude!

Go for queen-sized ruby dangler or shiny gold jewellery – earrings or pendants.

Sensible Virgos Have Refined Tastes

If your perfectionist of a colleague is a keen observer, paying attention to details that simply don’t matter to most others, chances are she is a Virgo. And if you want to please this very feminine yet practical woman, why not impress her with work wear jewellery. For someone who has a keen sense of responsibility, pick up the most sophisticated fine jewellery – rings or bracelets.

Blue sapphire jewellery, blings made of natural material, chunky statement pieces or subtle ones that reflect her classy tastes

Independent Libra Desires Harmony

Preferring harmony and a sense of balance in her life, the Libran likes to see symmetry around her and her jewellery is no exception. If wedding bells are in the air for your Libran friend or relative, start looking for “elegant and sophisticated jewellery that adds a sparkle to her already shimmering personality and not anything that overpowers it,” suggests Ishu Datwani. Simple pieces with a romantic edge will totally flatter her.

Artistic bracelets, simple chains with drop-shaped stone pendent, blings with pretty floral and vine motifs



Passionate Scorpio is Intrigued by Mystery

The sexy Scorpion bride has an aura of mystery around her. Her choice of jewellery is as enigmatic as her demeanour. Ultra feminine, uniquely styled earrings in tasteful, exclusive and mysterious designs is her type. Exotic symbols and motifs that have a distinct sensuous appeal are best for her. She loves it when it’s a blend of ethnic and exquisite.

Earrings and necklaces with ethnic and exotic motifs/designs; Secret lockets

Free-spirited Sagittarian Prefers Memoirs of Travel

Wanderers, nomads and freewheeling souls with a penchant for travel, Sagittarius women revel in the beauty and goodness of diverse cultural vibrance. If you have a Sagittarius friend, always keep her in mind when you are travelling. Pick jewellery of different styles and designs from different parts of the country or world over. These will be her treasured possessions!

Exotic chokers, neck chains with quirky pendants, finer rings with unusual centrepieces 


Hardworking Capricorns Love Classy Rewards

Hardworking, practical and down-to-earth, Capricorns are quite image conscious. When it comes to jewellery, they have very classic and refined tastes. While many Capricorn women love antique pieces, they equally appreciate classy contemporaries. From rich neckpieces and bangles to stylishly sophisticated fingers rings, Capricorn’s jewellery box likes to have a mix of all.

Traditional and ethnic pieces, chic designs 

Idealistic Aquarius Desires Unconventional

One of the most non-conformists of all zodiacs, the Aquarian woman prefers jewellery that’s neither traditional nor mediocre. If your lady love is an Aquarian, forget gold and silver. “Her taste in jewellery is unique and individual– so would suggest statement cuffs or a trendy cocktail ring with an unusual design element,” says Ishu Datwani. “The ultimate non-conformist in the zodiac, we think an unconventional piece of jewellery would satiate this far-sighted woman,” adds Tanya Rastogi.

Chic cocktail rings, classy statement neckpieces, blings of latest design


Artistic Pisceans

One of the most artistic and creative of star signs, Pisceans are daydreamers who revel in fantasy world. The choice of a Piscean woman’s jewellery is inspired by the element of water. Silver embodies her dreams, fluidity and fantasy and shades of aquamarine exude the poetry in life and nature.

Artistically designed palm cuffs and finger cuffs.

Finally ladies, if you wish to gift jewellery to none other than yourself, why not push the boundary of your choices. Why restrict your preferences to your own zodiac world. Try something refreshingly different from what you always do.

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