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When The Toe Tings

By Priyanka Swami

And the traditional sings! Part of a bride’s solah shringar, the toe ring is here—sporty and street-smart

As a child, have you ever asked your mother about those small ringlets around her toes? Has it ever made you wonder how differently we can accessorise our human bodies or about the many emotions and traditions attached with the ways we do it? There I welcome you to the traditional Indian heartland of love, lore and fashion, everything in-between!

While our traditions have always been on-point in our weddings, has the fashion also come-of-age? Moving beyond lush bridal lehengas and luminous cosmetics, we keep ‘toe rings’ as our sole fashion case today. Apart from the sindoor and mangalsutra, toe rings are another aspect that makes a bride an Indian bride. While the conviction may vary from region to region, we can’t deny the prismatic influences of this custom across India.

Although the jewellery piece has trotted across the global as a much evolved fashion accessory, it has and will always remain one of the sacrosanct ornaments of an Indian bride, symbolising fertility and signifying her married status. The jewellery gravity dates back to the days of Ramayana when an abducted Sita left her toe rings behind at strategic places for Ram to find her. Worn in pairs, the ornament is generally made with silver, since it is considered disrespectful to wear gold below the waist, sometimes studded with stone embellishments and ornate metal craft.

The Global Local

The bichiya in Hindi is jodavi in Marathi, minji in Malayalam, mettelu in Telugu, metti in Tamil, and kaalungura in Kannada, and stylish in 2015! The design and style definitely varies from one region to another. As Tania M Kathuria, fashion jewellery designer & stylist, TI Couture, puts it, “Designs and patterns prevalent in Delhi and Punjab are not similar to the trends of Hyderabad or Chennai. Depending upon the culture, lifestyle and ethos, this jewellery piece has a distinct dimension in every new territory.”

Saying that they have designs from Jaipur and Rajkot, Mr. Sulish Verma, managing director, Vikas Chain & Jewellery avers, “Actually Rajasthani jewellery is known for its distinct flavour of kundan, meenakari and thewa work. While toe rings from Rajkot present intricate wire work.”

Prasad Kapre, CEO, Style Quotient Jewellery, points out, “Wired toe rings are also popular among Maharashtrians as they bear cultural significance.”

The Modern Palette

So when we ask how the toe ring has evolved, Sulish Verma rightly puts it, “The modern day toe rings are slick yet elegant. Studded variety is gaining popularity as it can be perfectly teamed with both casual and semi-casual attire. For brides, kundan work is mostly preferred.” He also mentions that the detailing of the jewellery has majorly advanced over the years.

Although, the traditional element attached with toe rings is never going to step down, Tania Kathuria strongly feels that the traditional way of wearing the jewellery is so passé. She says, “Modern women today are flaunting single toe rings and also wearing them in unmatched pairs.”

She continues, “Toe rings today reflect a paradigm shift in the attitude, lifestyle and behaviour of these women.”

De Novo Styles

The new sees the great union—Gold and Toe Rings. Although silver still remains the chosen one, many women have started experimenting with different bases, including gold. Sulish Verma elaborates, “Toe rings are available in huge variety these days in terms of materials and styles. While the round solid hoop style is much-loved, toe rings with an open front are also popular in the style circuit. Then, there are studded varieties with beautiful use of gem stones is also available.”

Taking the style tangent further, Tania Kathuria expands, “Right from traditional to modern designs, there are many options to choose from. They come in different bases—metal, silver, white gold and even diamonds. Toe rings with intricate flower designs & embellishments, nameplates or alphabets and even words such as 'classy', 'chic' etc. inscribed on them are currently in fashion. Also, pieces with attached anklets are always making their way up in style charts.”

Toe rings in adjustable, overlapping, fitted and band designs are also available, notes Praveen Goel, CMD, Sunar. He further says, “Spiral design is something that is still in demand.”

Apart from the gold and silver ones, you can also add swag to your feet with plain metal bands and toe rings in metal etched/embossed, wired, or stamped silver with CZ stones, as suggested by Prasad Kapre.


The Foot Accessory

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that toe rings have become more of a foot accessory these days. We all love the singlet worn with flip-flops or open-toed sandals, and especially, the toe rings with attached anklets, don’t we? And it would be completely justifiable if I say that toe rings are beautiful beach accessories too!

“Toe rings and anklets are always treated as foot accessories by women living in tropical areas. These days, fashion-savvy women in the western world are also flaunting these during the summer season,” contrives Tania Kathuria.

Be it the scorching sunny days or breezy spring, toe rings step up the fashion game, always. And these days, they are not just confined to weddings or other traditional ceremonies; they have evolved as amazing casual/ party wear accessories. As Praveen Goel puts it, “A well pedicured foot looks all the more beautiful with a nice toe ring. Toe rings make a statement and look subtle at the same time. In fact, there has been such a fast escalation in the popularity of toe rings all over the world.”

Ashutosh Sharma, designer & managing director of Shreem Jeweler feels, “Fashion is changing every day and must-haves are always making the rounds. Nowadays the latest accessory trend is foot jewellery that focuses on toe rings, the style which is always timeless, elegant and feminine. These are delicate little rings that add a touch of glamour to the feet. Toe rings are becoming increasingly popular worldwide as a summertime accessory.”

Pamper your love for accessories and stylise your feet with these traditional yet trendy divas, now. And ting some toe!


Toe Bands: Toe bands are much attractive with their simple and bold style. Toe bands look classy and the latest trends are sterling silver bands and antique gold bands. Women can carry toe bands with their casual wear and formal wear. But for parties bands can be embellished with diamonds or colour studs.

Bead Design Toe Ring: Beaded toe rings are made up of different beads which are especially crafted for a cool summery look. A beaded toe ring is perfect to blend with your casual yet summer trendy wear.

Stylish Anklet Toe Ring: Talking of the new-age fashion, it is another incredible variety of stylish yet trendy line of foot jewellery that is highly in vogue. Toe rings with attached anklets are high in fashion especially for spring-summer season as it highlights your feet estimably and will add on that shine in your look you deserve.

Customised Toe Ring: These days when every piece of jewellery can be customised then why not the toe rings. As per one’s demand and need, the toe rings can be designed in style.

Floral Toe Ring: Floral toe ring designs with modish look are very trendy these days. Floral design usually comes in band stuff or in different shape and style with beautiful small coloured stones and pearls. These toe rings can be easily worn daily.
Inputs taken from Ashutosh Sharma, designer & managing director of Shreem Jeweler.

Feet accessory is a candid ornament that instantly adds beauty to one’s feet, anklets and toe rings have been considered as symbolic, bridal jewellery. With the changing time, fashion has evolved and you can spot these stereotypical ornaments taking a leap into every girl’s vanity box.

Talking about toe rings, they add an instant appeal to your feet. With such diverse designs and variety of ornaments you can easily cater to all your occasional needs. Meenakari, embellished, oxidised and plain toe rings, there is such vast variety to pick from.
Go bling for those party and festive seasons with yellow gold plated and embellished toe rings or flaunt your casual look with some oxidised or cute enamel toe rings.

Inputs taken from Jagrati Shringi, co-founder & CMO,

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