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What Your Diamond Shape Say About You?

By Richa

Diamonds can give a peek into your personality. Are you ready to discover what your diamond shapes say about you?

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All beautiful objects come in a range of different shapes and sizes, diamonds are no exception. There are so many shapes that diamonds can be made into. Some have rounded edges, others have sharp corners, and there are shapes that are hugely common and others that are rare and unusual. Some shapes are favoured for their geometrical or symmetrical properties whilst others are loved because they encourage extra sparkle. 

ROUND: The oldest, most traditional and most popular diamond shape is none other than the round brilliant cut. The round shaped diamond is the most common shape of diamonds and any shape that is not a round brilliant cut is referred to as a fancy shape diamond. Most buyers choose round brilliant-cut diamonds fashioned to meet modern concepts of beauty. Britney Spears wears a three-carat diamond ring by Neil Lane from her beau Jason. Joel Madden popped the question to Nicole Richie with a classic round diamond engagement ring with a modern twist. Katy Perry's engagement ring from Russell Brand was a three-carat solitaire round diamond by Cartier set on a gold band.
Personality: Classy and Old-Fashioned


The Knot

OVAL: It has a lengthening affect that gives a longer illusion to the hand, resulting in more slender-looking fingers. It is famous amongst women with small hands and short fingers. Kate Middleton, Katie Holmes, and Salma Hayek received oval-shaped diamonds from their husbands.
Personality: Creative, bold, innovative and unique

The beautiful fluidity of the Pear Shaped diamond evokes delicate calm, with elegant sophistication.  It is easy to equate this glistening Diamond to the Greek myth that diamonds are the ‘Teardrops of the Gods.’  Liza Minnelli wore a 3.5 carat Pear Shaped Diamond from her then fiancé David Gest. Pear is also famous amongst Catherine Hiegal and Anne Hathaway.
Personality: Unique, fun and adventurous. 

MARQUISE: Due to the shape of the diamond, it gives off a larger shape than it is. The long shape of the diamond allows fingers to look leaner. David Beckham proposed to former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham with a 3-carat marquise, flanked by a trilliant shaped diamond on either side. The ravishing Catherine Zeta Jones received an impressive 10-carat marquise from her beau, Michael Douglas.
Personality: Extroverted, innovative, ambitious and passionate at confronting the challenges of life.


HEART: The heart-shaped diamond is symbolic of innocence and purity of love. It is due to this that it has become so popular a shape around Valentine's Day. In fact, the heart shape is actually derived directly from pear shaped diamonds. Joan Collins and Andrea Hissom wear heart shaped diamond engagement rings.
Personality: Sentimental, sensitive and romantic.

Take a trip back in time over 100 years ago, to the upper class hallways of romance, culture and grace. This is what’s expressed through the cushion cut diamond. The softly rounded corners add a whimsical touch while larger facets attach brilliance and fire to the body of the stone. Due to the longevity of the cushion, this stone has a character that adapts and rejoices with the changes of time. Kayne proposed Kim with the huge 15-carat, D-Flawless Cushion Cut engagement ring that got attention worldwide. This elegant stone also won the heart of Chris Henchy, who bought one to win the heart of Brooke Shields.
Personality: Fashionable and romantic.

The Asscher incorporates the 1920s-1930s Art Deco design style. Essentially a square Emerald Cut diamond, the Asscher too brings with it the cool elegance and mesmerizing clarity for which the emerald cut is so appreciated. Ryan Phillipe gave former wife, Reese Witherspoon, a 1920s art deco style ring, boasting a 4.5-carat Asscher–cut Diamond. Elizabeth Hurley’s engagement ring, a white gold, pave set band bore a 15-carat Asscher Diamond. Some other celebrities with asscher diamond engagement ring are Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow and Zooey Deschanel.
Personality: Vintage, unique, feminine, and elegant.

PRINCESS: It’s the second most popular diamond shape behind the round brilliant cut. In the less than 50 years it has been around the Princess Cut has undergone a revival, sweeping up the sleek and stylish with its fun and flair. The diameter of this diamond is smaller per carat than other shapes of the same weight, meaning they will look smaller when looking at them from above. Kevin Costner proposed to Christine Baumgartner with a decadent five-carat princess, delicately set in an interwoven leaf patterned band, a show of their love of nature.
Personality: Trendy, flirty and lively.

Take the glamorous appeal of the emerald shape, mix in the brilliance of the round cut and the symmetry of the princess cut – and what have you got? The dazzling Radiant of course. Cleverly trimmed corners add a classy dimension to this shape. Radiant have a tendency to make color appear stronger in a diamond, these calls for extra caution if a white diamond is what you desire. Ben Affleck presented Jennifer Lopez with a six-carat fancy pink, radiant diamond.
Personality: Fun, flirty, and confident.


EMERALD: Crystal Clear as ice, the Emerald Shaped Diamond gives a clean vastness, some say like walking through a large mirrored hallway. Bearing tranquility and elegance, with old world charm, this beautiful and precise traditional diamond shape speaks of refined style, and inherent beauty. The Emerald cut, a long time popular choice for Royalty and the affluent, is a popular heirloom diamond. Sharon Stone had a three stone, 3.5-carat stone from Phil Bronstein. Grace Kelly, a 12 carat from Prince Rainier of Monaco. Michael Todd proposed Elizabeth Taylor with a nearly 30 carat emerald diamond.
Personality: Glamorous and Confident.

Weddings are the perfect occasion to indulge in buying some beautiful diamond jewellery. Not only does it adds glamour to your overall look but is also very trendy and can be used with both traditional and contemporary outfits. You can add beautiful diamond bracelets, earrings, headpieces, rings or even delicate sets to your bridal trousseau depending on what you are likely to use the most. Brides can choose to wear diamonds for their reception, engagement and other similar occasions. They look beautiful with fusion outfits as well as gowns. Apart from chunky bracelets, big cocktail rings are also very much a trend in diamond jewellery!

About the Author- Jewellery Designer Anushka Jain, Vararoha


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