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What to wear to a wedding?

By Richa

Looking for the ideal wedding day ensemble for your dad and brothers? Check out these wedding outfit ideas for every kind of nuptial.

An Indian wedding is not just a ceremony, it is an extravaganza that envelope much more than the conventional rituals. It involves stupendous music, groundbreaking dances, a drama with a plethora of characters and of course the bonding of two families for generations to come. Much ado is given to the bride and the groom in the wedding right! Skin, hair and what not! But helloo?? What about the brothers and the fathers and their outfits??? Who is just running errands to find you the right accessory even if it is behind their capability to even understand what the heck is happening! Or entertains your friends like he belongs even if he doesn’t care all that much. They have the minimum sleep and slogs practically with work pounded on their head by the chachas and mamas other than the groom and bride to be! But well all this is the life of the weddings! So, don’t forget, they also need to be best dressed at your wedding too.

“With the monsoon around, during the season, choosing wedding outfits and adding Formal flavour could be a task. Especially, when it is necessary to keep the comfort yet effortlessly dressed to be the talk of the town while dealing with a never ending list of guests, family functions and other such accountability,” says Mr. Harssh Chheda Founder & CEO, Corporate Collars.

If you are looking for what your male members should look for at wearing on your D-day. Here are some super suggestions that can be your super solutions. Read on!

Ms. Surbhi Pansari, Designer & Owner, Surbhi Pansari Fashion Label, spilled the beans on how to make the males of your family look dapper on the D-day.

As the rain gods play peek-a-boo, it gets very difficult to dress up as monsoons are considered with dull, boring outfits and accessories. To make a style statement even during the rainy season one must jazz up the existing wardrobe with elan. Dressing for a monsoon wedding is all about looking stylish and keeping your wardrobe dry. Here are few trends that you can follow:

Bright coloured kurtas with linen Nehru jackets. A humid climate calls for kurtas made of lightweight linen or cotton-blends.

Match a white shirt and charcoal bow-tie with your charcoal linen suit for a casual and cool style. The contrasting buttons really make this crisp white shirt pop.

For monsoon beach wedding, a pair of well-crafted tailored shorts can be the perfect call for the wedding. Be sure the length sits right above the knee and not too short.

‘Shackets’ achieve the right balance between smart and casual and will provide warmth long after the late afternoon sun has gone down.

Prints are a great way to keep your look simple but still stylish. A patterned bandhgala with a churidar is perfect for a casual monsoon wedding!

It’s a good idea to keep this rule of thumb in mind: If he looks like he’s headed to the office or let’s just say yet another pooja party, he’s doing it wrong. While you don’t have to opt for a top hat and tails, your dad’s or brother’s look should feel extra-polished for your wedding day. Our advice? Let the formality and location of your wedding dictate their attire.

While Mr. Harssh suggests that “With a selection of styles ranging from the always enchanted three piece classic suit and tuxedo to a traditional version known as the ‘bandhgala’, body-type has to be kept in mind while selecting the right style that makes your wedding suit the perfect fit. While selecting the style, one must make sure to not try too hard with trying to stand out with flashy styles and fabrics and rather stick to the classics since you are a groomsman and not the groom. A bespoke tailor with a distinguished understanding of body types and styles along with a compelling creative flair is the right person to find you a way out of the maze. It’s highly recommended to visit your tailor at least 30 days in advance as the process is comprehensive and requires frequent visits.”


With each year setting new records for high temperature, rain is always welcomed. In India, monsoons are a time to celebrate a break from the heat. The gloomy weather could be pepped up with lots of bright fabrics and exotic hues. Here are some style tips to add quirkiness in your attire.

For a monsoon wedding, the main thumb rule is to choose breathable fabrics such as linen, cotton and jute which majorly rule the casual and semi formal line. A fabric like linen is used for a wonderful earthy feel and yet gives a refined classy look.

Fabrics should be easy going, not too heavy, easy maintenance and that dries up faster. Light cotton shirts are a must have for monsoons. Garments with fusing & lining should be avoided.

Monsoon silhouettes must be easy to get in & out off. If u like to wear jeans , go for something more comfortable like stretch denim. It has a small percentage of Spandex which dries faster & gives ease to your body movement when wet.

Printed Bermuda’s are considered to be the height of fashion for men this season. Team it up with a well fitted shirt or t-shirt. Bright colours would make up for the lost brightness in the gloomy weather.

Full length pants have undergone a revolutionary change, with hemlines ending above the ankle. For an evening wear, cropped trousers with slim fit shirt & a waist coat will complete the look.

Uplift your mood with a riot of colours while it’s pelting down. Leave the cloudy look for the sky!!!

Inputs by Ms. Surbhi Pansari, Designer & Owner, Surbhi Pansari Fashion Label


It was quite a long time back when fashion for men meant only black, blue or gray. Thankfully, that era is over, and men have no such barriers of colours when it comes to their clothes or accessories. Well, isn’t that a good enough reason for all you men to stop worrying about how you will leave a good impression on all the pretty ladies in your brother’s or friend’s wedding? Of course yes, as it will be a lot easier when you would flaunt a great fashion sense in front of them.

“You can always play with colours to add a tinge of freshness to your dressing. The quintessential stability between different shades is the life of a wedding attire which requires utmost detailing that keeps you away from resembling an artist`s colour palate. For the Indian men, bold colours like black, darker shades of blue, wine-red are never a disappointment. For daytime weddings, if you are confident, a pastel coloured suit can do the trick or you can add a bit of zing of either a colourful tie or a vibrant pocket square to a classic coloured suit. Colours such as midnight blue, aquamarine, teal, coral, sandstone and beige are in trend right now,” suggested Mr. Harssh.


Mr. Harssh further added that “The charm of a well-tailored suit is not complete without a touch of exquisite cufflinks for the shirt. If you talk about an understated elegant bandhgala, ornate buttons and a printed pocket square are quintessential to add to the majestic look. The list does not end here though; there`s a lot one can do in this part. Coat-pins, ties and the always trending bow-ties can also be considered as per the outfit. Seeking consultation from your tailor and/or stylist is essential to strike a balance while accentuating your outfit.”


Photographs don’t lie. And if there’s a particular type that tells the truth for longer, it’s wedding photographs. Whether you’re a member of the immediate entourage or a plus one, what you choose to wear will be stored in perpetuity – on mantelpieces, in frames and online. So, don’t leave your wedding outfit preparation to the last minute. This one is a no-brainer, but it bears repeating. Take the time to shop around for something nice. Consider buying something new; weddings are once-in-a-lifetime occasions, and if you’re close to the bride and groom, it might be worth dropping some cash on something a little special.

Last of all - Don’t Upstage - this is probably the most crucial tip. Don’t steal the thunder by wearing some earth-shattering outfit. Play it cool and opt for something classic, a finely tailored suit or tux, nothing too over-the-top. If you wear something flashy, you’ll look like an attention-seeking dweeb who can’t let someone else have the spotlight for one afternoon. Men, if you’re attending a wedding, you want to do so in style.

So there you have it, our guide for what to wear to a wedding. Now go forth and shop wisely!

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