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What Shapes Your Jewellery Choice?

By Asra Shaheen

Do you buy a neckpiece or earring just because it looks beautiful? Now let’s ‘face’ it! It’s the contours of your face and neck that decide what suits you the best and not the other way round!

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Every time you see Kareena Kapoor swanking away her boisterous hoops or teardrop earrings in her big and small screen appearances, you may have wondered how gorgeous those blings look on her. In fact, they seem to have been custom designed just for her. Take any other showbiz celebrity for that matter. Any fashionista worth her salt adorns jewellery that appears tailor made. How on earth do they find bespoke jewellery for every occasion? Well, the fact of the matter is it is simply not feasible to customize every piece of ornament for every occasion. The secret lies in the aesthetics of what goes well on you. Be it earrings or neckpieces, there is no such thing as one-fits-all adornment. The contours of your face and neck decide what suits you the best. A pair of chandeliers that look awesome on your friend may not weave the same magic on you. Because both of you have different facial structures. Similarly, however classy a choker appears, it’s not meant for every neck type! Darlings, this ain’t a complicated mathematics; it’s just a fair understanding of aesthetics.

Our experts have cracked it for you!


Know Your Face Type

Clip or pin up your hair back so it doesn’t fall on the face. You could either stand in front of a mirror and outline the facial contours on the mirror with a marker or take a measuring tape and note the measurements in inches.

  • Width - measure the widest point of your forehead from hairline to hairline.
  • Prominence of cheekbones – from outer corner of one eye across the nose bridge to outer corner of the other eye.
  • Jawline – from one end of the jaw to the other.
  • Length – from hairline to chin.

Now decide for yourself, which is your face type: Round, oval, square, rectangle, oblong, diamond, heart, triangle or inverted triangle? And choose your kinda bling accordingly.

“Jewellery is an essential part of a women’s wardrobe. It is a reflection of her personality. A perfect jewel can accentuate your best features whereas a wrongly chosen jewel can spoil even your best outfits. Therefore choosing your jewels carefully is very essential. Do not buy a neckpiece or earring just because it looks beautiful. Make sure that it should flatter your skin tone, face type and overall look. Do not let your jewellery outshine you and your personality,” points out Chitwn D Malhotra, Founder & Lead Designer, Dillano Luxurious Jewels Pvt. Ltd.


The width and length of the face are almost the same and you have no major points along your jaw, chin, or hairline.If you have a round face, you need to create an illusion of an elongate appearance.

Say Yes to: Narrow chandelier earrings, longish jhumkis, teardrop earrings and long multi-layered necklaces that extends below the neckline.
Say No to: Hoops, circular earrings and short chokers.

Oval: Your face is 1.5 times longer than it is wide and has no major points along jaw, chin, or hairline.Considered as one of the best shapes for face, oval has almost every type of jewellery going in its favour. “Oval is the most desired shape of face. Most pieces of jewellery look good on this face shape,” says Manju Kothari, Creative Director, Entice.

Say Yes to: Danglers, tear drop earring and big hoops. Both long and short necklaces work awesome. Chokers look most stunning.
Say No to: Nothing!

Square: Length and width are almost the same and the width of your hairline and jawline are even.“Usually women with square shaped-faces should prefer wearing hoops, teardrops and elongated danglings, oval and circular earrings as these types of earrings help in softening hard edges of the face. For neck jewellery, long necklaces with curved edges looks best on square-shaped faces,” observes Kapil Hetamsaria, CEO and Co-founder,

Say Yes to: Curvaceous pendants and neckpieces. Hoops, oval and circular earrings. These should be longer than wide. Say No to: Squares or boxy shapes.


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Rectangle: Width of hairline and jawline are almost even and length of the face is more than width. A rectangle face is a typically long face with angled jawline.

Say Yes to: Button earrings and choker-style necklace.
Say No to: Hard angles like rectangular and square earrings.

Oblong: Face is almost twice as long as it is wide and has no prominent jawline or chin. “An oblong face is ideal for sporting stud earrings and wide chandeliers. Short necklaces can reduce the lengthy appearance of an oblong face. Choker, collar and princess lengths are ideal for oblong-shaped faces,” advises Chitwn Malhotra.

Say Yes to: Button or round style earrings, chocker and collar neckpieces.
Say No to: Linear or long drop earring.

Diamond: Hairline is narrower than cheeks; chin is a little pointed and face is longer than it is wide. When you have a diamond-shaped face, the trick is to balance the angles of your face. 

Say Yes to: Danglers, hoops and chandeliers with wider base; collar or princess neckpieces.
Say No to: Diamond-shaped earrings – wider at the top and/or middle and narrower at the bottom. 


payal-aditi - DeviantArt

Heart: Cheeks are wider than hairline; chin is narrow and pointed. “Those with heart-shaped faces have a tapered chin and wider cheek bones, so tear drop earrings and elongated danglers are great options for such face type. When it comes to necklaces, one can opt for short bib necklaces or triple-strand chokers,” suggests Kapil Hetamsaria.

Say Yes to: Triangular and tear drops.
Say No to: Button shaped or round ear studs.


Nathumal Jewellers

Triangle: The jawline is the widest part of the face. You need to have the narrowest part of the earring next to the jawline so it appears softer.

Say Yes to: Heart-shaped danglings, studs and narrow danglers; princess necklaces
Say No to: Triangular accessories

Inverted Triangle: The forehead is the widest part of the face, tapering towards the chin. When your face is of inverted triangle shape, it is wider at the forehead or top and tapers down towards the chin.  Best to go for earrings that hang away from the face.

Say Yes to: Earrings wider at the bottom than the top. 
Say No to: Heart or triangular earrings.


Condé Nast Traveler


Also known as swan’s neck, long neck is considered ideal and the most desirable as it can be accessorised with almost every type of necklace. Chokers look the most stunning on women with long and thin neck. “Women who are lucky to have a long neck can experiment with a variety of chokers and close to neck jewellery,” observes Manju Kothari.

Best for you: Chokers, heavy statement pieces and bib styles neckpieces

Short/Wide: If you have a short neck, try creating illusion of length with long multi-layered necklaces or sleek long chains with bold pendants. “Women with short neck should opt for long chained necklaces which will give an illusion of a swan like (long) neck”, suggests Chitwn Malhotra. Similarly, people with wider neck should try long and layered necklaces to give it a slimmer appearance. If you have wrinkles on your neck, go for thin long chains with a bold striking pendant. Remember, it’s a good trick to distract people’s attention from the wrinkles!

Best for you: Long and layered necklaces

Here’s the takeaway: let your face and neck decide what’s good for you rather than doing the other way round!

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