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What Men Should Wear To Weddings as a Guest?

By Sarabpreet Kaur

Weddings! The perfect occasion to up your style game, put on a classy suit, a regal ethnic outfit or even a fusion one… and party. Here’s a quick guide for you to be the best-dressed on every single occasion…

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

We think it is pretty unfair that all the fashion talk is mostly restricted to ladies. But, here we let you in a secret—whether or not men’s fashion is discussed as much as women’s fashion is, men are always equally under scrutiny too. It is not okay to decide your look the last minute. That’s where we come to help. From the outfits and silhouettes that are trending, the options in western-wear and ethnics, impressive accessories and some spot-on looks to easy tricks and tips to look your best, Plan Your Wedding has got you covered. So read on!

Western Styles Galore

Thankfully, all the wedding bazaars have ample options to suit the style sense of every individual. If you are looking for a western outfit, then first thing first, a pair of jeans, my dear, is out of question, until and unless it is an all-boys bachelor’s night that you are heading to. Even then, you need to make sure that you top your look with a blazer or a fun, sleeveless jacket, so that it doesn’t look like that, you are off to just another regular night-out. So, to put it out clearly, you need have attires that’ll help you sail through the wedding like a pro. 

Invest in a few smart blazers—take your pick from the prints, solid colours, Nehru-collared ones, checks, etc. A plain black three-buttoned blazer might seem like a safe option but let us warn you, if not styled properly, it might just come across as boring.


A few pairs of chinos and trousers are must-haves. Same goes for shirts—probably the only piece of garment that lets you experiment as much as you want. Just make sure that you pick a fit that complements your body type. Also, if you pick a ‘loud’ shirt, then make sure that your bottom wear and footwear is complementing but very low-key.

Outfits that can never go out of fashion for men are Tuxedos and classic suits. These silhouettes have unmatched panache. Thankfully, you have plenty of choices to pick from. It is advisable that you consider the complete look that you desire before choosing one for yourself.

Elegance of Ethnics

There is something about men dressed in Indian wear that makes them look regal and charming. What’s better than a guy dressed in ethnics? Well, a guy who completely knows his style game. If you think there’s not much to explore in Indian clothing, then you could not be more wrong. From sherwani, kurta-pyajama, fusion outfits to regional outfits—there is a lot, not just in terms of styles but also designs, colours and patterns.



Firstly, if you don’t already have a well-fitted kurta-pyajama, are you even an Indian? Just kidding! The point is that it is a must-have. In fact, in the wedding season, it is good to have more than one pair. The attire is comfortable, looks classy, and it never goes out of style.

Another impeccable option is the sherwani or the achkan. This silhouette is mostly like kurta-pyjama, but they are longer and have more craftsmanship on them. Plus, you can choose to wear them with churidar, straight paints, dhoti-pants or even a traditionally-tied dhoti.

Bandhgala suits need a special mention here. This traditional suit, stitched in a comfy yet sturdy fabric, preferably in a single colour is sure to earn you a lot of compliments. You must accessorise it with a chained broach and lapel pin, and probably even a turban!

Thematic Dressing

For all male guests who want to look dapper during pre-wedding functions, one easy route is knowing on what theme is the celebration based. Some families decide to wear colour-coordinated outfits, which makes for a picturesque sight for the guests. If you are part of such a setup, then do let your designer know the same and request him or her to bring out a unique element in your outfit. Thematic dressing is another reason why you should plan your looks ahead. Also, if you are working on a coordinated attire, then you must know that staying away from repeating a silhouette for any function of the same wedding is mandatory. For example, for the wedding, you can choose to wear a three-piece suit but for the reception, you mustn’t go for it—rather you can go for a fusion outfit or maybe a bandhgala suit.

Appealing Accessories

Well, accessories can make or break a look. Let’s get it clear that by accessories, we mean little articles that help to jazz up your look—we definitely do not mean jewellery! Here’s naming out a few stylish accessories for male guests.

Pockets squares, ties, formal belts, lapel pins, broaches, watches and cuff-links are must-haves in the party season. Gone are the times of solid coloured pocket squares; there are so many fun prints available that easily add a zing to even understated outfits. Cravats and bow ties are also a great option for people who like to create a cutting-edge look.

When it comes to footwear, a pair of classic black formal shoes is a must have. Apart from it, you can pick pairs according to your outfit. In fact, if there is a pair that you find very attractive, then you can go the other way around and get an outfit designed inspired from that pair. Also, a couple of juttis is almost essential to be paired with your ethnics. Never ever make the fashion sin of pairing a sports shoe with your formal attire.

Impressive looks need a little effort. But all the well-planned work is worth it when you realise that your impeccable fashion sense has won you many a follower. So, go ahead, boy, get ready to steal some hearts!

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