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What to Gift on a Wedding

By Sanhati Banerjee

Here are a few innovative concepts, an insight on changing mindsets showing how traditional reservations are giving in to more meaningful choices, into intuitive gifting guide and ideas to help you filter your search in this age of infotainment. So, next time you are confused, short on time or simply looking for fresh concepts before purchasing a wedding gift, you will know what to do.

Gift Hamper

What is a gift? Gifts can be seen as tokens of love, togetherness or as showcasing your feelings for your near and dear ones. Cynics could say, a gift is a machination in this materialistic world when words fail to express and impressions fade away sooner than expected. But, nevertheless, there are occasions when only a gift can say a lot without saying anything. For an occasion like wedding, the art of gifting becomes even more daunting. There is a constant flux of information, ‘wishlists’ also keep changing like breaking news and not to forget, the factor of ‘suitability’ and the ‘degree’ of gifting amongst others. ‘Suitability’ could mean taking into consideration the taste, exposure and may be usefulness of the gift for the bride/groom. ‘Degree’ could mean the degree of your closeness to the couple whose wedding you are going to attend, the degree of familiarity or formality – suppose whether it’s your best friend’s wedding or a newly acquired neighbour’s daughter’s wedding; your boss’s son’s wedding, a distant cousin’s wedding or a colleague’s wedding whom you have not known for a long time. Well, these could be secondary considerations; but looked at closely; these could be deciding the gift you choose as per your budget, taste and liking. This is linked to shedding the habit of ‘wasteful gifting’. (see box on gift Registry).
A gift is priceless, in the sense, that it shows how much thought you have given to select the most desirable gift. For modern customers who are net-savvy and want everything to be perfectly streamlined, it’s even more applicable. In fact, the experience of selecting a gift is as much important as the gift itself.

Here’s a variety of choices available with a focus on the latest in the gifting industry from experts.
Pretty Flowers & Sinful Chocolate
A flower is nature’s bliss spread out in fantastic shapes and in bursts of colours that are more electric than any slice of fiery imagination for many. The smell, the look of freshness and that picture of beauty is more often than not able to give you a feeling of cheerfulness. They make for the simplest of all gifts probably, but one of the most meaningful and romantic ones as well. The striking feature about flowers as gifts is that they suit all occasions and all age groups and there are flowers for all needs and moments. An elegantly designed bouquet is often a pleasant accompaniment to other gifting items like sweets, chocolates or confectionary products amongst others.
You can opt for a variety of bouquets and flower arrangements from professional florists in the town.
Ferns N Petals offers flower bunches, flower combos and designer flower bouquets and apart from these one can also choose from chocolate hampers, wine hampers, perfumes, watches with kundan and meenakari work and other accessories on their website:
At FNP, their delivery model supports fixed time delivery, mid-night delivery, remote delivery as well as normal delivery. For customers who are not comfortable to share their credit or debit card details or with internet banking, can book flowers and pay them through their cash collection facility where their collection agent will come to the house of the customer, collect cash and then the delivery will take place. In this way, they don’t lose the customer who is not internet friendly as well it is a convenient way for customers to pay the bill.
Commenting upon the intuitive gifting guide with Ferns N Petals, Vikaas Gutgutia, founder and MD, Ferns N Petals, says “Our customers can call on the customer care number and our executives will help and suggest perfect gifting options as per their requirement. Also on the left hand side corner a window appears on the website wherein one can chat live with the customer care executive to get guidance on various gifting ranges.”
Coming from flowers to chocolates, well, many would argue if flowers are nature’s creation of joy, then chocolates are the man-made substitutes for the theory of divine joy. Chocolate lovers often describe this melting feeling as a moment of true ecstasy. It’s the cocoa butter in chocolate that gives it the rich and creamy texture that we love so much. Chocolate makes us feel good. Studies suggest that chocolate contains phenylethylamine, the same chemical that is released in the brain when we fall in love. Eating chocolate can give some people a natural “high” which is often related to the feeling of being in love.
Chocolates are ideal as gifting options for your loved ones – on romantic dates, birthdays, festive occasions, anniversaries and yes, weddings. You can couple chocolate hampers, specialised bars along with a bouquet, perfumery or even your traditional mithai box.
The Chocolate Beetle is India’s premium chocolate retailing venture bought into being for a reason, inculcating a chocolate consumption culture in India. The Chocolate Beetle offers its Signature Belgian Chocolate truffle cake, Beetle’s Brownie sandwich, flavoured hot chocolates in hazelnut, mint, cinnamon and Irish cream, Signature Belgian Chocolate truffle shake, low fat gelatos and ice creams, gulkand filled chocolates, message chocolate bars and a selection of imported chocolates. They also offer no added sugar chocolate bars, diet chocolate gelato, other low fat gelatos for weight watchers and diabetics. They can also do customised bars for couples with invites printed on the wrapper.
Commenting about the ‘wedding chocolate – gulkand’, Gurjeev Gulati, owener of The Chocolate Beetle says, “Gulkand is priced at 15/pc or 1000/kg, it has to be ordered a week in advance for bulk orders. Packing for chocolates like chocolate boxes, trays, baskets for weddings with lazer cutting and velvet are available starting 300 onwards plus cost of the chocolates.”
Gifts like flowers and chocolates can range from simple and sophisticated ones to exotic and premium varieties. They can retain the formality of the present made and yet convey a very warm gesture.
A Beautiful Gesture
Beauty or grooming hampers and goodies look chic and cosmopolitan in flavour. A variety of options are available under various categories clubbed under bath and body, skincare and makeup. Most of these hampers are available in a variety of soothing and refreshing flavour lines. You can opt for all skin-type products to be on the safer side if you want to gift skincare products.
Reputed brands offer beauty hampers packed in boxes varying from see-through cases to wooden boxes/trays and wrapped with laces, ribbons and other delicate accents. You can also customise your own hamper by taking a pick of the products you like. A makeup hamper containing pretty beauty boosters or a bath and body hamper containing delightfully aromatic products can be coveted by any woman, and yes, a bride-to-be. Additionally, you can make this gift of beauty in makeup box/cases or grooming kits offered by well-known brands.
Montagne Jeusnesse beauty gift hampers are also available online at and they do next day delivery with every option of payment available. Not categorised as ‘bridal’ in particular, these gift packs are very useful for all ranges of occasions and festivals and a great gift option/or treat to give to your loved ones. The gift packs come in appealing pre-packed compact forms with contents within also arranged well so you would not require to wrap those further. Typically, each pack contains five individual masks; however if the person purchasing wishes to pack further they can do so with their individual preference.
The Body Shop also offers pre-made gifting hampers combining an exciting range of bath and body items ( India). In addition to this, The Body Shop can also customise the kit/hampers according to the needs of the customer or the bride/groom for whom the gift is intended. The store does provide their own wrapping options which can be easily availed by the customer.
Customised hampers are also available at Iraya, with prices starting from 1200 onwards.
Decorative, Utilitarian & Classy
From distinctive photo frames to classic dinner or tea sets; from charming bedspreads to culinary accents – these home décor items, tableware, bed range to one-off showpieces this section of gifting promises glamour, class, state-of-the-art home functionality and simply a sign of individuality. May be this category runs amuck with poster taglines and campaign imageries, but, nevertheless, is too vast a segment to ignore. Above all, these are gifts for the bride and the groom and their new home. These are trend-independent and hence fall under the realm of classics and collectibles and yes – priceless. Reflective of the gift purchaser’s taste, these are very much there in the Indian wedding gift circuit.
Choosing stylish photo frames can be a little difficult as every neighbourhood shop is replete with copy-cat photo frames, but reputed stores like Frazer and Haws offer exclusive product lines. At Frazer and Haws, you can select from their varieties of elegant photo frames. Photo frames are invariable bed side table accompaniments standing tall in assertion of a couple’s newly acquired marital status. Decorative photo frames can add beauty and appeal to any photograph. Their latest collection of rectangular photo frames come crafted in fine crystal and embellished with delicately pierced sterling silver.
In every household, a centre table or coffee table forms a place for social gathering. It can be used anywhere; from the living room to bedroom or even solely as a decorative piece. Rather than gifting any massive piece of furniture, which might be cumbersome to carry and pose problems of transportation as well or simply look awkward, a coffee table or centre table can be both appropriate and desirable; something which is both utilitarian and smart looking.
The Great Eastern Home offers a host of classy options. Luxurious and elegant, these coffee tables come in ingenious finish and are made of classic, solid wood. These are also available in Burma teak, Mahogany and Rosewood that exude grace and ensure the furniture not only has style but also a long life.
You can also choose from a host of antique-carved, leather-trunk coffee tables or the leather coffee tables with wooden accents or in distressed leather at Portsidecafe.
If you would like to take your pick from symbolic sculptures which are also luxurious works of art, you can choose from the offerings at Lladró. Capturing the essence of the wild, Lladro brings a collection of majestic offerings.
Perfecting the Gift
When you are going for a wedding, all dressed up and smiling bright, you would obviously want to wrap your gift in an eye-catching manner so that it complements your personality and get-up. A thoughtfully wrapped gift also stands out. offers customers a host of different packaging options depending on their requirements. Nakul Jain, director, Prithvi Home Décor says, “A host of platters and trays can be bought online as can be seen in the platters section for packaging. Most of these can be customised as per colours required by the customer during the ordering process. We do not do the wrapping ourselves, but provide the essentials so that the packaging can be done at the customers’ end. Customers can also request for products to be customised and we can design products based on themes.”
The wedding collection is something that is updated regularly on their website.

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