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Wedding Theme Trends for 2018

By Richa

We don't have a crystal ball, but we do have a pulse on what's hot in the world of weddings. Get the scoop from our expert on what you can expect to see this year for wedding themes.

As the term goes ‘Big fat Indian Weddings,’ Indian weddings are no more a small traditional event. Be it a majestic fairytale wedding or an elegant cosy outdoor ceremony - the seating, themed stimulations, lights and sounds all needs to be taken care of. Grand décor themes are crafted to transcend everyone to their interpretation of a fairytale wedding – whether it’s the world of Harry Potter, a Vintage Décor or a Royal theme. Here’s a list of the hottest wedding décor trends that have taken the wedding industry by storm:



Botanical Garden: Green is the pantone colour of the year 2018 and is the perfect theme to take you back to nature. Adequate foliage and flowers are needed to rock the theme. One should always give attention to the quality of the fresh flowers instead of the quantity. You can use flowers in various ways – from making floral murals and chandeliers to making floral-ceilings or you can create a flower-adorned garden inside a banquet hall with rocks, demi-water body, large green tree, beautiful candles, lanterns, and a bench to sit on! As a choice for wedding décor theme, personalised wooden table confetti engraved with the names of the couple lend a dreamlike quality to the whole ambience.

Royal Wedding Affair: Indian weddings mostly opt for the ‘Royal’ theme for giving a superlative feel to their most important event. Velvet drapes, jewel-toned flowers, ambient lighting and thematic gold décor accentuate the theme. Huge, magnificent glass chandeliers bring back the look of ornate pieces in palaces and old-world grandeur. Props such as shamadaans, artificial pillars, arches and lanterns are used to add to the character of the venue.

Travel the World: If you are a travel bug, then this is the perfect theme for you. From the quirky travel inspired invitations to turning your favourite destinations as centrepiece inspiration and luggage tags as escort cards, every little detail should induce the wanderlust feeling in you. Recycle old maps into bouquets, set up a stacked display with leather suitcases and globes, and there is a ready photo-corner for you!



‘Love in Paris’: There’s nothing more enticing than taking your would-be, family and friends on a trip to Paris. Well not literally maybe, but through the décor you choose, is an easier possibility. Eiffel Tower motifs, lace and pearls dominate this theme. Hang the doilies and lace-y umbrellas from the ceilings to give a feel of the Love capital. White or pastel pink co-ordinated decor would be the finest choice for your own French Boulevard.

Moroccan: Currently, the Moroccan themed wedding décor is ruling the décor industry. From Mehendi souks and Sheesha lounges to bronze lanterns and hammocks, cushions in bright colours to metallic jugs and trays, there are various ways to bring out the Arab inspired theme for your wedding.

Dreamcatcher: It’s time to leave the birdcage behind and move to dreamcatchers, the newest rage in wedding décor. They are said to attract positive vibes, so alongside adding to the look of the event, it reduces the negativity too. Add Gota strings, tassels, pompoms and ghungru to give them an Indian touch. Attach tags on the dreamcatchers for the guests to pass on their wishes to the bride and groom.



Indi-Mela: We as grown-ups also love carnivals, the Ferris wheel being our favourite! The burst of colours all around and the desi-touch complete the look. Kites to kettles to rickshaws to puppets and 3D pinwheel installation, the Indi-mela theme has everything that you can dream of. Deck up a scooter, or have a bar through a demi-truck, an Indi-mela theme gives ample options to be quirky. To relive your childhood memories of the Melas, incorporate fun games from your childhood such as balloon shooting, throw a ring around the bottle, stomp machine or hire a fortune-teller at the wedding.


Vintage: Vintage décor to us is reviving the old to befit the now and use it smartly to give a modern and chic twist. It brings to mind soft pastel colours - English rose pink, a sea green, a Tiffany blue and a dreamy old world look through the use of distressed panels, doors & windows, chest of drawers or consoles, floral prints among others. Certain elements which have an old world charm such as an antique-looking cycle, rustic furniture, or a 1956 model car can enhance the look and make for a perfect photo-corner with creative signage. To add to the theme pearls can be used as embellishments.

Eco-friendly Wedding: A green wedding is typically not just about using creepers, plants, herbs and ferns; the broader gamut of Green Weddings is to minimise wastage and harm to Mother Earth, which includes everything from food, décor, invitations, cutlery, wedding favours and wedding themes. For such weddings, the hosts say no to the use of thermocol and ask their wedding décor designers to recycle and upcycle items to use in the décor. Instead of paper invites, opt for e-invites as it’s more practical and saves time and money.

Choose your Wow-Worthy Colour Palette:

Each year the wedding themes and colour schemes are evolving as everyone is demanding innovation and originality in the décor. So, décor designers need to pay extra attention to details and customisation of the smallest décor components to create a unique event, which will be etched in everyone’s memory. This year, we have witnessed the following colours rule the wedding décor industry: Purple, Lime Green, All white, Soft Peach and Maroon, which are perfect yet refreshingly new for the décor palette.



From our point of view, during winters, explore seasonal flowers as an option, rather than the standard roses and carnations to make the right statement at the wedding. Deeper and richer colours such as Red, Maroon, Gold, Emerald Greens, Navy Blue, Dark Pink, Purple work really well at this time. Additionally, the use of heavier and thicker fabrics can be utilised for beautifying the whole venue. Invest in good-looking furniture - From exquisite bars with high stool chairs to peg tables, gazebos, sofas and chandeliers- it adds to the opulence of the ambience.

You can also opt for ice sculptures, which not only looks dreamy but also very romantic. Go for a wonderland theme for the Mandap by using dry twigs, branches, flowers in pastel colours and a lot of foliage- Welcoming and magical!


  • Table Detailing: Go for a canopy or trellis on top of the table with light bulbs to give a surreal feel. Get big centrepieces made of flowers and nail the look! Use many fairy lights to create a dreamy ambience. Personalised candles, napkins, menus can be opted for. Spend on good-looking table, chairs and cutlery to give an out of the world experience to the guests.
  • Food Detailing: A lot can be done over the food table décor. The food counter makes a huge impact on the guests and we suggest going for an island setting for the main course and dessert counter. Go for Lit Tables, tables that emanate light, which will make the experience around food magical too.
  • Contemporary Design: We would love to see couples opting for contemporary designs with Indian aesthetics. Opt for bold geometric with colour blocking to plexiglass chair (also known as ghost chairs) to give a modern feel to your Indian wedding.

And here’s huge hug for the grand wedding celebration that will always remain a precious memory.


Let us tell you, this upcoming wedding season is already on roll with countless innovative and interesting trends that are blowing our minds! Choose your truly magnificent setting for your special event wisely.

About the Authors: Priti Agarwalla & Sunaina Agarwal, Founders of Desi Lantern

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