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Wedding Registry

By Richa Sahni

Making gifting easy or cheeky? The crucial question is - would you be a-okay with having wedding gift registry concept in India?

You’ve just had a legen…wait for it…dary (of course you have to read it in Barney Stinson’s voice) wedding, the one that you’ve always dreamt of since you were a kid. But when you open the presents the next day, it turns out to be a not-so-what-you-wanted time. One of my friends who recently got married said she’d received six dinner sets and ten bed sheets (which obviously she further gifted to somebody else).

On the other hand, as guests, we spend days deciding the gift, keep calling friends of friends for suggestions and end up buying something we think the couple would like. But what if they won’t like it? And in India, the idea of specifying the kind of wedding gift that you expect from your guests or asking the couple directly what they want was a questionable one, definitely not common at all! But practically thinking, a gift registry – a concept very famous in the West but not so much in India is a great idea, which gives your guests the option of choosing gifts, either individually or in collaboration with other guests, which suit their budget as well as your taste and requirement.

It gives you the option of asking for things/appliances that you require - gift vouchers for romantic dinners, spa treatments or for funds which can contribute towards your expenses such as honeymoon, buying your new home or wedding expenses. And for the guests it can be a huge gift-hunting time saver.

“Until now people considered it to be unkind to ask for gifts but looking at how the wedding situation has changed dramatically and also how many individuals have become mature and practical is why we feel it makes more sense that the friends and family gift the couple things that will help setup their new lives more comfortably,” says Ms. Sudha Maheshwari, Founder,

Instead of giving them things they already have and pile on unnecessary stuff, it’s better to get an idea of what is it that they need after the wedding and what is it that they already have. In a way, it makes absolute sense. How many times have we not got the gifts which we stash in a cup-board for long or worse, give it away to someone else? So, check in with the couple and ask them to share their wish-list with you.
So, What is a Wedding Gift Registry you Ask?

For those who are hearing about this concept for the first time, wedding registries is a service where the wedding couple set up a website outlining the products they need for their wedding like say a flat screen TV or a couple spa experience. Your guests can contribute to buying you these items or just contribute cash. On one hand it’s a simple, easy way to get the stuff you really want. On the other hand your parents are going to raise more than a few eyebrows about specifically ‘asking’ for gifts. Because you know – you are supposed to smile and politely refuse gifts at least at face value.

How does it Work?

Well, to answer that question we asked an expert - Mr. Anant Patel, Managing Director, Wrapp’d – “At Wrapp’d we’ve made this process extremely simple. A couple getting married can come on Wrapp’d, create a personalised event page for their wedding and start adding products to their registry. These products can be chosen from our curated list, any other website under the sun or even from a physical store. Next they invite their guests and just wait for the excitement to unwrap the gifts!” he says.

Ok, let’s put that into simpler words - The process is very simple. All you have to do is create, share, and receive.

For the Wedding Couple:

  • Create – Sign in and register yourself on the website. Select the gifts you want from the wide range of options that the website offers or from anywhere on the planet and add them to your wish list.
  • Share – You will receive a unique URL, which you can share with your loved ones via email or social networking sites so that they can buy the gifts for you.
  • Receive – The registry will keep a track of your gift givers, gifts, and contributions so you can focus on your wedding.

Once a guest purchases a gift from the wish list, it is deleted so that other guests don’t buy the same gift.

For the Guests:

Once you receive the URL from the couple, you can purchase the gift from their wish list just like you purchase from any online shopping site.
“At Wrapp’d each registry is a personalized event page, so it makes for a smooth transition to a registry. Our gift analytics page helps hosts understand the different price points and gift to guest ratios. This helps them choose gifts of different budgets so they don’t sound too demanding. Hosts can invite guests to their registries via their registry settings or simply print the unique URL to their registry on their invitation cards or simply forward it via whatsapp or facebook,” he further added.

Is India Ready for a Concept Like Wedding Wishlist?

We asked this question from lots of people and largely we got a positive response – especially from the millennials (but not so much from the elderly people). People are getting more realistic (at least urban India is). It is expensive to set up your home as a newly married couple and it would be great if guests could give them something that could help them start their new journey and not burden them with unwanted gifts. Modern Indian couples are definitely willing to try this.



  • Extremely practical.
  • No duplicate or unwanted gifts.
  • No recycling of gifts.
  • Easy monitoring and tracking of gifts received and permanent record of the same.
  • Easy selection of gifts from tons of items to choose from online and offline.


  • Can be bit tough concept for older people to understand sometimes.
  • Some people are shy or skeptical to newer concepts.
  • People have to be online.
  • Guests may choose to still give old fashioned gifts in spite of a registry.
  • Hosts have to take some time to think about what they need.

— Inputs by Mr. Anant Patel, Managing Director, Wrapp’d

What to register for? ANYTHING (well of course not something that you just WANT but is extraordinarily out of budget for the guests and you know it) and gift wishlist service cannot be just used for the weddings but for the other occasions too like birthdays, baby showers, or anniversaries. We think gift registries may start to come in, in a big way somewhere down the line if not now. It is true that requesting for gifts and contributions can be a little tricky. If worded incorrectly it might be easily perceived as offensive or pushy by some people. But now we have quite a few websites like Wrapp’d in India which are here to guide us and help us in making the whole procedure of gifting smooth and subtle.

Registry shopping has to be one of the more fun parts of wedding planning. After all, you’ve hand selected everything you want for your kitchen, bedroom, and beyond. Happy gifting to you!

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