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Wedding Planning Checklist For Grooms

By Richa

Hey groomzilla! (What are you not?) Wondering what you should be doing in the build-up to the big fat day? Here is your ultimate checklist!

There are immeasurable wedding planning articles on the Internet. Most are surrounded by floral imagery because they are geared toward the brides-to be. We hear ya, husbands-to-be! You are keyed up about marrying the love of your life, but you have no clue how to help plan the best wedding ever. You love the way her face lights up when you’re at wedding vendors meeting, but as soon as she asks you to decide between the ‘pinks’ and ‘hot pinks’ (aren’t they the same colour?!) you’re looking for the quickest exit.

“Really, grooms tend to fall on one end of the spectrum or the other. They are either super involved in all the decision-making or they have a more laissez-faire mindset, like my husband, who teasingly said one month before our wedding, ‘I don’t know what to do. Just tell me when and where to show up.’ I was so annoyed,” recollects real bride Kanika Maurya. Being a part of the wedding planning process does not mean you have to get a lesson in colour theory. You are 100% capable of helping your fiancée plan a wonderful wedding just as you are. And guess what, you might even find you enjoy it!


Think about what you love most about weddings. It is okay to get a little superficial here! Make a list of what those things are you feel like have to be top-notch at your wedding. Yes! It can include your killer drink selection skills but you have to figure out your other fortes too. These are things you can offer to assist in planning for your own wedding.

If you are the groom-to-be and you are reading this, here are some tips on how you can (should) be involved in planning a wedding with your bride-to-be.

9 Months To Go…

  • Work together with your fiancée to set a budget - This one is crucial and it literally cannot wait. Pretty much everything flows from here.
  • Work with your fiancée to choose a venue, date, and guest count - Figure out where you are going to have your ceremony and reception. The best spots fill up fast, so decide your wedding size and start looking.
  • Set up your gift registry - Get what you want. Crazy as it seems, people start buying you gifts immediately and registering may be the only way to keep your friends’ and relatives’ questionable tastes in check!

6 Months To Go…

  • Sketch out your honeymoon - Decide the destination and check for bookings. If you are planning an International honeymoon, now would be a good time to check or find your passport -- or get them if you and your girl don’t have them -- and see what kind of shots or visas you might need.

  • Start your shopping – The word shopping may just have made you cringe your nose a little but it is necessary to allow plenty of time in case you need to have something tailor made or altered and remember to consult with your beloved bride as her look and yours should obviously coordinate (not necessarily matchy-matchy). Make a list of all the items you will need from head to toe, including shoes, socks, cufflinks, tie etc. etc. Moreover, choosing your respective wedding bands together is one of the best planning to-dos.


  • The Booze: Oh You Fancy, Huh? Kabir Sahai, bartender by profession, said, “We like helping our women and we actually care about stuff. One of them being stacking the bar ‘the good stuff’ so the boys can act sophisticated for one night before they return to ordering whatever still comes with the wing bucket special. We also plan to raid the top shelf to supply the after party. That does count as helping.”  

3 Months To Go…

  • Grooming time dear groomy – This one is no brainer. Although, I know adulating is hard but you can fake your way through at least by looking like one with your sharp and neat features. A pre-wedding beauty regimen is not just for the bride. You should embrace your own grooming routine to prep for the big, too. There are many professional beauty salons for men in Delhi NCR. You need to be in shipshape for your wedding day, therefore, ante up your workout game also.

  • Family communication - Guys, you are the liaison between your family and your bride during this time. She should not be expected to talk to all of her family members and yours. It is not that she doesn’t want to get to know your family or that she’s avoiding them. This is a stressful time and learning how to interact with new personalities is just an added complication. Make those calls for her. Practice your communication by relaying information for/to her.
  • The Music: It is a Party, After All - Whether band or DJ, the entertainment must showcase your superior musical tastes while everybody else drunkenly showcase their superior dance skills. Please vet your candidates accordingly and do not start rapping yourself.


  • Who Is Shooting You? From plethora of professional wedding photographers in Delhi, it could be a little tough to choose one. So, help your fiancée to pick the right one and sate all dates…like for save the date shoot or pre-wedding shoot etc. etc.


1 Month To Go…

  • Reserve accommodations and transportation - Contact nearby hotels or the venue where your wedding is well in advance to hold a block of rooms for your out of town guests.
  • Confirm times with all vendors - Send your day-of schedule to vendors and confirm appointments for hair and makeup.
  • Send invitations to friends and family.
  • Have a good time with the guys - This is the perfect time to plan that last hurrah as a single man. Do not do something stupid. But have a really good time.


1 Week To Go…

  • Get ready to relax - Double-check the honeymoon reservations and start packing your bags.
  • Don't be cheap - This is one of the most important moments in your life, so put some real thought into the matter and then buy your bride a wedding gift. Make sure it is personal, make sure it is memorable, and make sure it is legal in all 29 states.

On THE day

  • Eat something nutritious - A greasy plate of chole bhature will not pair well with a case of nerves, so go for the grilled chicken sandwich or a salad instead.
  • Show up on time - If anyone gets to be late, it is the bride, not YOU!

You probably have not been dreaming about this day since you were a little boy, but being active in the planning process would mean a lot to your wife-to-be! Perhaps the biggest role a groom can play in planning a wedding, regardless of how much you care about (or don’t care about) the decorations, is to be a supportive partner throughout the process.
Encourage her by making positive comments about aspects of the planning you particularly like. Give your honest opinion when she asks for it. (It’s your wedding, too.) Offer to run errands, make phone calls, and do research for her. The Truth: ‘Whatever you want, honey.’


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