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Wedding Invitations Right from Chawri Bazaar

By Swati Khatri

Plan Your Wedding brings you, all that you want to know about wedding invitation cards right from the quaint Chawri Bazaar.

Classic Wedding Stationery Designer Cards n’ Accessories

when it comes to wedding invitation cards even in the world of e-invites and digital invites your first preference will be the good old invitation card saying that the son of Mrs. & Mr. So and So is getting married to the daughter of Mrs. & Mr. So and So. Of course, nothing can beat the feel of that physical card in your hand which asks for your blessing for the new couple. Remember the time when you really liked the Ganesha on a card and stuck it on your fridge or the time you liked that sweet box in the shape of a doli and kept it as a memoir? 
When we talk about invitation cards no other market can beat the charm of the famous Chawri Bazaar. It’s the world of colourful and Swarovski-studded cards. The world where cards are still manufactured in the form of farmans (royal scrolls) or in ultra modern digital prints. “At times we try to mix western colours to antique farman style cards” says Mohit Uberoi, owner, Classic Wedding Stationery Designer Cards n’ Accessories.
From Havelis to Invitations
Known as Delhi 6, Chawri Bazaar can be described as a market famous for wedding invitation cards and copper and brass products. Getting its name from the chawda raasta (broad street) the havelis which were once an integral part of this place have now been converted into commercial spaces. The market is often seen bustling with labourers moving from one place to another with a lot of load on their backs. As you walk by the market you will often rub your shoulder with the other in the push and pull of the passersby. There can be wedding invitation card stores seen on the main road and inside the lane at gali satte wali. At Chawri Bazaar choices galore as you come across shop after shop filled with invitation cards in attractive colours, stickers, tassels and stones. These shopkeepers can be seen busy with the heavy rush of clientele they deal with on a daily basis.
Latest Trends
As in the case with any industry the invitation card industry is also bit by the bug of latest trends. Imagine your invitation card to be full of aqua colours for a destination wedding in Goa or your card to be designed matching your wedding lehenga. The prints are often lively and come in colours that can be bright as well as pastels for different shades of an Indian wedding. You can go for the huge booklet card or even the card with one leaf having a finish of wood or metallic sheets.
The printing techniques used are also evolving. Now you can go for digital printing which helps you get more cards printed in less time. The fine finishing of the laser cuts also adds class to that simple card. Another thing that gives charisma to your card is the brass finished initials of the bride and the groom.
Stone, Paper and Fabrics
These cards are also decorated with stones and Swarovskies to give it that glamour quotient. The stones vary from very small sizes to huge ones and are sourced from the nearby kinari bazaars. The stones which add to the attractiveness of the card are complemented by the different types of papers. For example, a transparent paper can be used to give a watermark effect to your card. Some of the papers used are vellums, handmade sheet, acrylic sheets, Italian sheets etc.
The creativity in creating a memorable invitation card is not just limited to paper or stones. You can get your card designed with those pink satins or maroon silks. Chawri Bazaar also offers you sweet boxes and potlis matching your invitation card. It’s a market which glitters with invitation cards full of stickers, tassels, ribbons, cardboards and woods.
Price range
As Chawri Bazaar has always been known for its wholesale rates the prices of the cards can start from as low as Rs.5 and go onto to something around Rs.600. The upper price limit of these invitation cards can extend even further. The prices increase with the amount of work done on these cards. The cards are often customised and are priced as finished products. “It’s the age of customisation, the new generation comes with a design in mind and wants their card to be designed as per those guidelines” says Kanishq who is one of the partners in Empire Cards.
How to choose a card vendor for your wedding
When choosing a card vendor always look at the samples available at the store. This will help you get an idea about what all styles the manufacturer can arrange for. After zeroing down the design you can also compare the prices of four-to-five vendors to get the best deal. Ask them about the customisation charges. Also ask in advance as to how many days the vendor will take to print the required amount of cards. Most vendors will ask for a time of one-week-to-two-weeks. The time taken for printing depends upon the amount of work to be done on your card and the demand of the season.

Check Out : Plan Your Wedding brings to you a bouquet of designer wedding card makers from Chawri Bazaar:–

Classic Wedding Stationery Designer Cards n’ Accessories
Know the brand: Started in 1963, Classic Wedding Cards deals in designer and customised wedding cards.
USP: Customised invitation and greeting cards. The USP of the company is its English speaking workforce, which helps them get international clientele. These cards can be printed in any international language. As one enters this shop on the first floor one can also see a Certificate of nomination for the “Leaders of Tomorrow” award 2012 from
Product and Price Range: The product range includes invitation cards, greeting cards, matching sweet boxes, bags, money envelopes, prasad boxes etc. The starting price point of a wedding invitation card is Rs.75.
Where: V.K. Brothers, 4118 Galli Satte Wali
Chawri Bazaar
Royal Cards
Know the brand: Started in 1961, this store in the main Chawri Bazaar market deals in wedding invitation cards.
USP: Designer wedding cards created using the latest designs and techniques. The cards can be customised as per the requirements.
Product and price range: The dealers deal in wedding cards, greeting cards, birthday cards, Diwali cards, matching sweet boxes etc. The starting price of wedding invitation cards is Rs. 10.
Where: 66, Chawri Bazaar
Empire Cards
Know the brand: The store was started in 2002. Empire Cards deals in wedding invitation cards, greeting cards etc.
USP: The speciality of the store is wedding invitation cards and customisation of designs.
Product and Price Range: The product range includes wedding invitation cards, greeting cards, matching sweet boxes etc. The starting price for invitation cards is Rs.25
Where: 67, Chawri Bazaar, Delhi
Poddar Cards
Know the brand: Started in 1978, the card dealers deal in a wide range of invitation cards starting from a low range to a high end range
USP: The USP of the store is its high end cards to suit the modern Indian weddings. Poddar Cards can be said as one of the biggest card dealers of Chawri Bazaar.
Product and Price range: The product range includes wedding invitation cards, matching sweet boxes and potlis, sagan envelopes, greeting cards etc.
Where: 69, Chawri Bazaar

Picture Courtesy: Classic Wedding Stationery Designer Cards n’ Accessories


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