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Wedding Dresses for Our Curvy Girls

By Richa

Who says curvy brides cannot dream of looking hot and stunning on their D-Day? All they have to do is follow their body, identify with it and hunt for that just-the-perfect outfit to make their special day even more special. Here are some bridal-styling tips for the lovely plus-size ladies.

People say it is a skinny girl’s world and more so, in the world of fashion, where the thin look always wins but what they haven’t noticed is that the trend is changing more quickly than any one could imagine. Sana Saini, a Delhi based fashion designer who started Plus Size Models India two years ago, opines, “Though the fashion trend (of considering different body types) is picking up, it'll take some time for the Indian market to open up to the ‘taboo’ of the plus-size and bigger women.”


Now, at the risk of sounding repetitive, getting married is perhaps the most anticipated event in a woman’s life.If you are a soon-to-be bride, looking the best in your wedding outfit is your top priority. So, it is absolutely reasonable if you are concerned about hiding your plump sides in your dream outfit. But don’t be anxious, all you curvaceous brides out there, because it’s all about mixing and matching the right fabrics, patterns and colors. As a dress can reveal, it can also camouflage your body, making you look flawless on your special day. Don’t kill yourself over not losing a few kilos before your wedding day. Wear your impeccable attitude girl, as Saini suggests, “Be yourself and wear a comfortable outfit,” and it surely will ultimately boost your confidence on the D-Day. You have all the right to look gorgeous on your big day, and with these tricks you most certainly will!


What Lehenga Style TO Choose?

For a plus size bride, there are three important body types, they are— apple-shaped, where the top is bulky, pear shaped, where the bottom is heavy, and a round-shaped body, which means that they gain weight overall. Before you shop for your bridal dress, understand your body type and shop accordingly. Whatever your body shape, there is a bridal lehenga that will make you look your shining best. Even the way you drape your dupatta can make a difference.

Apple-shaped body: For such women, clothes that would highlight their bust line are the perfect choice. Going in for a lehenga with a V-neck or U-neck choli and a flared-up bottom would do the trick. Another great style for you can be empire waistline dresses, with deep or low necklines.

Pear-shaped body: The best way to draw attention away from your bottom is to highlight the neckline, whether in the form of high-neck embellished blouses or heavy neckpieces over the choli. An A-line suit with a heavily embroidered jacket and a darker shade bottom wear can work wonders for you. Avoid going for a heavy lehenga or a fishtail gown.

Round-shaped body: They should wear clothes that give the illusion of a defined waist and height. A saree would work best for them. They can tie the petticoat below the belly button. Showing a little skin never hurts, ladies! Going for anarkali suits and lehengas is another smart way to make your body appear longer than it is.

Go for long cholis that look flattering on plus-size, voluptuous women. Blouse or choli with crisscross strings can be a better choice, if you want to go a little bold yet look elegant. Also, avoid too much layering in your outfit. Extra layers will only make you look broader. And choose the outfit which perfectly fits you. Do not go for a larger size just in the hope of concealing the flaws, this would look unappealing on you.


Tippy-Tippy Tap, What Colour You Want?

While dark colours definitely have a slimming effect, they shouldn’t be your only choice. So, play with the colours a little. Monochromatic outfits give length to the wearer by giving an illusion of slenderness. So, if you want to go for a rich colour, go for red, royal blue or gold. You can also mix two colours with similar hues, say certain shades of red and pink can be matched together to harmonize each other.

Don’t Say No To Embroidery

Printed or embroidered motifs on the plus size Indian wedding dress, gives a highlighted look, oncealing the flab. Identify the most attractive parts of your body and highlight them using bright coloured embroidery. But, be careful with the use of glimmering sequins, they look only good in moderation because they may also make you look larger. Instead, you can opt for zari in gold, silver or copper colours.


Choose Fabrics With Poise

Pick smooth and flowing fabrics such as georgette, crepe, chiffon, net, soft silk and satin that would give you a balanced shape by neatly falling on your body and highlighting your better side. “Avoid those fabrics for skirts that are stiff as they might make you look broad—tussar silk and cotton, for instance. But they can be used for the corset or upper hip area,” Saini advises.

Say Yes To Custom-Made Dresses

Sometimes it may feel like your dream dress is nowhere to be found; like searching for a needle in a haystack, your wedding dress just isn’t popping off the rack. That’s when it might be the time to seek help of a professional designer, who will create a custom-made wedding dress just for you. More importantly, the right fit is the most significant thing for a curvy or plus-size bride. So, find a good and high-quality designer who will provide you custom-made dresses. Try them out before the event and get alterations done, if required. The fashion industry may continue to argue the plus-size debate for many years to come, but there are a handful of designers like Sana Saini who have taken matters into their own hands and cater exclusively to the plus-size soon-to-be brides, “not everyone wants to lose weight for their wedding, some women are proud of their curves and rightfully want to embrace them on their Big Day,” says she.


There are some must-haves in your wardrobe if you’re getting married this season. Saini recommends, “Every plus-size woman’s wardrobe should have a gorgeous backless blouse/ choli, designer clutch, versatile shawl, classic pair of kundan set and a right pair of shoes, preferably embroidered royal mojaris.”

It might be a little tricky but not a tough task to choose the right wedding outfit in Indian style for a plus-size bride. Most of the traditional styles work well on plus sizes—all you have to do is to take care of the small details like the ones mentioned here. The right wedding outfit will give you the confidence and attitude that will make you glow without layers of make-up. So, create new rules and break the restricting shackles of beauty, by looking gorgeous in your bespoke plus size Indian wedding dress.

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