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Wedding Cinematography Essentials

By Editorial Desk

Whether you've already decided on a wedding videographer or are still unsure about the topic, our expert Madhavi Singh, Creative Director, White Frog Productions tell all about some advances in video that will help convince you that it's a wedding essential.

Image Courtesy: White Frog Productions

When it comes to weddings, there are some things that never change. Traditions are something that we do not like to give up on, however in 2018, we are sure to spice up traditions more than ever - and that’s okay! Wedding videography has come a long way since your old-fashioned VHS camcorder, but the demand for wedding videos has stayed with us over the years. As we adjust to a new era of trends, we want our wedding videos to have traditional, sentimental value, but with a new edge, that makes it only one of its kind for us. In all candour, one of the most lucrative business ideas to turn to these days is ‘Wedding Photography and Cinematography’. It is something that has evolved a great deal over the past three to five years.

The Magical Evolution of Wedding Cinematography

Shooting weddings has been as old a concept as the weddings and the camera themselves.  However, it has seen great change in the past one decade essentially. It has obviously gotten better and better with time and technology.  It used to be mere documentation, sans any creative approach and personalised touch. On the contrary, now it is a film quality video, shot on latest and HQ DSLRs and various film cameras like black magic. No one wants to watch those 3 to 4 hour videos like old times now. With demand, the supply has changed. 


People like to watch themselves in film-like videos and gradually over time, it has changed from ‘Wedding Videos’ to ‘Wedding Films.’ The bride and the groom enjoy watching the video weaved into a coherent seamless story, and they do not mind giving their time for that. Interviews have become indispensable to the wedding films now, because, how can there be a good story without someone (the couple itself) narrating it to all?

Therefore, with concept, the duration too has changed.  It feels redundant if the film goes on beyond a certain time. The shorter, the better.


Today’s wedding videographers often use filmic techniques (think flowing compositions, dramatic music, and wide-screen shots) to make the video even more dynamic. Effects that were once prohibitively expensive are now much more accessible, and the results are wedding videos that feel more like feature films than ordinary home videos. Isn’t that just perfect for your extraordinary nuptials? From Pre wedding ceremonies to Post wedding ceremonies there are many wedding cinematography trends to follow in 2018.

Lip Dubs:  This is something that gained a lot of popularity in the last season and has a potential of growing and seeing more. Make your friends and family feel like pop stars. The most important piece of advice we can give would be to just have fun! The whole point of having a lipdub video is to capture the quirky aspect of your wedding. Be yourself, enjoy the day & let go when you lip sync to the lovely songs.


Unconventional Couple Portraits: We can go for things beyond convention here. How much of the same romance are we going to capture? Trying new stuff is always trendsetting. Add in 3-D Photo Montage Show in it and Voila! You have your one-of-a-kind keepsake. That said, if you're looking for a bit of entertainment that will awe your wedding guests, this could prove to be well worth the money.


Polished Sangeet Performances: We see such neat dance performances nowadays, choreographed so deftly like some film dance performance. Imagine how much better it is going to look if shot like a dance sequence in some movie.

Bloopers: This something that has potential to set trends for this wedding season. Throughout your wedding day, there will undoubtedly be a number comical or endearing moments that a videographer will capture on film. Whilst these moments are typically discarded when editing the footage, by piecing together all of these moments into a separate video from your wedding video, you and your guests will be able to look back fondly at all of the hilarious moments that took place on your big day and share your laughter with your friends and family. After all, everyone loves laughter.


Find the Filmmaker Who Comprehend Your Dream Vision

First and foremost, all technicalities aside, make sure you and your cinematographer(s) get along on personal level. This is paramount.

Secondly, there should also be some common ground for both your creative sensibilities. You got to understand and respect the creative aspect of the ones who are creating your memory. Sure, you can be critical of it but not being supportive and understanding will lead to a drab finish.


Thirdly and this one is quite decisive a point – Have a budget in mind, an upper limit but don’t be too rigid about it. If you feel you’re getting exactly what you want in a price slightly higher than what you had decided, be free to go for it. Every cinematographer has a particular shooting style, and asking him to calibrate according to your spectrum will only result in a decayed quality of work. Hence, you must be aware and comfortable with his shooting style, plus the results.

Know your own style and how you want to look in your wedding film, and then start skimming through different cinematographers’ works.  Go with the one whose style and tone you identify the most with. Work in a systematic way. Sit down and shortlist a few cinematographers first, and then depending on their quality of work, work ethics, professionalism, personal behavior, narrow down to the best one. It’s always a good idea to take recommendations from your friends and relatives.


As there has been advancement in the wedding films, consequently, in the package options and the terminology also. Understanding everything that comes in your package will help ensure you aren’t disappointed later. When your filmmaker sends you examples of what comes in your package (Instagram teaser, trailer, full edit, etc.) make sure to really watch each example and be sure it’s the type and amount of coverage you want!

And as the saying goes, ‘If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a talking picture worth?”Ultimately, Your wedding video is yours to create, so talk to your wedding videographer about how your wedding site’s layout can present opportunities for amazing video footage, such as in the wedding venue gardens, pool side and more. Happy shooting lovely peeps!

Still can’t decide on whom to pick from plethora of wedding cinematographers in Delhi NCR? Let us help you CLICK HERE!

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