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Wedding bonding: daddy and his princess

By Richa

No matter how close or far, a daughter’s bond with her father is a holy one which needs some kindling especially when the daughter gets married. Let’s see what you can do for each other when the time comes!

When he holds his daughter in hands for the first time, a father’s heart starts to ponder over the day when he has to bid his little angel a goodbye. A father-daughter relationship is a blend of friendship, protectiveness, possessiveness and care for each other tirelessly. A father is always on his toes when it comes to the wishes and safety of his daughter. He is always ready to run lengths and breadths to fulfill his daughter’s dreams irrespective of his financial status. In our country, where on one hand, daughters are considered as a burden, there are fathers who make their daughters their strength and treat them no lesser than they would treat their sons. When the wedding bell rings their life, the chaos of preparations hides the sentiments of both father and the daughter in a closet, which should be opened in the most beautiful manner. In this article, we wish to unfold how a father and daughter can unveil their emotions to each other when comes the time which is always dreaded by a doting father – his daughter’s bidai.

How can a father make it special?

It is true that a father spends a major part of his fortune to arrange for his daughter’s wedding but is that all what is required? Don’t you think he should convey his blessings and love by going an extra notch further? Well, to make that happen and become the most memorable memory for a girl’s weddings, fathers can do the following and again become the superhero of his lovely child’s life!

Recollection of old gifts— A father can put all his gifts and cards given by his daughter, wrap them in a cute gift wrapper and stick a tiny love note on the top to gift to his daughter. This will leave a deep happiness between them and struck an emotional cord.

Family possession— Family possession not necessarily means property or assets, it means a piece of jewellery or father’s own collection to gift to his daughter in lieu to always make her remind of the family values when she starts a new innings with a new family.

Present her a token of her hobbies— Since a father knows her daughter well, he can present her with something associated with her hobby that holds importance to her. For instance, if she is a reader then a book from her favourite author or a musical instrument if she plays any can be wonderful gifts that can always remind her of her father.

A letter or Poem— If they want to keep it really personal, then an equal intensity of effort is required too. They can take the pain and write her a letter using the words of wisdom and love or even better if you can write a poem for her. They can either mention the best moments you have shared with her or things she taught them or his feelings about different milestones in her life since childhood.

Experience— A father knows how emotionally tolling a wedding is with all the processions and then the girl going through hectic parlour schedules and rounds to the boutique. A father can ease his daughter’s burden by presenting her with an experience. For instance, depending upon his pocket, he can book a weekend at a resort or send her on a vacation to a destination which she always wanted to visit.

What a daughter must do?

For a daughter, her father is a king and she deep down aspires to marry a guy who is, if not similar, but close to her father’s nature. For her, her father is the first and the closest encounter with a man in her life. It isn’t unfair if she wants to see a reflection of her father’s personality in her future husband. It isn’t a comparison she makes but she lurks her husband to at least match the unconditional affection a father holds for her or she admires the way her father treats her mother and wants that bond in her relationship too. On her wedding, a daughter can opt for the similar gifts as above or she can give her father a gift of words and thanks. As every parent-child relationship, a father only expects righteous behaviour and a sense of gratitude towards them. A daughter can pay her gratitude in extending kind words and a beautiful promise to take forward her father’s teachings and legacy further.

It is very important for both of them to be vocal about their feelings and give as much love to each other at such a delicate time when the daughter leaves her nest to build herself a new one. We hope you share such beautiful moments with each other before the distance creeps in. Happy Bonding!


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