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Wayouts To Avoid A Honeymoon Disaster

By Shalini Mukherjee

A honeymoon is a very special time. It should be beautiful, exciting, and romantic. It is a special time together before you go back to the real world - work, responsibilities, and married life. Honeymoon Couples who fail to research hotels properly or fail to plan or use a honeymoon travel specialist may end up with honeymoon disasters. The little details may turn into big disasters. You never know what could happen, so it’s better to be prepared in every aspect to make your honeymoon go smoothly.

1. Ensure to select your honeymoon destination together, considering both of your preferences. Make a list of what you imagine would be the perfect honeymoon and then compare the lists. Because you can't always plan for weather issues, plan the best of your situation.

If you have the money in your budget, spend a little extra on a room upgrade or a nicer hotel. If you have a tight budget, look at what sorts of bargains you can get and be creative. Some of the most romantic moments can be done with a small budget or free. Try to come up with these before you go, so that you can be prepared.

2. Research and more research to get the best: Websites can sometimes be deceiving or lack information. Don’t let those beautiful pictures lull you into a false sense of reality. You definitely don’t want to arrive at that “dream” location to find out that you can’t swim in the local water because the currents are too strong or the water is murky and unhealthy! Go for an expert knowledge and consideration. Also try a Google image search for additional photos of the resort and area.

3. Food & Sickness: Prevent having stomach-aches or diarrhea on your honeymoon. Find out if you can drink water at your destination. Food and water can be contaminated with diseases such as cholera, typhoid or hepatitis-A. Ask your doctor about anti-bacterial pills to take daily in foreign countries to help prevent diarrhea. Different locations vary on this precaution, so research yours.

It is important to find out if there are necessary or recommended immunizations for your honeymoon destination. If you're honeymooning in a foreign country, you have to find out if you will be able to eat the food and drink the water, and plan to get the appropriate immunizations and shots. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a great source of related information related.

Once a couple stayed at an expensive resort near Mexico, complete with tons of activities and a honeymoon suite package. However, they both got horribly sick shortly after arriving. The bride said she woke up with stomach pains so bad she was in the fetal position the entire day. While waiting for the bus to the airport they sat down at the bar where the noticed the bartenders washing the glasses out with tap water and no soap - the same water they'd been told not to drink. They realized that every glass and dish they'd used was probably contaminated. After reaching home, they had to go on medication and were still sick for another week. But be sure not to be the next one!

4. Need of Travel Agent: With easy internet booking and rates that almost seem too good to be true, many people think it unnecessary to use travel agents. But consider twice before trying doing it yourself. Couples who use travel agents tend to have less problems while traveling and get everything they've requested, often times including room upgrades or special service. Since many travel agents have special relationships with hotels, they can help you get great deals and packages. They also have extensive knowledge of the area you're thinking of - so you don't end up honeymooning in the tropics during hurricane season, for instance. Bottom line is use a travel agent and you'll have fewer surprises.

5. Passport Dilemmas can be a pain: If you need a passport, order it well in advance. If you already have one, make sure it’s current. There are cases where people got on an international flight with an expired passport by 1 week! Further leads to trouble.

6. Proper Packing: Don't over pack. Make sure you have enough time to pack so that you don’t forget important items. Purchasing items at your destination will usually be more expensive, depending on where you’re going. Not to mention having to spend useless time searching for what you need. Start packing at least a week in advance.

7. Protect from Theft: Those stories of wallet snatchers aren’t made up. Before leaving, take out any unnecessary items from your wallet, especially extra credit cards that you won’t need. When out, put your money and identification in a money belt or in your front pocket, protected by your hand. Open bags are easy targets. This is especially important in crowded areas. Don’t be totally reliant on room safety; there are many stories of couples’ items being stolen. Put locks on bags while you’re out of your room and use the safe. Try not to bring too many valuables with you. Leave your expensive jewelry and wedding ring at home and sport a fake. Make photocopies of every document you bring, and write down international phone numbers (not toll-free numbers, which won't do you any good abroad) for all your credit cards and banks.

8. Finally, no matter what HAPPENS have a wonderful time and enjoy your time together. Something is always bound to go wrong, but your attitude can have a vast effect on whether that incident becomes a joke or a cranky demeanor. Take lots of photographs & also, tell everyone you’re honeymooners, you’ll be surprised what little extras will come your way.

By doing all that, you're well on your way to avoiding a honeymoon disaster. The overall lesson is to stay positive and stick it out together.

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