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By Richa

Will you be wearing a watch on your wedding day? Maybe or maybe not. It’s a question struggling to get an answer. To make things easier, plan your wedding presents the latest trends in watches.

Wedding season is upon us, which means brides-to-be are in the midst of perfecting every detail, from their dress to their jewellery. “Can I wear a watch on my wedding day?” This unanswered question will definitely strike in the minds of (maybe not many but at least a few) Indian brides-to-be.
With the hefty jewellery and blingy dress, the idea of donning a sophisticated watch on the wedding day sounds somewhat frivolous. “Conventionally, Indian brides and watches are not a match made in heaven. There are so many Indian designers who make the experience of making something customized—clothing or jewellery—fairly easy, but this service is not readily available for watches. Watch customization is possible but is quite expensive.” says Chinmay Shah, designer at
The idea isn’t that you’d need to check the time but that it acts as another wedding accessory. But anyway, isn’t the idea, of counting down the minutes untill you meet your groom, move for the sacred saat pheras, or the wedding night, quite cute?

However, soon-to be bride, Nidhi Wadhwa, 27, a Delhi based journalist, opines, “I would not wear a watch on my wedding day because it will be hidden under my chooda, so there is no point wearing it.” Chooda is considered as a sacred symbol of a girl getting married or being newly married in many Indian communities. Donning the wedding chooda is believed to bring in prosperity and fertility to the married couple, so automatically it becomes an inseparable part of all marriages. This is why, the choice of wearing a watch, or any other wrist jewellery for that matter, takes a back seat for the bride; in fact not just on her D-day but for a few months or a year, till the time she gets the chooda off. “Nevertheless, I would definitely love to buy a luxury watch instead of another diamond set to add to my wedding jewellery collection, because I cannot wear the set everywhere but a watch will be my daily friend,” Wadhwa added.
Let us have a look over the latest bridal watch trends. This might help you find the perfect watch for your wedding day or maybe for later.

Bracelet Style Watches

As bracelets are always adored by ladies, charming bracelet style watches are great for women who’re going to get married soon. And after all, after the wedding, it is all about flaunting a new bridal look; why not do so with the bracelet style watch? These would accentuate any attire that you would be wearing (whether a lehenga or a saree) and you will get to flaunt a killer look with most party dresses as well.
Vintage watches

Why not seek out a vintage watch from an antique store and get it fixed (do not forget to ask the story behind it; sometimes, they are even prettier than the watch itself). Look for untarnished styles in silver for a real antique feel.

Silver wrist watches

Discover the real elegance of silver wrist watches this wedding season. You can effortlessly incorporate the chic and smart look of a designer silver watch with your wedding outfit. You can go for these types of watches to match any outfit you would wear after the wedding too.

Rose gold watches

Rose gold bridal watches have a more sophisticated and refined appeal. They are basically designed for the young and bold who want to look trendy on and after their wedding. These watches appear in a combination of silver and gold, and are one of the most voguish watch trends.

Bronze wrist watches

Bronze bridal wrist watches are unique and stylish than other wrist watches, and come with a graceful front for a refined look. Wearing a bronze wrist watch with any traditional or western wedding attire would enhance your beauty and will look stylish for years to come.

Gold wrist watches

Weddings are always special and gold wrist watches will simply take your look a notch up. As golden colour is always in trend for women, your bridal look will be absolutely stunning with a gold wrist watch. They are extremely intricate and appear in delicate designs.

There might not be many brands and designers in India offering bridal watch collections exclusively, but there are a few manufacturers like Titan, Sonata and Timex (collaborated with ace designer Tarun Tahiliani and launched jewelled watches a few years ago) who offer exquisite designs for women which they can adorn on their big day as well.

Couple Watches

A combination that you probably thought never existed in contemporary watch making is a rage this festive season—couple watches. The trend is surprisingly catching on, as every major brand is coming up with couple collections. The range is picking up and getting popular, more so with the festive and wedding season around the corner! Some of these watches may not have necessarily been intended as a pair combination either! But if you ask us, coordinated watches are a much more personal, thoughtful way to define the new beginning of your unique relationship. Plus they make great gifts for special occasions, any day over clichéd gifts.

Picking a watch is like picking a husband. Buy a right one and you’ll keep it forever, but buy a wrong one and you’ll want to change it soon (just kidding). Anyhow, Indian brides now prefer to make their own rules and customs. And of course, they are the leading ladies of the event, so they should have the ultimate right to choose what to wear and what to avoid on their wedding day.

If you think about it this way that wearing a luxurious jewelled bridal watch on your wedding day can act as two accessories in one, then the concept of wearing a fine timepiece on one of the most memorable days doesn’t sound very bad; does it? It may not be the most traditional wedding accessory, but as high-end luxury watches have become increasingly glamorous, the notion of pairing one of these fine timepieces with a wedding dress may not be so preposterous after all. In the modern era, wrist watches hold a vital place which can complete bridal attire for woman.

A bridal watch can become a timeless gift that in no doubt will go hand-in-hand with all the memories associated with the wedding day.

If you are tying the knot soon (or even later), then please feel free to shop for everything that you might need. Whether to go the traditional way or bend the rules a little, it is all up to you; so, choose wisely, all you beautiful ladies.

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