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Vintage Cars For Your Wedding

By Swati Khatri

The word ‘vintage’ has always grabbed attention. The groom ditching the ghodi and stepping out from a 1940s Mercedes or the bride getting into a 1930s Rolls Royce setting in motion a vintage vidaai – these days the vintage value can be attached to your wedding wheels. Plan Your Wedding explores this further.

Picture Courtesy: Deneb & Pullox

Vintage is something that is antique and aristocratic. One can say when this term is associated with a product or event it increases its value. So why not attach a vintage element to your wedding? Yes, an Indian wedding which has all the colours of a celebration is not left behind in regality and elegance in any way. The distinct element that adds that extra class to your wedding is a vintage car. Delhi based Krishan Mohan, Owner, Deneb & Pollux says, “A vintage car adds charm to your wedding as it is seen as something that was once in the reach of only the elite class. And the luxury it provides is unbeatable in every sense.”
Imagine a groom coming to the venue in a 1930s Buick or a bride bidding goodbye to her family in a 1940s Mercedes! It is not a dream anymore many couples are opting for such an indulgence, as all it takes is a phone call to a professional vintage car hire service. And what next, you will be riding a 1920s Rolls Royce for your baraat. With the rising demand of these cars, there is a growth of many such professionals to match up with it. The USP of these professionals is that they have a wide variety of vintage cars which have been preserved in their most possible original forms. You can expect a two door 1930s Ford with many of its parts that are still original.
The Real Vintage
Initially only the cars manufactured from the period of 1919 to 1930 were said to be vintage. But in a broader sense these cars range from the years 1919 to 1950.The technology of these cars was built as per the roads of that era. So no other epoch of car manufacturing matches these classics. This was the time when some technological features like hydraulic brakes were introduced in cars. The most unique feature of these cars is their opulent and classy looks. It may be a two door vintage, a station wagon or an open car with a bulging front part. Whatever it may be its distinctive look makes it look special.
Something that should be noted here is that when one cherishes a vintage s/he doesn’t just cherish a vehicle but the story behind it. A car with a rich pedigree has more value attached to it. Many vintage cars in the market today were owned by the maharajas and the viceroys of the olden times. Delhi based Dilraj Singh Pannu, Director, Pannu Car Rentals Pvt. Ltd says, “Many of these cars must have belonged to the people of rank of the bygone era. The thing that adds value to a vintage is that it is an old vehicle in a well-maintained condition.”
These cars are also rated on the basis of their rarity – the rarer the car the more expensive it gets. There are many cars which have only a limited number of models left today. Also the more number of original parts a vehicle has the more will be its value. Udaipur- based Dharam Prakash, Owner, GVW Rent a Car says, “A vintage car is the one which still has many of its original parts intact. Even if these parts are replaced the replaced parts replicate the originals in every sense.” In some rare pieces most of the parts of the vintage are original. Some of the vintage cars for you to checkout are Chrysler CM6, Buick, Dodge Brother, Ford V8, Ford B model, Chevrolet Phaeton, Eagle, Rolls Royce and many more.
The Vintage Craze
The present time sees a lot of craze attached to all things vintage. And when it comes to wedding every bride and groom want to make it special. It will be a delight for a groom to reach his wedding venue in a vintage. Krishan Mohan says, “Earlier the trend of using a vintage was only in abroad but in the present scenario this concept is becoming prevalent in India too. These vintages are rapidly replacing the old ghodi and baggi in a wedding.” Jaipur-based Abdul Rashid owner, Rent a Vintage adds, “The demand for the use of a vintage car in a wedding is increasing to a great extent. An open vintage is often used for the baraat and a closed one for doli.”
Many brides dream of having a grand vidaai. This means she wants to be escorted in a luxurious vehicle when starting a new life. “A vintage makes one feel that s/he is travelling in a vehicle which once may have belonged to a maharaja. To add onto it a chauffeur dressed in a royal dress truly makes you feel like a king,” says Delhi based Sanjay Sharma, Head Business Development, Marketing and Operations, Golden Trinetra. To this Krishan Mohan adds “Now it’s not only the rich and famous who can afford these cars but anyone can experience this royalty by hiring them.” The best thing about hiring a vintage is that you can experience royalty without breaking your bank. This experience starts just from something around Rs. 30,000 and can go up to Rs. 2,00,000. Imagine riding a vintage at the cost of one of the parts of this car.
One thing that can’t be argued upon is that these rare and cherished cars will be a delight for anyone who is getting married. These are the pieces that will create the magic of the bygone era to your matrimonial romance. And whenever you will look back and see your wedding pictures you will be able to relive that vintage magic. It will be great narrating a vintage story to your kids!
To book a vintage for your wedding contact:–
Deneb & Pollux: Contact Person: Krishan Mohan, Ph: 9650274447, 9871389222,
Rent a Vintage: Contact Person: Abdul Rashid, Ph: 9414072786,
GVW Rent a Car: Contact Person: Dharam Prakash, Ph: 9214061237,

Picture Courtesy: Deneb & Pullox

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JaxonSmith [ 08 May 2014 ]
Useful information shared..I am very happy to read this article..thanks for giving us nice info.Fantastic walk-through. I appreciate this post.