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Using Perfumes Deodorants and Colognes

By Sarabpreet Kaur

With summer heat expanding its grip in the city, keeping body odour at bay is a challenge everyone faces. Here’s a lowdown on the basics, application tips, and confusions related to body fragrances with a guide especially for the grooms-to-be. Make sure that all you men smell nothing short of fantastic this season!

A little extra of the blink with a mischievous smile! Awestruck by your fragrant aura, this could be the expressions of your ladylove and maybe even the other ladies in the vicinity (who knows!) when you perfectly smell like a dream. Forget the awkward body odour, you may soon be sweeping everybody off their feet by your captivating scent. Find out the way to creating timeless first impressions and grooming your personality by simply smelling good at all times.

Mostly, all body products for repelling body odour and extending a lingering fragrance are alcoholic solutions of fragrance oils in multiple proportions and different grades of alcohol. Dr. Latika Arya, consultant dermatologist, cosmetic and laser physician, L A Skin & Aesthetic Clinic, informs, “The higher the concentration of fragrance oil, the longer the fragrance lasts” to help you wisely choose among different products as per your need. Clarifying further, she says, “Cologne, which comes as a spray-on liquid, containing alcohol and distilled water as a base, is a 3-6 per cent solution of fragrance oil in a 70 per cent grade alcohol. Deodorants, that come in solid, gel, roll-on liquid and aerosol bases, are 6-15 per cent solution of fragrance oil in an 80 per cent grade of alcohol. Perfumes usually contain 15-25 percent fragrance oil in pure ethyl alcohol. The fragrance of perfume lasts longest while eau-de-cologne lasts for the shortest span of time.”
Deodorant controls and repels the growth of bacteria, causing body odour, on the skin surface, and it also contains perfume for a pleasing fragrance. Highlighting the difference between regular deodorants and anti-perspirants, Arya says, “anti-perspirants reduce the amount of sweat released to keep the armpit dry and comfortable. They also help to control the growth of bacteria. This, together with the effect of the perfume, means that they work as effective deodorants. Hence, anti-perspirants are usually labelled as anti-perspirant deodorants as they perform both the functions.”

Arya suggests applying colognes on the pulse points, back of the neck, chest or arms to create an aura of scent for daily use. Colognes have more refined fragrances with more complex olfactory notes such as woody, spicy, herbal and oriental scents. Deodorants are used to avoid the odour produced by perspiration in feet, armpits and other parts of the body. Thus, they are rolled on or sprayed over the parts of the body where sweating is likely to occur. They are ideal to be used when one is heading for physical outdoor activities.
“Deodorants should be used, right after a bath, mainly under armpits. However, in hot weather, people like to use colognes as they lend an aquatic and fresh fragrance”, adds Debabani Guha, national trainer, learning & development for L’Occitane.
Perfume, being an intense fragrance, is unanimously suggested by the experts as a product that must be applied on special occasions like parties. Spray them on the pulse points for maximum effect.

It is almost like a mandate for the groom to complement his look with a nice fragrance. Going back to basics is the trick here. Ensure to take a bath with a fragranced body wash, the night before and thoroughly ‘wash your entire body, paying special attention to the area behind ears, the back of your neck and armpits , your inner thighs, and feet’, as Arya puts it. Shampoo and condition your hair as well. Arya also shares that the best time to put on your antiperspirant is the night before as it gets a chance to get absorbed in the body.
On the D- day shower well, just before getting ready. Apply deodorant or antiperspirant, especially if you experience excessive sweating. And ‘put talcum powder into your shoes’, as Arya suggests.
“Splash cologne all over yourself or if it's perfume, spray it on the pulse points, that is, on your neck, behind your ears and on your wrists. You can also spray perfume on your clothes but with a caution to not to overdo it”, adds Arya. Following these regimes will ensure that your body radiates enchanting fragrances and not foul odour of the sweat on one of the most special days of your life.
Bringing focus to the concept of ‘fragrance layering’, Guha says, “It is the secret to long-lasting fragrance. Build up layers of the same scent by ensuring that even the daily grooming products, like shower gel, aftershave balm, moisturising cream, etc., carry similar or even same tone of fragrance. Each layer reinforces the impact of the other to quadruple the life of the scent. Layering is also a clever way to wear the fragrance that is too overpowering for daytime use.”

Arya helps us get rid of the common dilemmas in regard to body fragrances:
Gas v/s Liquid debate: Gas is an aerosol spray. Its dispensing system is such that it creates a fine mist of liquid particles. The pressurized gas is used to propel liquid out of a metal can in gaseous deodorants. There are several health concerns surrounding the use of aerosols; most typically, related to inhalation of the chemical spray. Moreover, the gas propellants are combinations of hydrocarbons, primarily butane, propane and isobutene, all of which are highly flammable. Liquid, on the other hand, has a simple pump system. Depending on the type of nozzle in the pump, liquid deodorants create mist, spray or stream of liquid. Pump sprays are as effective as aerosols and do not utilise propellants or any other chemicals to dispense the product, and there are therefore no health or environmental concerns surrounding their use.
To use talc or not: Talc isn't really a substitute for an antiperspirant. It merely absorbs wetness while antiperspirant actually stops the process of sweating. Powdering can also get messy and leave white streaks on your clothes. If you sweat a lot, you might end up with unsightly clumps of powder.
Can changes in lifestyle help? Sometimes deodorants and perfumes cannot alone provide relief to the problem of sweating. Untill and unless such choices and physical conditions that lead to bad body odour, like wrong eating habits, lack of exercise and excess body weight, are given attention and improved upon, the problem cannot be tackled.
Arya informs that sometimes even professional help is needed. She says, “For controlling excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), one can go for botox treatment from a dermatologist which proves to be a long lasting and more effective solution. New laser treatments are also available to reduce excessive sweating and help in controlling body odour.”
It has become common for us to rub the wrists right after applying a perfume. Guha suggests avoiding it. “Wait for a few seconds after applying a perfume on your wrists, without rubbing them. Give the fragrance the time to bloom on the skin”, says she.

Well, smelling pleasant isn’t very tough but somehow it doesn’t get the kind of attention it deserves. Its time deodorants, colognes and perfumes become your wardrobe essentials, and you always feel refreshed and comfortable whilst, intentionally or unintentionally, impressing everyone around you. Just be classy and always remember to not to overdo it!


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