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Unique Ideas for Your Phoolon Ki Chadar!

By Palak Bhalla

The beautiful bride walks with utmost grace towards her groom and the brothers make sure she is always under the umbrella of happiness. At their sister’s wedding, this is what you can do to make her ‘walk down the aisle’ special!

Wedding begins, fun and anxiety accompany it and the saga of marital bliss starts. The bride and the groom tie the nuptial knot under the blanket of stars but much before that, the bride enters the venue under a blanket that is beautifully decorated just like her dreams. Usually, it is a blanket of flowers but with the changing preferences of the people, the wedding objects are becoming more innovative and artistic these days. Although, the arrangements are done by the event managers or wedding planners but there is no hard and fast rule wherein you can’t customize or arrange for your own phoolon ki chaadar or simply the chadar. This chaadar holds a special importance on this day. It signifies the righteous teachings and affection with which the bride has been brought up. So, without much ado, let us acquaint you with the various colourful and creative options for this canopy apart from the conventional flowers. Read on!

The Umbrella: One of the options for the canopy for bride is the skeleton of an umbrella decorated with flowers and pearls. One person can hold the umbrella over the bride. The flowers can vary from marigold, roses, lilies, mogra, etc. Ornamental hangings can also be used to enhance the decoration.

Gold Mesh: Instead of a floral chadar, opt for a delicate golden wired mesh which gives off shine in bright lights. You can cover the boundaries of the frame with flowers and pretty tassels. This will also be very light weight and can assist you well in carrying.

Woven Flower Mesh: Talking about meshes, even a woven mesh with bright coloured wool looks pretty if you don’t want to handle something delicate as a golden mesh. You can beautify this mesh by adding flowers and hanging mirrors.

Pom Poms: Colourful thread balls or popularly known as pom poms look really pleasing to the eyes owing to the vibrant colours oozing cuteness. With pom poms, you needn’t add other elements as the entire chaadar filled with pom poms is enough to decorate it.

Kaleeras: Kaleeras are a part of Hindu and Punjabi wedding traditions but their demand has grown across the country. The phoolon ki chaadar is decorated with kaleeras in many parts of India. Kaleeras as a décor element has gained popularity due to the awe it creates.

Dupatta: Using a beautiful dupatta, preferably from your mother’s wedding dress is a sweet option with a tint of emotions attached. It will definitely make your guests slip into the admiration mode while creating a special memory for you and your mom. But you can go for any pastel colour along with polka dots and flowers. You can also opt for a beautiful zardosi and tilla chaadar as it will add the royal touch to your wedding entry.

Lights: A chaadar clad with colourful lights over a plain cloth or white lights over colourful cloth is a bang on idea if your wedding is more on the funky side than formal or the bride is cocky. For more inspiration you can check out Yeh Jawani Hai Diwani, a bollywood movie where Kalki enters her wedding venue under a lighted chaadar.

Beads or Pearls and Threads:
Beads and pearls are an all season decorating elements, so, a phoolon ki chaadar decorated with white artificial pearls and hanging flowers is a sober and pretty option. Thread tassels can be used instead of flowers which can flow like chimes and look pretty. You can also add bells to the end of the hanging embellishments to create a tinkling sound while the bride walks towards her groom.

Zerbera: Zerbera or daisy flowers are very beautiful and stand apart from other flowers in terms of usualness. The uniqueness lies in its limited use. You can create a chaadar with two or three contrasting zerbera flowers which look really pretty and girly. You don’t even have to fill the chaadar with a lot flowers, a string of beads or pearls can be used and zerbera flowers can be placed at a distance with each other.

Phulkari: Phulkari chaadar itself is donned with heavy and colourful threadwork and can be used as phoolon ki chaadar without adding other embellishments to it. The other benefit of using this, for those who carry the chaadar, is its light weight.

Don’t compromise on your bridal canopy because just like you get married once, you walk under this beautiful chaadar just once. From emotional point of view, the importance this chaadar holds for the bride and her parents is also expressed better when she walks down the aisle like an angel carrying the love and teachings of her parents on her petite shoulders. So, choose your chaadar wisely and look beautiful under the canopy of your dreams!


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