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Unique Ideas for Wedding Favours

By Sheen Jain

Don’t just check another item off your to-do list. Get inspired and make your wedding favours memorable…

Image Courtesy: Letsgetweddy

The festivities of Indian weddings are so much more than a simple ‘I do’ ceremony.  Coming back from a wedding with the crowd favourite box of assortment of Indian sweet and savoury snacks has almost, much like hiding of the groom’s shoes, become a tradition. This ‘mithai ka dabba’ was unwrapped with an enthusiasm of a birthday present. Things are changing though; the ‘mithai ka dabba’ isn’t that anymore, it is a wedding favour now.  Slowly but surely though, this tradition is being ditched for newer and trendier wedding favours that cater to the tastes of the modern wedding guest, who is savvy and has a taste for the finer things in life. Here are few of the trends that are taking the wedding favour industry by storm!

Life Is Too Short to Give up Sweets! : Indians have an unforgivable sweet tooth and moving on to newer things doesn’t mean leaving sweet things behind altogether. Older sweets are being ditched for the trendier and gourmet ones. Surbhi Singhania of ChocoWishes says that, “young couples-to-be look for artisan edibles that can be customised as per their requirements.” She further adds that, “crossover products like ‘Brookies’, a combination of brownies and cookies, although a new concept are being grabbed like hot cakes and are one of their more popular products.”


Condiment’al: The smell of spices, pickles and jams always takes us back to our childhoods, when our mothers and grandmothers made them by hand and were nothing short of delicacies for us. Replicating this sentiment a lot of couples are packing pickles, preserves and spreads. Niharika Bhargava from The Little Farm Co., says that, “even though the market is inundated with bottled pickles produced in an assembly line, seasonal and handmade pickles and preserves are preferred over them. The Mandarin Orange marmalade is the most highly requested product of ours not only as a wedding favour, but also as a welcome treat for guests at destination weddings.”  For the more health conscious guests, they do trail mixes and an assortment of mixed berries as well.

Bottoms Up! : Who doesn’t love a bit of liquid courage? You can never go wrong with liquor and a little bit goes a long way in making things run smoothly, even wedding favours. Instead of the traditional bottles of wine, scotch or whiskey their cute, miniature versions are all the rage! The answer to all your problems might not be at the bottom of a beer mug, but the mug itself might be a solution. The typo store, an online gifting portal sells not only miniatures but also customised beer mugs, shot glasses and hip flasks.

The Green Revolution: Weddings are a time of new beginnings and prosperity, and what better way to spell that than with plants. Veeraa Mission deals exclusively in all things plants. Ajay Sethi of Veeraa Mission says that, “plants signify strengthening bond overtime, because unlike most gifts they are everlasting; indoor plants not only beautify your space but serve as constant reminders of a joyous occasion.” He further adds that, “plants like bonsai and air purifiers like Peace Lily and Pothos are much in demand.” The climate conscious, the nature lovers are all in for this trend and for those who don’t have a green thumb there are succulents, all the beauty none of the maintenance!


Aromatherapy: Have you ever been to spa where they treated you with a lavender oil bath? Do you remember how relaxing and aromatic that was? Give your guests the chance to recreate that at home. Essential oils are all the rage right now, as they should be. Based in the discipline of aroma therapy, essential oils carry a multitude of benefits along with their hedonistic scents which put you right to sleep. Tea Tree essential oil with its anti-acne and anti redness properties is gaining up to the ever popular and classic lavender. Brands like Blossom Kocchar’s Aroma Magic and Rupal Shabnam Tyagi’s Wikka Potions Aromatherapy offer a wide range of essential oils which can be given as wedding favours. If you feel that is tad bit risky, they also do skin care and other grooming products with equally relaxing aromas; you can never go wrong with that.

Here’s looking at testimonials from some couples who changed up their wedding favour style and gave their guests something to remember…

Nishant and Nikita with their green drive: The couple met each other unlike most other couples, at a plantation drive to increase Delhi’s green cover. They are both passionate nature lovers and everyone who knows them, knows this. For their wedding favours they gave out succulents because they don’t require a lot of maintenance and are a perennial gift.


Vikas and Shelley the health nuts: Both Vikas and Shelley maintain healthy lifestyles even with their extremely hectic schedules and wanted to extend the same to their attendees. So in a bid to be healthy, they gave out packs of trail mix and dried berries that are delicious and healthy!

Aakash and Namrita and their bouquet of Jack Daniels: The couple decided to have a very small wedding with only a couple of their close friends and family, but wanted to splurge a little on the wedding favour. So all their attendees got a bunch miniature Jack Daniels’ put together like a bouquet!

Make your wedding memorable in more ways than one for all your guests and not just another wedding to attend.

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