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Trendy Wedding Invites

By Richa

Your wedding is unique and special, why should your invitations be any different? Our experts spill the beans on the Invitation trends to watch out for in the wedding season 2017.

Manic trousseau shopping, flowers and fairy lights, food trials, sangeet practices and then, before you know it, your once in a lifetime day arrives! And it all starts with the wedding cards. The invitation is the gateway, a preview, to your Big Fat Indian Wedding. If there is something that every family treasures for years after the wedding, it’s the wedding invite. It really is that special. Over the last decade, wedding invites have evolved to be a lot more personalised, quirky and thoughtful.

We've got few details you need to know about this important piece of your stationery right here. Read on!


With a tease about the wedding theme–Move away from generic invites and try opting for innovative theme and concept based invites. The theme can be absolutely anything that is very personal: a story very close to the couple’s heart, an illustration or motif depicting something special to you or your wedding destination. Having a beach wedding in Goa? Add some shells to the invite, or send your invite rolled up in a bottle with sand in it! Having a farm wedding? Pack dried flowers and leaves inside each invite!

The only limit is your imagination – They don’t always have to be cliché, talk about the next-level creativity – and you can make your traditionally printed wedding stationery relevant to the digital age with augmented reality and without losing its touch and feel. We mean - invitations that can transform into board games like Ludo or fun puzzles, invitations that can be seen clearly only through the 3D glasses that come with it, your customised view master invite, or scratch card save the dates.


"I met Ramya in a park, when I was eight, and she was playing alone with her cootie catcher in a corner.  I married my childhood sweetheart. We wanted to make our wedding as personalised as we could, and hence, no brainer here that we made cootie catcher wedding invites. Everybody just loved them,” shares our real groom, Sujoy Bhattacharyya.

Take the idea of personalisation a notch higher! Create an everlasting impression by using hand written, calligraphic or cursive fonts in your invitations. Scan, incorporate and print yours and your fiancés signatures to sign off on each invitation. Take out a little time and try to hand write notes and tags wherever possible. We predict going old school this season will definitely make your invites trending and the talk of the town.


Innovate with cuts and folds – No matter what your choice of material for the invitation is – paper, wood, silks, jute, or even a combination of all, try out interesting folds and cuts to add multiple dimensions and layers to your invitation design. Laser cut is a good option and can easily be executed on paper, board, acrylic and wood. If your budget doesn’t allow this, then add layers by opting for embossing, debossing or even 3D electroplating on thick textured paper. Another trend you can experiment with this season is pop up cards and origami! Imagine opening a card with a 3D pop up of a gorgeous tree inside, with hanging cut outs of birds and butterflies! Made you smile instantaneously, didn’t it?


Moody colours – This season tone down the contrasts and play with refreshing complimentary colour palettes instead. Opt for cream and pale golds, instead of stark white backgrounds. Also, we expect to see a lot of the colour green in invitations this season! The colours in vogue globally are a combination of very earthy colours such as beige, cream, hazelnut, pale wood colour, pale blue, forest green, moss green with a pop of either a chirpy yellow, mango orange, flame orange or a deep pink. If you are in a mood for something bold then go with deep plum or dark navy. Jewel tones are a perfect choice for fall and winter weddings. Keep the look wedding appropriate (read: not too dark!) by adding a bit of brightness by way of ink colour or a punch of metallic.


Art lies in the details– This season is all about creating a WOW! factor. Try putting a contemporary and modern spin on a traditional Indian art form, for instance. Experiment with a modern way of depicting Mughal miniature art and architectural elements for a Royal themed wedding. Think along the lines of laser cut of Indian paisley motifs, 3D pop ups of hand painted elephants or a dolior even see through cut outs of jharokhas and arches with curtains created out of fabric.


Play with watercolours - These invites are awash in hues highlighting the wedding's colour palette--whether vibrant or muted. The most popular types of watercolour invitations can range from - abstract designs, brushstrokes in sweet shades of pink, yellow, and orange, to floral illustrations, botanical wreaths, bouquet of anemones and hand-drawn stripes.

Everyone loves a little surprise – Don’t shy away from having some fun with colours and shapes. Use colourful envelope liners with bold contrasting patterns inside your otherwise plain envelopes. Think bright florals, colourful Indian block prints, chevron patterns and gold polka dots for envelope liners to add a personal touch. Go big on experimenting with different shapes for your wedding inserts, such as elephant or lotus cutouts. Introduce other geometric shapes like hexagons or circles strung together, instead of sticking to regular square shaped insets.


Technology to the rescue – For a practical and functional approach, try sending out E-invites and Whatsapp invitations. You can still have a fun and quirky concept based invitation designed, while saving big on paper and printing. Over the last two years, E-invites have become exceedingly popular amongst our tech savvy and environmentally conscious clientele and it is bound to be trending through the upcoming wedding season for all the right reasons.


What to know before you shop for invites: The one thing you must remember while creating your invitation suite is to keep the look coherent with your wedding-day design plans. Oftentimes, wedding vendors will refer to your invitations as a source for design inspiration, so ensure that you're setting the perfect ‘mood’ with your design. Incorporate textures or design motifs that you'd like to see throughout your wedding day.

About the Author(s) - Ratna Desai and Shreya Banerjee, co founders at The Wedding Studio by Oh!SoBoho India.


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