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Trendy Sleeve Designs for Women

By Richa

We understand how important your look is for you and thus, we try to cover all the aspects that will help you land with the perfect dress, makeup and accessories. Here, we bring to you the latest trends, dos, and don’ts when it comes to choosing the right sleeves for you. Read on!

Image Courtesy: craftsvilla

Whether you are a bride or a bridesmaid, looking ravishing is indispensible and for that you spend hours and weeks shopping to put together all the elements of your wedding attire perfectly in place. You go for wedding shopping and buy a beautiful dress for yourself. Not only the dress but matching footwear and accessories also find a place in your shopping bag. You come home and try it on again, to see if it really is what you wanted, only to find the sleeves looking out of the place or you realize that for your seasonal needs, it isn’t apt. We might not pay much heed to the sleeves part of our attire with much dedication but a bad sleeve choice robs your dress off its charm. It is true that sleeves do not influence your dress choices but to give your attire a character, sleeves are very important. Read on to know what type of sleeves can make you stand out and which might ruin your look.


What’s Trending?

Fashion doesn’t wait for anyone; it changes as soon as an idea strikes a chord with you and makes a place for itself in your wardrobe. With every season, new trends come into play and clothes see the fastest changes. Here are some sleeves types which are going to rule in the year 2017:

Ruffles – When the fabric is gathered and sewn to one place making the fabric appear as frills is what ruffle sleeves about. These look chic if you are wearing western or indo western attire. But ruffles at the end of straight sleeves are more in trend now.

Raglan – When a single fabric extends upto the neck, it forms a raglan sleeve. These are uncommon when it comes to Indian attire but look really fabulous when used in kurtis or suits.


Bell – These are shaped like bell the end. Bell can start from the armholes or can begin towards the end of straight sleeves. This kind of sleeve was quite popular a few years ago and is now back in trend. These are good to go with a variety of Indian, western and indo-western attires.

Gusset – These sleeves can be any sleeves but with an added piece of fabric at the armpit area to give an added character to the top part of the dress and the sleeves. These are good to go in blouses to other traditional and western dresses.

Bishop – Bishop Sleeves have been in the market from quite some time now. These are much wider from the shoulder side and gathered at the wrist line. These are pretty in and are going to stay for long. Blouses in this sleeve style look great.


These are the trends, which come and go repeatedly but there are styles, which are evergreen and safer to opt if you are not so sure about going a little easy with these differently styles sleeves. These are:

Puff sleeves – These are short sleeves gathered at the top, cuff, and full in the middle. These give you a retro look but look pretty especially when used in blouses.

Cap sleeves - These are not sleeves but more like a cap on the shoulders and look superb when used in blouses or kurtis.

Full sleeves - These are all time in. You can wear them in any season and use in any attire. These are the safest rescuers if nothing comes to your mind.


Quarter sleeves – Just like full sleeves, these too are all season sleeves, which look stupendous with kurtis and blouses. In western attires too, these look amazing.

Cut Sleeves – Well, if it suits your body type then no sleeves is the best options with which you don’t have to really worry about the style and trends. These never go out of fashion.

“This season sees a variant sleeve length in both Indian and western attire,” says the ace designer, Amy Billimoria, about the trends doing rounds around sleeves, she further adds, “Sheer sleeves with embroidery detailing in sequined flowers, all over jaals and placement motifs can be used to highlight the ensemble. Single colours are best suited if you are playing with your sleeve silhouette. All details should be monochrome as mix and match or print on print may look too overpowering.” This doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot experiment with contrasting and complimenting. Nowadays, nudes with teal blues and deep maroons are in fashion. Silver detailing is also in vogue. Sleeves with a cascade or ruffles on one side and off shoulder on the other are trending too,” comments the virtuoso designer, Ritika Arya Jain.


Sleeves for Your Body Type

If you think that choosing a sleeve style is enough for you to look dapper then you are definitely forgetting the thumb rule of fashion, “Fashion is what suits you!” To ooze your charm, you can choose any of these sleeves and be carefree about your look for the event but if it doesn’t suit you then your selection goes in vain. You must ponder over which sleeves suit you and which don’t. Read further to know which sleeves are meant to enhance your grace and which you need to let go off!

According to designer Ritika Arya Jain, this is how you can choose the perfect style as per your body type:

Broad shoulders – Women with broad shoulders as it is face enough issues with them coming across as wide frames. For such women, cap sleeves seems to be the best option as cap sleeves just give a character to your blouse instead of enhancing your shoulders which a wide as it is. These body types should always opt for inverted triangle shaped sleeves. Broad shouldered women should avoid halter neck, off shoulders and thin straps.


Slim shoulders – If you have slim shoulders, then going sleeveless is a bang on possibility. Your thin frame gives you an advantage over others when it comes to choose clothes for you. So go bold and let your hair down with those hot shoulders showing off the sleeveless blouse.

Heavy top – women with an hourglass figure have a heavier torso and narrower lower portion. Women with such body type must focus more on the fabrics they adorn instead of style. Of course, styles like cap sleeves are a strict no but they can adorn other styles in plain blouses with lightweight fabrics like georgettes, Chiffons, crepe and satin. You must avoid embellished fabrics, large prints, and heavy fabrics.

Small Busted – Women with a straight figure and small bust are in for a gala with plethora of options for them with rarely any restrictions. They can very well experiment with different styles in fabrics like velvet, tussar silk, brocade, etc.

Voluptuous Body – This body type is marked with an oval frame. Women with this body type can carry full sleeves or quarter sleeves without a tint of hesitation but they should avoid puffed sleeves, spaghetti straps and bell sleeves.


At the end of the day, your charm is going to speak for you. With a bright smile and perfectly in place wedding dress, nothing can stop you from looking like a diva and awe the ones around you. Just pick your perfect dress with befitting sleeves and you are good to go. Happy Dressing!

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