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Trending Wedding Themes of the Year

By Richa

Yours won’t be just another cookie-cutter wedding- here are our top ideas to make your wedding a standout celebration.

You know you want your wedding to be truly unique, personal, and memorable, but you just don’t know where to start. You have so many ideas running around your head, but none of them seem to work together. Finding a starting point for your wedding decorations is often all you need to do for all your wedding theme ideas to fall neatly into place.

Over the years brides have tried to recreate their own version of a royal or celebrity wedding. More recently theme ideas are taken straight off a Pinterest board. However in 2017 brides are focused on creating their wedding in a way that showcases who they are. We picked the brains of three top wedding planners for some suggestions on how to incorporate the different ideas into your own design.

“Fashion changes every season, style are inherent…By the same definition; weddings are classic and timeless in nature. It’s an once-in-a-lifetime celebration with some mandatory requirements. Try to move away from that for the sake of differentiation and one slip into the realm of gimmicky. Our clientele invariably tends to be international and well-exposed; they prefer to shy away from mere ‘statement-making’ and are most particular about the overall hospitality and guest experience. Infusing the sensibilities and expectations of the host families brings the uniqueness and ‘X-factor’; its far more endearing and appealing than a mere theme,” says Aditya Motwane, Director, Motwane Entertainment & Weddings.

Every year, weddings seem to demand more and more newness and novelty. Last year themes like soft metallics and quirky ideas ruled the roost but now they are being replaced by gentler ideas and interesting decor — a kind of conscious and deliberate way forward to keep things subtle, chic and unique. So as we move towards the future of weddings, we took a long look at the themes that will soon dominate Indian weddings and realised that, while newness will always be a big draw, it is the execution of these themes that will rake in the brownie points — slow and steady is the way to go. And the biggest trend this coming wedding season will see, is the emergence of order and minimalism — across categories. To not go overboard with decor but spend with more intention. So take a look at these in-vogue themes that we think will take over the upcoming wedding season and make your notes.

Ms. Trupti Lalwani, Founder, Exotic Wedding Planner gave us lowdown on few of the trends to follow: 

Greenery – Go Eco — Today many couples are getting conscious of the environment and prefer eco friendly weddings. When choosing a venue they want a lush green open venue which has lot of greenery, and natural light and thereby saving lot of electricity used in the décor and lightning. The invites are being printed on eco friendly paper. Many couples have in fact stopped printing invites on a paper and prefer sending invites on whatsapp/mailers or websites.

Destination Weddings — Destination weddings are getting more and more popular. Gone are the days when people use to invite 1500 – 2000 guests for their weddings. These days lot of couples preferred booking an offbeat location like a private island, or a boutique hotel for close friends, relatives, and guests for 2-3 days. One can pamper their guest with welcome basket loaded with lot of goodies, personalised notes, return gifts, tattoo, massages, and spa. Depending on your location you can choose from wide range of activities. Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan are among few of the premier places for destination weddings in India. One can also plan a wedding by the backwaters and accommodate guests In house boats with personal chefs.

Beach Weddings — Most Indian couples want a grand wedding which breaks away from the monotony of their work life. India offers excellent beach wedding destinations like Goa/Kerala. So bring out the adventurer in you as we travel across the diverse terrain of India to find that perfect wedding destination! Nothing can beat the experience of exotic marriages with the backdrop of beaches flanked by the gleaming blue water.

Desert Weddings — Udaipur has recently acclaimed as ‘the best place in world’ by ‘Travel and Leisure’ magazine, it appears to be superior to any other destination in Rajasthan when it comes to choice for a place to get married. Jodhpur has its own magnificence, splendor, and class… name it, and you find it in Jodhpur. One can have air-conditioned tents, desert safari, camel safaris, and spa in the middle of a beautiful desert.

Rajwadi Theme — Rajwadi theme weddings are organised in a traditional way where one gets a feel of traditional eras, maharajas and the maharanis. The perfect combination of the colour/food/mandap can set the tone for the Rajwadi weddings.

Bollywood Theme — This is one of the most popular and evergreen theme which is very popular across all the generations, and the reason being everyone likes to be a Bollywood star even if it’s just for a day and in this theme one can experience what is it to be like a Bollywood star in India. One can give a good modern look with illuminated shining chandeliers, modern interiors, and glamorous decoration. The wedding invites can be done in a creative way on the lines of any popular Bollywood movie. To make your wedding more entertaining one can have a sangeet night before the wedding with Bollywood award night theme where each guest is dressed up as a popular Bollywood star.

Rustic Chic — Rustic isn’t so rustic and green anymore this coming wedding season. It got a chic makeover and it’s as modern and contemporary as it can get. Plants on tables decorated with lamp shades or cakes with real fruits and flowers – these are just the tip of the trend. The idea is to go the ‘glamping’ route – turn a rustic outdoorsy activity into a glam one with the addition of modern amenities.
Personalised wedding — Modern and Minimalistic – Modern weddings with minimum things can also look very classy. It’s all about balancing and creating the personal look according to your taste.

Boho Themed Wedding — For people who aren’t really big on conventional wedding themes and are looking for something frugal, your prayers might have just been answered. Bohemian wedding style is the new norm. Nature is as intrinsic to a bohemian wedding style as carefree attitude. Marigolds are replaced by baby breaths and quirky prints with bold hues, chai glasses with old-school kettles, poster-ed walls with stained glass separators and embellished heels with sneakers.

Dreamy Fairytale Theme — The dreamy fairytale theme is all about pure romance. The true beauty of love, affection, and softness is reflected through this wedding. It is one of the most popular wedding themes as it has the perfect amalgamation of simplicity and pure romance. From candlelit ceremonies to receptions lit by crystal chandeliers, this beautiful trend will melt your heart. This theme will give you a feeling of a prince who is marrying his beloved princess.

For more hip and happening themes follow the link:

While Ms. Tejveen Kaur, Creative Director, T ‘zires says, “This year we are working on themes, more related with led lights, fresh fruits and floral fabric. And also on few themes which intricate pastel shades with beautiful floral lace lanterns. We can say that vintage weddings never go out of fashion! But the new trend in vintage is to go all Marie Antoinette with a twist – so use Indian desserts in a French way or add florals on bird cages in a smarter way. Keep romance on a more even keel with floral walls and mirrored additions.”

Choosing the Wedding Colour Palette

Choosing your colours theme for the wedding is a big part of the planning process. Once you have your wedding colours, all the other stylistic decisions are easy. The inspiration for your wedding palette can come from anywhere. From subtle to saturated the choice is yours.

Pastel blue is making a strong comeback! From pale blue drapes to blue flowers in your hair, your ‘blue’ can now be your theme.

  • One can start by choosing 1-3 colours which you love and which inspire you. Then one can add 2-3 colours that are complimentary and gel well with the selected colours.
  • Rustic – Rustic colours are very trendy these days with pastel shades. Brides are opting for gemstone tones and shining lights for a stunning effect.
  • Bright Colours – Orange is an unexpected wedding colour but one cannot go wrong when it’s clubbed with right colours. The warmth and richness of bright colours will portray fun and festive season.

— Inputs by Ms. Trupti Lalwani,
Founder, Exotic Wedding Planner

On the other hand Mr. Motwane said, “Weddings are about festivity; colours serve as key elements that bring this spirit to celebration to life. Any permutation/combination of colour schemes can work; the key is how and where you apply it, to blend and to highlight. Mere trend-herding means you’re ruling out an entire universe of options outside; thereby, you’ll never optimise.”

Whether you are planning to propose or even if you have already proposed, you have to plan your big day, why not take a look at some of the best wedding themes hitting the scene at the moment and get inspired.
But the wise man Mr. Motwane deems “we do not believe in themes; rather, we focus on the fundamentals. The wedding parameters like budget wedding, destination wedding, personalised wedding, or eco-friendly wedding co-exist and are interlinked. You need to define a budget, preference of locale, personalise it, and ensure that you meet your eco-social responsibilities as a global citizen. What we’re always particular about though is innovation, in terms of exploiting the inherent qualities of the destination and ensuring a natural fit with the larger vision of the Host families. That’s the turning point - when the Ordinary transcends to the Beautiful.”

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