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Trending Mehndi Designs for Your Wedding

By Richa

When it comes to Mehndi designs, anything fresh and new is always welcome! We keep you updated on the latest Mehndi designs and trends, and here are the new ones to follow in 2017. Take a look!

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Talk of body art to an Indian woman and the first thing that comes to her mind is mehndi. Mehndi is not just a natural form of ‘temporary tattoo’ or skin decoration; it is a glowing symbol of our rich cultural heritage and our valuable traditions. Henna is a very significant part of Indian customs and traditions. In Indian weddings, the bride flaunts lovely mehndi designs on the hands and the feet. Therefore, we know! You want your bridal mehndi to be super special, something that means something to you or something that is YOU, right? So we'll end the confusion for you right here! Here are the coolest ideas about how you can personalise your bridal mehndi. Take a look and get inspired because some of these ideas are next level awesome!

Your Wedding Motif in your Mehndi

This comes from a personal experience; I had my wedding motif, which was a beautifully decorated infinity symbol with me and my partner’s name in it, incorporated everywhere in my wedding – from wedding cards to my mehndi. Include your personalised motif anywhere in your mehndi and make it a cherished moment forever.


Your Magical Proposal Story

Did you get a proposal to cherish and remember all your life which deserves to be made timeless? Then getting it on your bridal mehndi is a great idea! It's a super cute and totally trendy way to flaunt your proposal story among your friends and family!


Gift of Words for Your Groom

Your favourite quote, a verse, a poem or your own creative expression – whatever it may be that you want to dedicate it to your soulmate, just write it down with that mehndi cone on your arm and make your partner go ‘aaawww’ with love.

Your Colorful Love Story

Boy met a girl, they fell in love, they kissed and lived happily ever after. Imagine the precious moments of your love story and get them etched on your hands with the mehndi. It's as personal as it can get, and if minimal is your thing, then give this a go!

An Object That Has a Special Significance

Did you both met on a plane or your love story started with a coffee or you both have a thing for dream catchers, include them in your mehndi and give everybody #majorrelationshipgoals, if you  may.



One for the Tech Savvy Bride

Get your wedding hashtag included. #WedLongAndProsper #NoddyandNayra111717 # OneHaleOfaWedding etc. etc. include your persdonalised wedding hashtag in your mehndi and be a total talk-of-the-town bride among all.

Your Portraits

This one is a bit tricky but if done perfectly well then you’ll have the memory of your lifetime. All you need to do is find a brilliant mehndi artist with amazing sketching skills. Make sure beforehand that he will be able to draw both of you exactly because of course you don’t wanna look like a cheap version of your doppelganger. It’s better to take a trial few days prior to your wedding in this case, just to be sure.

Etch Each Other’s Name

Yes, this might be an old one but still the fave one among many. It's not uncommon to see a groom's name on a bride's hands, but it's very cute when the groom returns the favour too! So, indulge your groom also for this one and look super cute in all the adorable pictures, flaunting your love for each other.


Nerd Alert!

Are you movie, cartoon or a video game fanatic? Then get your favourite character like minion, noddy, or even Game of Thrones dragon etched on your hand. Because why not! It is your special day, and so, everything has to be something that defines YOU completely.

What Else Is Trending In the Art of Mehndi, You Ask?

If you are a bride-to-be, these tidbits are just for you. Mehndi is an age-old tradition that rules the heads and hearts of females at large. Indian women are crazy about getting their hands and even other body parts tattooed with henna. With changing times, this art has also undergone a big change with permanent tattoos and other forms of temporary tattoos becoming super popular. Let’s check out the various facets of henna designs!

• Mehndi on the other side of the feet - It's all about applying henna or mehndi to the soles of the feet rather than on the side that faces up, which does photograph beautifully! If you aren't a big fan of Mehndi or want to do something differently, then this is a cool idea! You could even get your bridal mehndi on both sides of the feet!


• Bring sexy back with back mehndi. Whether it's a simple one or an intricate design, back Mehndi looks pretty damn gorgeous! This especially works well if you plan to wear an outfit that's backless, has a scooping or deep back.

• So you may have seen all the gorgeous mehndi designs with baraats and mythical characters made on them, but with brides going minimalist – there is a new trend emerging! We call it – Jewelled Mehndi. Mehndi that looks like jewellery to capture the real essence of elegance and heritage at your wedding.

• What a long name for a mehndi design you say? Lace Glove Henna is also a new fad in mehndi designs these days! Looking pretty and pretty sexy. Remember those vintage-y cool lace gloves and half-gloves western brides wore for their weddings? We got them all reinvented into mehndi designs that imitate them.

• Another hot new rage is called ‘white henna.’ It has not yet hit India in a big way – but it’s good to know the real deal when the trend hits us in full force! The thing about white henna is that it’s not the same henna in a different hue- it comes with its own design and understanding and mostly, it’s not the same ingredient.


• Brides looking for extra bling can choose to add beads and gem stones to their mehndi design. Available in different shapes, sizes and an enormous variety of colours, these add-ons make boring mehndi motifs look alive and vibrant! Keep in mind to choose a skin-friendly adhesive that’s long lasting, as you definitely don’t want to be worrying about the beads and stones falling off during your celebration.

• If you still aren’t able to get a good colour or you’re in a hurry and want the instant gratification of something super high-contrast, maybe consider trying a metallic henna-style tattoo. They should up beautifully on darker skin tones and are easily applied and removed!

We simply cannot get enough of Mehndi (nor can our brides), so brides-to-be feel free to get inspired. Book your finest bridal mnakeup artist in Delhi and paint your brightest and quirkiest mehendis this upcoming wedding season!

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