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Top Beauty Tips for Healthy Hair This Monsoon

By Editorial Desk

The downpours can play havoc on your hair, leaving them tampered and out-of-control. However, you know you don’t need to worry when you have us. Right? So, our expert Samay Dutta, Director, NOIR at The Chanakya is here to help you!

Monsoon is just like a rejuvenator after excruciating summers. The season brings in fresh breezes and oozes out warmth from the ground. This weather demands extra care for skin and hair. Very humid and combination of what hot and dry makes it unpleasant sometimes. Monsoon makes your hair look out of control and frizzy. Rains are loved by all and so the weather demands extra care for your tresses. Excess humidity during monsoon, causes more hair damage than on normal days. Samay Dutta, Director of one of the swanky and best salons in Delhi, NOIR at The Chanakya has some handy beauty tips for you.


  • Hair masks can work wonders, especially during wet season. Coconut oil and honey may sound odd, but the combo provides wonderful nutrients to the hair. One should add these ingredients to their hair care products like masks or make your own DIY masks out of these natural ingredients.
  • Consuming omega 3 and vitamin E is another healthy option to keep those tresses long and strong.
  • Wet and tied hair catches more dust. Always pat dry, even if you enjoy getting drenched in the drizzle.


  • Avoid tying up your hair, tied hair retain more water and make limp up there in head.
  • Always try to cover your hair, because the rainwater is sometimes acidic and can cause damage to the hair.
  • Apply conditioner to the hair tresses, to restore the natural conditioning in your hair, as during monsoon the scalp becomes oily. (Conditioner should be applied on the hair strands instead of scalp)


  • Get soft and silky hair, by giving your hair a free beer delight. It gives more volume to your hair and makes those tresses feel light and wavy.
  • Monsoon makes the scalp itchy and scratchy; one can also use neem oil to prevent dandruff and itchiness.


The above hair care tips mentioned can be used throughout the year to keep your lovely locks healthy but a little more effort is required during monsoons.


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