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Top 5 Candid Wedding Photographers in Delhi NCR

By Richa

Finding a candid wedding photographer you are comfortable with is the key! Therefore, we are presenting top five professionals you can count on any given day.

Do you love organic and natural photographs? If so, then candid wedding photography style is what you should opt for to depict your love tale. This will capture your wedding moments and the genuine look of your special day, such as emotions and reactions, or even just the overall pure demeanor of your celebration. Furthermore, when choosing your wedding photographer it is essential that you not only know their art form and skill level, but also their reputation, their work ethic and their personality.


Thus, Plan Your Wedding shortlisted top five professional candid wedding photographers in Delhi NCR, who have mastered the art of capturing raw emotions as they unfold on your big day.

Silver Circle Photography – Among the most sought after wedding photographers in Delhi NCR, Silver Circle Photography, will capture the dreamy essence of your D-Day in a sophisticated form of photography. The experts will make sure that they capture those moments that you, most importantly, will remember forever in your heart and never imagined could be captured on camera. Be confident and know that they will provide you with timeless, beautiful photography.


Silver Circle Photography

Hashtag Affairs – Mastering the skill of being unobtrusive wedding photographers, they work hard to capture a balanced mix of styles from candid to elegantly posed.  Experts at Hashtag Affairs believe that grimaces and awkwardly held smiles of posed camera work can make almost any photo look revolting. That is why; they prefer to opt for an effective unobtrusive approach that will result in a natural, relaxed set of images. Not only that, you will have a wedding that isn’t dominated by the photographer!

Hashtag Affairs

Dee Color Producers Pvt. Ltd. – They use the latest top of the line equipment in order to guarantee the best quality photography. One of the features of Dee Color Producers Pvt. Ltd. team that they are very passionate about documenting the uniqueness of each and every wedding as it unfolds, and ensure the emotions of wedding couple as well as family and guest, spontaneous moments.

Dee Color Producers Pvt. Ltd.

Bhumi and Simran Photography – Located in Delhi and working here for more than five and half year now, the dynamic duo aims at reaching a degree of subtle sophistication in their work. They are brilliant, passionate photographers discretely and unobtrusively capturing the moments of your day from start to end - the big gestures and the intimate special moments.


Bhumi and Simran Photography

Mahima Bhatia Photography - Mahima Bhatia is a Delhi based photographer, who believes in capturing weddings in a natural, candid and documentary style. So, you can be rest assured that she is not going to interfere or boss you around and dominate your relaxed and fun wedding day. Dedicated to her craft, she is someone who can blend in to your day and tell your story naturally, creatively and unobtrusively. Someone who you feel comfortable and relaxed with.

Mahima Bhatia Photography

No matter what type of function it is, candid moments can be captured any time. Thus, candid photographers usually run a lot from one place to another and with super heavy gear, so that they get the same scene from various angles to have a wide variety of pictures; also by using different lens to shoot same scene can tell a totally different story.

Carrie Patricia Studios

Why get a candid wedding photographer, you ask? Million of moments happens during  a wedding, which the wedding couple and family members often miss seeing as most of the times  they are busy with wedding rituals, hence to capture these beautiful moments it always advisable to book additional candid photographers at weddings,  so that you get to see all those precious  moments later on.

Are you confused about what are different styles of photography? CLICK HERE for better understanding! 

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