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Top 30 Honeymoon Destinations in India

By Richa

Plan your wedding presents to you a mash-up of 30 famous and not-so-famous honeymoon destinations in India. Just pick up the most fascinating destination and let love do the rest for you.

Finding a perfect place, to celebrate their marriage in intimacy and seclusion, can be a tough task for the newlyweds, especially when on a budget. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be London or Switzerland for the Indian couples. There are some mesmerizing places in our own country to choose from for that traditional post-wedding holiday.

Udaipur– explore India’s ‘Venice of the East’ with your beloved

A honeymoon trip to the ‘most romantic spot on the continent of India’ can be hardly described in words! Besides the gleaming Lake Pichola, with ochre and purple ridges of the wooded Aravalli Hills stretching away in every direction, the popular tourist destination still has its magic in fantastical palaces, havelis and countless narrow, colorful streets that add the human counterpoint to the city’s natural charms.

Kovalam– embark on a sunset ride in a beach town

The idyllic honeymoon destination Kovalam aka paradise of South India has been described as a haven of peace and tranquility in God’s own country. Get swayed away in each other’s arms on the three curve-shaped beaches that are alienated by stony outcroppings, which provide the perfect setting for you to enjoy some ‘just us’ time.

Goa– unwind in swaying palms and Portuguese rhythm of Goa

Goa is one of the most ultimate honeymoon spots in India, which is blessed with numbers of natural beaches, heritage monuments and famous Portuguese buildings. Make your partner feel your tenderly emotions while enjoying romantic walks in city with a Champagne morning breakfast, or enjoy night beach parties, water sports, parasailing, and wind surfing with your life partner to make your honeymoon tremendous.

Andaman & Nicobar Islands– soak up the sun and love

Andaman and Nicobar Island is the gateway of romance with exotic environment, top-notch hotels, tourist privacy, superior dining, and lot of adventurous sports and water activities, which make it one of the perfect destinations for honeymoon in the world. Let the silver sands and azure waters of Andaman cure both of you with a sting of romance and passion.

Alleppey– at times, silence talks more volume of affection

Alappuzha, still more romantically known as Alleppey, is the hub of Kerala’s backwaters, home to a vast network of waterways and more than a thousand houseboats. Plan your honeymoon trip to one of Kerala’s most mesmerizingly beautiful site and allow silence do the talking for you!

Pondicherry– celebrate your union the ‘French way’

If peace and a break is the most sought after, then Pondicherry is surely one of the choicest holiday destinations in South India. Here you get to add a pinch of French essence, which the city is known for, to your honeymoon and make every moment of your holiday memorable.

Darjeeling– snuggle in the serenity of vibrant green hills

Darjeeling conjures visions of snow peaks and a land of breathtaking beauty crowned by the majestic Himalayas, which will make both of you love each other even more. Enjoy the trip with stunning views of the emerald-green tea plantations, Mt Everest and the enthralling Kanchenjunga Peak.

Srinagar – redefine your relationship

Take a shikara ride in the stunning Dal Lake, visit the many colorful gardens and fill your honeymoon with the most lively and dreamy moments! Well, when in Srinagar, words can’t just define the experience; you need to feel it!

Ranthambore– ignite your wild passion with Tiger Safari

If you and your partner are inclined towards the nature or the fascinating wildlife, then planning your honeymoon in Ranthambore National Park would be a clever choice. In the evenings, stargaze around campfires and retire in luxury camps while peering into the mist-shrouded rainforest from bed will surely make it for an amazing honeymoon trip.

Coorg– romance in the ‘Scotland of India’

The misty valley of Coorg makes for the perfect honeymoon destination as it will add more colors to your divine relationship with its evergreen locales and scintillating hills. Fondly referred to as the Scotland of India, elite resorts nestled into its landscape offer couples an unparalleled window into the Coorg's lush flora and fauna.

Gulmarg– the canvas of nature awaits love strokes

The snowy meadows of Gulmarg await you to bring all your romantic emotions to life! The alluring charms of the snow-clad hills and adventurous activities like cable car ride, trekking and skiing, outlooks any other honeymoon destinations in the country.

Kumarakom– add a little amount of relaxation to your honeymoon trip

It is your Honeymoon and you and your companion needs privacy, luxury and security. So, sail through the silent backwaters of Kumarakom, relax in a houseboat and blend your honeymoon with plenitude of peaceful moments along with the tenderness of romance.

Ooty– nature is the finest host to start a new life

Spend some quality time with your beloved in the stunning beauty of the Nilgiri Hills, adorned with pleasant climate. Ooty is undoubtedly one of the best honeymoon destinations in the country, as it is quaint, yet mesmerizing.

Munnar– feel the romance in the evergreen hills

Feel the love and romance in you grow more and more while on a honeymoon trip in Munnar! The hills, the mist, the waterfalls, tea plantations, rare flora and fauna… everything here makes for the perfect recipe of a unique and romantic honeymoon.

Nainital– begin the love journey in pristine nature

Situated at the foothills of the Kumaon Himalayas, Nainital also boasts of being one of the best getaway destinations in the country. With attractions like the Nainital Lake, Naini Peak, Tiffin Top and others, honeymoon in Nainital is all about cuddling each other in the lap of nature.

Kodaikanal– breathe the love air

Embrace the love between the two of you and mark the most romantic beginning of your life in the enchanting destination, also described as ‘The Gift of the Forest.’

Ranikhet– win over her heart with all your care and affection

Relive the folklores that states how a Raja Sudhardev fell in love with the gorgeous Rani Padmini and finally won her heart! Make your partner feel like the queen of your life and give her all the reasons to give her heart to you!

Tawang– love, bliss and paradise in the North-East

Seek blessings in the holy Tawang Monastery, take a helicopter ride with your better half, enjoy local sightseeing and get engrossed in several other amusing activities. If both of you are amongst the adrenaline buffs, you must take a road trip through the country, rafting, angling and trekking in Tawang.

Lakshadweep Islands– where emerald beaches romances the turquoise waters

What can be more wonderful than to hold each other’s hand and take a walk along the emerald beaches of Lakshadweep Island! As you both take a step forward, let the turquoise water waves bring both of you closer than before.

Daman & Diu – Embark on a romantic sunset ride

Daman and Diu is a less travelled but gorgeous honeymoon destination, with its silent beaches. It will introduce both of you to the captivating world of togetherness. Promise each other a world, where morning brings in new hopes, faith and unconditioned love!

Shimla– add essence of purity in your sweet new relationship

Shower the new beginning in your life with the essence of purity depicted by the white snows and take a romantic stroll along the Mall Road, which is dotted with shops and eating joints. Popularly known as the ‘Queen of Hill Stations’, it is a favored destination for honeymoon vacationers.

Manali – get naughty in the snows

Have a rendezvous with the snow-capped peaks, romance the untouched exquisiteness of the nature and fall in love with each other amidst the delightful greeneries. To make your honeymoon livelier, take your better half for skiing and sightseeing.

Leh & Ladakh– thrill & love… get the best of both worlds

Blend in love with adventure and your honeymoon trip is sure to be one of the most treasured moments of your life. And if both of you happen to be adventurous souls, Leh-Ladakh will bring you closer with all its intriguing offerings.

Auli– rejoice the memorable occasion of being together

Auli in the Indian state of Uttarakhand is well-known for the fascinating ski resorts and stunning natural vistas. Witness the grandiosity of the snow, fall in love with the stunning hills, scenic plains and get closer to each other.

Khajuraho– where love and passion are worshipped

Get charmed with the art and sculpture of the past and cuddle each other in the most passionate ways! Khajuraho is one such place where love and passion is worshipped at every corner.

Dhanaulti and Mussoorie– enjoy the company with all the peace of mind

All that it takes to make honeymoon more unforgettable is peace of mind, quality time with each other and a wonderful climate! Plan your honeymoon trip to Dhanaulti in Mussoorie and you will find all these in one place.

Shillong– know your partner in the abode of clouds

Low-flying clouds in the lap of the Mother Nature, astonishing waterfalls and mesmeric beauty of the hills make for the perfect honeymoon backdrop. Go for caving or a ride through the winding roads around the city to make your newlywed days magical.

Pahalgam– become a wanderer with your partner in the majestic land of valleys

No matter what, but no other honeymoon destinations in India can overlook the charisma and appeal of Jammu and Kashmir. Enchanted with scenic meadows, spectacular mountains, appealing forests and stunning rivers, ‘The Valley of Shepherds’, one of the scenic offerings of Jammu and Kashmir, takes the pride of being a heaven for honeymoon trips.

Sundarbans– get closer to each other in the wilderness

If the gripping beauty of the wildlife makes both of your hearts skip a beat, the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve in West Bengal must be your honeymoon destination. Natural home to the Royal Bengal Tigers and several other exotic wild species, you will enjoy every single moment in the region.

Jim Corbett National Park– for the most enthralling honeymoon experience

From the stay to a safari, the surreal vegetation to wildlife spotting, you will never have a dull moment during your holiday in the yet another primal honeymoon destination.

From picturesque beaches to tranquil mountain hideaways, India has an abundance of post-wedding getaways. You’ll also find hotels just as stunning as the places they’re located in, which will definitely make your honeymoon trip a terrific one.

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