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Top 15 Candid Wedding Photographers in Delhi NCR

By Sarabpreet Kaur

Here’s presenting a list of the best wedding photographers, videographers and cinematographers in Delhi NCR. Scroll down to up your knowledge about the top lensmen for weddings, and treat your eyes with some amazing clicks.

Weddings mean much fanfare, elaborate celebrations, exquisite ambience, once-in-a-lifetime moments, and families and friends, dressed to impress! Such beautiful sights and experiences deserve being captured in pictures and videos, so that they are relived again and again. Here comes the need to hire professional Photographers, Videographers and Cinematographers for weddings.


Marriage Photographers, in Delhi NCR, provide a wide range of services and packages to suit varied requirements. The era of a few pre-planned poses and tried-and-tested postures for portraits is long gone. Today, Candid Wedding Photography is the trendiest among all. Besides, designing the wedding albums and films is far from being a run-of-the-mill activity. The current style is to showcase the couple’s journey and story in visuals, which only professional camera persons can do.


As demand for Professional Wedding Photographers is rapidly rising, a number of photo studios have sprawled up in Delhi NCR. Most studios claim to provide expert services for candid photographs, pre wedding shoots, portraits, etc. To help you to do away with the anxiety of making sure that you approach just the right photographer, we present a list of top lensmen. 
Check out what the Best Wedding Photographers, in Delhi NCR, have to offer…


Photo Tantra


Photo Tantra is better described as an art studio! Having catered to over 300 weddings in 7 countries, the studio’s oomph lies in the freshness it brings to every wedding album. Their wedding pictures involve not merely subjects but people in once-in-a-lifetime moments. They are perhaps one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi as they beautifully present the love story of a couple via visuals.

Professional Wedding Photography by Photo Tantra
Here, a creative vision seamlessly amalgamates with best-in-class photo techniques and advanced equipment to portray feelings in a raw manner. The graphic story-telling of soon-to-be married couples by Photo Tantra is indeed a treat for the eyes. Interestingly, the owners and the lead photojournalists of the company are a married couple. According to them, their ‘photography style is a mix of photojournalism and glamour photography.’


Avnish Dhoundiyal


Avnish Dhoundiyal, a New Delhi based wedding, product and travel photographer, treats every project with care and creativity. His photography company provides professional services for candid wedding photography and pre wedding photography. Their services are also available for product photography, tabletop photography, travel photography, etc.
Having the experience of covering weddings in New Delhi NCR, Bangalore, and Mumbai, he offers to shoot weddings anywhere in India or abroad.

Avnish Dhoundiyal’s Candid Wedding Photography
According to the company, it is one thing to take pictures and another to create art for the clients. People, who are typically looking for love-filled photographs, much often to display the same in their homes, comprise the major clientele of Avnish Dhoundiyal Photography.


Sharik Verma


Sharik Verma, an engineering graduate, left a prosperous job at one of the most successful MNCs to pursue the passion of photography. He loves that travelling is a part of his job, and perhaps this is one of the major factors that he is regarded as one of the best photographers for destination weddings in India.

Pre wedding and wedding photography by Sharik Verma
Sharik Verma excels in candid wedding photography, which reflects in the interesting and beautifully composed pictures of some intimate moments that he captures during weddings. Besides, he executes fantastic pre-wedding shoots. Once you check-out his work, you would find it hard to resist calling him for an appointment.


Rishabh Sood


Rishabh Sood is one lensman, which will make you go- ‘age is just a number’. This 92-born photographer has catered to several local and destination weddings in India and abroad. His sharp observation and keen interest in capturing fleeting moments has made him an outstanding candid wedding photographer. 

Creative Pre wedding shoots by Rishabh Sood
Rishabh Sood says, “I love capturing the most awaited day in a couple's life and craft it into a beautiful story by anticipating moments and by being quiet, unobtrusive and almost invisible as a camera person.” This speaks volume of his craft, a look at which will leave you smitten. 


Ramit Batra


The attention to detail and the photographer’s almost contagious energy, during a photoshoot, are among the most prominent features of Ramit Batra’s photography. Acting like a sniper, he swiftly uses his equipment to quietly accomplish his goal of capturing moments without any disturbance or formal direction. After graduation from the Army Institute of Technology with a degree in mechanical engineering, he directed his passion for technology towards creating animated films with UTV Motion Pictures. 

Candid Wedding Photographer Ramit Batra
Owing to his skills and technical expertise, Ramit Batra is counted among the top wedding photographers in Delhi NCR.


Suraj Verma


Wedding lensmen should capture special wedding moments sans any interference in the obvious course of events. One such place, where wedding photographs are clicked, edited and developed in the best way, is Suraj Verma Photography. The stress is on highlighting the emotions of the people in the picture. 

Professional Wedding Photography by Suraj Verma
Suraj Verma, the owner, says, “Photography is a combination of consultation, planning and photographic skill. Along with this, one needs a photographer with superb social skills to entice the very best from his subject.” The company, which now ranks among the best wedding photographers in Delhi, was founded in the year 1965. Other than weddings, his services are also available for fashion and corporate events.


Rajesh Luthra


To Rajesh Luthra, photography is an art of observation. He finds the extraordinary in ordinary surroundings. He feels that photography has not much to do with the things you see, rather everything to do with the way you see them. For him, photography is the sincerest form of expression.

Rajesh Luthra’s Candid Wedding Photography
According to him photography is never just about techniques, equipment, cameras or lenses. Rajesh Luthra opines that it is more about the passion to sculpt with love and finish with care. The sincere approach of the photographer has found many a fans as the company is counted among the top wedding photojournalists in Delhi NCR.


Banjaraa Studios


Banjaras refers to tribes that roam around in different places. The company, following a similar ideology, strives to capture and present one-of-a-kind and beautiful pictures, having an element of novelty. 
According to Banjara Studios, random snapshots that are usually limited to facial expressions can more often than not make people laugh. On the other hand, candid shots, based on a variety of photographic techniques, represent a clearly set purpose of documenting the event with a unique vision. Here, the camera person’s approach to pre-wedding photography is non-intrusive and creative.

Excellent Wedding Photography by Banjaraa Studios
For making the clients comfortable during the pre-wedding shoot and the wedding, the candid wedding photographers make sincere efforts to establish a rapport with clients.


Luxmi Studio


Presently regarded as the best wedding photographer in Delhi, Luxmi Digital Studio was founded way back, in the year 1980. For the studio owners, mere creation of a photograph through a technological process does not mean photography. Its essence lies in capturing just the right moment and preserving it. For them, ‘the smile which lights up on customers’ faces when they look at a photograph is one of the biggest achievements.’

Wedding Photography Packages by Luxmi Studio
Having the experience of covering over 5000 weddings, Luxmi Digital excels not just covering local weddings but also destination weddings. They have provided services in Thailand, Malaysia, and Dubai as well as in many cities of India so far. Luxmi Digital Studios has three advanced colour studios, equipped with the best of technology. They have a strong team of over 150 trained professionals. Also, they have an exclusive alliance with German and Italian photo album manufacturers.


Wedding Photography by Atul Pratap Chauhan


To perfectly present the best moments from the wedding, the company creates a storyboard. Wedding films, by the company, beautifully show the highlights of the entire wedding, right from the pre-wedding functions to reception. A mix of emotional interviews is also there. Atul Pratap Chauhan and his team act as a team of conventional and candid wedding photographers. For a two-hour session of pre wedding shoot, charges are 60,000 INR and for weddings, charges are 90,000 per day. Also, cinematography services are available at 1, 10,000 INR on the condition of a three-day booking for wedding and pre-wedding functions.

Wedding Photography by Atul Pratap Chauhan
Atul Pratap Chauhan is a wedding photojournalist or in other words, who has shot over 120 weddings in India and International destinations such as Bali, Dubai and Thailand. Conde Nast Traveller India rated him among the top five dream wedding photographers in India.




A perfect blend of royal panache and family-like comfort, Dotdusk’s approach to wedding photography is very friendly and absolutely non-intrusive. The happy-go-lucky candid wedding photographers of the company effortlessly click pictures of the precious moments of your D-day without creating any hindrances in the natural course of events. Customers vouch for their style of photography and their comfortable attitude.

Candid Wedding Photography by Dotdusk
The focus here is solely in ensuring that the bride and groom turn into the lead couple of a magical love story, Dotdusk creates in terms of exquisite wedding albums and videos.


Soumen Nath


Contemporary Wedding Photography, capturing the essence of your D-day and as a reflection of varied moods and emotions associated with it, is the forte of Soumen Nath. His style is completely unobtrusive and candid. He shoots weddings ‘as is’, or simply put, as it happens. He does not control or ask you to stop or slow anything. Forcing an expression or pushing you to pose in a certain way is a complete no for him. He is one of the best candid wedding photographers in Delhi.

Dream Wedding Photography by Soumen Nath
Soumen Nath’s style of documentary photography is what makes him stand apart from the ordinary wedding lensmen. However, if the couple wishes to get a photographer from the conventional school of thought of wedding photography also, Soumen Nath brings along a trusted traditional photographer.
He also provides low resolution images for ease of upload on facebook and other social networking sites.


Vikram Arora


With over 12 years of experience and amazing artistic sensibility, Vikram Arora has developed his own style of photography, which is natural and emotive. An excellent candid wedding photographer, he loves the fact that one day he shoots a big fat Indian wedding, where everything is so grand, and just the next day, a much smaller simple temple wedding!

Creative Pre wedding shoots by Vikram Arora
He is proud to have worked for amazing couples from different backgrounds. The diversity of the couples, in his opinion, has made him a better visualiser. He loves the fact that the biggest part of his job is to capture true emotions and weave them into stories, the ones which people cherish all their life.


Dipak Studio


Founded in the year 1962 as a small-time photo studio in Faridabad, Dipak Studio has now offices in Delhi and Gurgaon as well. The picture company has emerged as the one that delivers wedding photographs and videos, beautifully incorporating precious moments with a unique flavour. Every member of their team is devoted to document candid and narrative moments to weave a beautiful story. They have covered celebrity weddings as well. Rishi Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan are among some of their high-profile clients. They claim to provide ‘the best in image capturing, the best in presentation, and the best in cinematography’.

Best Wedding Photography by Dipak Studio
With the wide experience, they have, making an appointment to explore the work of one of the best wedding photographers is definitely a good move.


Arjun Kartha Photography


The New Delhi based Wedding Photography Boutique is owned by a married couple, Arjun and Praerna Kartha. Both of them are specialists as candid wedding photographers. With a flair for creating ‘fun’ photos, other than taking shots for portraits, they love binding together behind-the-scenes memories to be cherished forever.

Arjun Kartha Photography for Weddings and Pre Wedding Functions
Arjun is a category winner of the Kodak Wedding Photographer of the Year 2011 award and Praerna is also an avid food blogger.

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