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To Beard or Not To Beard on D-Day

By Richa

Love your beard? Experiment with different styles and see what suits you the best and defines your unique personality. Here’s how you can groom it well, dear groom.

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Big, fluffy scruffy beards aren’t just for lumberjacks anymore. The scruffy look is in style for guys, and even more so, the ‘hipster’ trend has brought back full beards - some well groomed and maintained, some not so much.

The way a groom wears his facial hair on his wedding day can be very important, to the bride if not as much to the groom himself. While the trendy, backwoods look he’s been wearing with plaid shirts and skinny pants might make him look fashionable out and about, that look might not be exactly what the couple wants to see in their wedding pictures 25 years later.

A beard is a mark of distinction, character and absolute ruggedness. There’s no two ways about the fact that a bearded man stands out in a crowd and is perceived a lot differently than all the guys out there.

There are a total of seven distinct face shapes and every groom must remember that and grow his beard accordingly.

Oval faces: Often thought of as the perfect face shape, oval faces are broader at the forehead and more tapering towards the chin, giving them an aquiline appearance. These finely balanced faces are naturally most suited to many kinds of hair and beard styles. The strong, near pointed nature of this type of jaw line, along with the cheeks that aren't too large lend this face type to both the five o’clock stubble as well as a full beard.

Round faces: Round faces are in essence the one that most of us are blessed with. Round faces often entail plumper, fuller cheeks and a slightly less defined jaw line. While these may be accentuated (negatively) by a fuller beard, a round (French) beard on the other hand would draw emphasis away from the slightly weaker jaw line and make it appear more aquiline.

Square faces: Square faces, like their round counterparts can be notoriously difficult to style, considering that they too are pretty standard what with the cheeks, foreheads and jaw line all seemingly straighter and less angled. Just like round faces therefore, a goatee, soul patch and French beard come highly recommended for square faces.

Pear shaped faces: Often called an inverted oval, a pear shaped face oddly tapers at the forehead and is widest at the jaw. While this type of face can be quite a challenge to style in terms of a beard, a helmet strap (continuous, well-manicured linear beard, combined with a traditional French beard) would draw attention to the strength of the jaw and make it seem more angular than it actually is.

Heart shaped faces: Wider foreheads with tapering (more rounded than oval shaped faces though) make up this category of faces. The good news is that just like an oval shaped face, most beard styles will complement this face shape. But it is highly recommended that people with heart shaped faces look at slightly more exotic beard styles like the Van Dyke (also known as the unconnected French, where moustache and goatee are combined but unlike a French beard, their twain remains unconnected.)

These are in essence the most common types of faces and the beard styles that suit them. The most important thing to remember is to trust your instinct, use the right kind of beard products and always follow the guide about face cuts and beards to the tee.

Bearing this in mind, the next step is to ensure your mane is well kept before your big day, we advise nine easy steps to help you through this.

1. Don’t hate, exfoliate: Exfoliation helps rid the skin of dead cells and cleanses the pores, allowing the natural secretion of sebum (skin oils) which in turn help in follicular growth. Clean skin acts as the perfect, fertile medium for hair growth, so just as you would tend to your head of hair, once a week; exfoliate in order to promote better beard growth as well.

2. Frequent washing helps: Exfoliation may be restricted to once a week, but cleansing needs to be a more rigorous process. Washing your face with warm water and a mild cleansing agent, like a face or beard wash is highly recommended. Clean skin is the perfect base for follicular rejuvenation. So simply wash your face twice a day and you’re on the way to being sorted.

3. Patience is always rewarded: Growing a beard out is a long-term commitment. As a rule of thumb, don’t shave, or even trim your beard for at least four weeks. Contrary to popular belief, the more you shave, the less your hair grows. So a little patience will go a long way in helping you achieve your man fuzz goals.

4. Diet your way to better fuzz: Just like sunlight is essential to a plant’s growth, the right diet is imperative for your beard’s growth and thickness. Increasing your consumption of vitamins and minerals like A, C, E and B Complex (B3, B5, B7) have been known to increase the body’s ability to generate hair follicles faster and more efficiently. Adding a layer of protein from both vegetarian and non-vegetarian sources is also advisable. Increase your consumption of nuts, pulses, paneer and lean meat like chicken to really see the difference.



5. Sleep better, be-ard better: One of the most potent elixirs for better skin rejuvenation and hair growth is proper sleep. In a recent clinical study, it was found that people, who get between 6-8 hours of sleep every night, lost a lot less hair and had better follicular growth levels. Sleep is an integral part of the overall health process, and with the added benefit of better beard growth, do you need another reason to get your ‘Sleeping Beauty’ on?

6. Stress manage your way to a better beard: Fact is that stress causes you to lose more hair than anything else in the world. One of the best ways therefore to counter hair loss is to manage stress. So chant some mantras, meditate some more, keep yourself happier and you will (eventually) find that your beard will come in a lot thicker, fuller and bouncier than before.

7. Manage ingrown hair: Ingrown hairs are follicles that curl and end up growing beneath the skin. This prevents your beard from growing evenly and can cause patchiness and scars. So when trimming keep an eye out for ingrown hairs. Spotting them is incredibly easy, they often manifest as red patches and hair boils. Preventing them is even simpler, a simple cleansing, toning and exfoliation formula that will work wonders for you!

8.  Use good quality beard growth oil: Let’s face it; sometimes even Mother Nature needs a hand. When it comes to growing your beard sometimes more so.  Beard growth oils contain the vitamins and trace minerals needed to stimulate hair follicle growth and it is highly recommended that one uses these in order to help boost the body’s ability to grow the necessary follicles.

Just like a lion without its mane is a cub, your beard is your original ‘man’ card. Tend to your beard well and follow these simple tips to a thicker, more awesome looking beard!

About the Authors: Ashutosh Valani and Priyank Shah, Founders, Beardo


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