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Timeline for Your Honeymoon

By Asra Shaheen

Although honeymoon is all about fun and togetherness, good homework ensures you celebrate the beginning of the new innings trouble free. We bring you a handy timeline and checklist as your reference guide.

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After all those hectic nuptial rituals and exhaustive wedding and reception ceremonies, there comes the silver lining -- Your honeymoon! Moments of togetherness in a space and time far away from the hustle-bustle of everyday life and of late the chores of wedding ceremonies… Ahem, before you fly off into the dream world, you need to earn your honeymoon! Some serious honeymoon planning beforehand ensures you have plenty of fun as you celebrate the beginning of the new innings. We bring you a handy timeline and checklist as your reference guide.

Shiraz Ali, who had recently planned his honeymoon in Kerala, elaborates his experience. “Kerala is always inviting and one of the many options anyone has on mind when one is planning honeymoon. It was the same for me and my wife. Being a person who likes to plan thoroughly, I looked out at two options. One was to book hotels at each of the places we wanted to cover and cab to move around.  The second, we went for a travel agent so we could leave the nuances to them. In any case, the plan should most probably have a head start of two months minimum to get good pricing and to get good rooms. Last minute is a complete no; you don’t want to start the life together with a bad honeymoon,” advices Shiraz.



“We covered multiple locations and in such a case the agent bookings proved helpful. The crux of the matter is to plan in advance and explore the option of going with an agent, if the deal looks good. The local agents might also be able to plan some things not usually on offer if you book yourself,” he suggests.

Eight Months to One Year Before

  • Dating talk - If the marriage date has been fixed about eight months to one year ahead, the two of you should start romancing with the idea of your dream destination for honeymoon from this very time.
  • Live your dream not others’ – Don’t let others’ Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social networking posts prompt your choice of destination. Go by your instincts and interests as a couple.
  • Budget comes first – Both of you should be very clear about the amount of money you want to keep aside for your honeymoon. Start saving, if required. Brainstorm a budget plan together.
  • Preliminary research – Some preliminary research of different places, accommodations and approximate idea of expenditure will help in filtering your list.
  • Passport and visa requirements – If it’s a foreign travel, it is mandatory to keep your passport ready.  Regarding visa, different countries have different requirements. Do a thorough homework. Apply for visa and other documentation and have your passport ready/renewed.
  • Travel agent or DIY – Decide if you want to opt for travel agents, who will design a package for you (some may charge a fee) or go for self organising.
  • Bookings – If you have finalised the destination, you might as well reserve flight tickets and accommodation. If you are lucky, you may be treated to some attractive discount offers!


6 Months Before

Do all the above, if you still haven’t.

  • Rental queries - Start making inquiries regarding car rentals and other modes of travel within city/country. If you are travelling in peak holiday season, you may have to book well in advance.
  • Documentation work - Apply for leave at your place of work, especially if it’s going to be a long leave. If you are self-employed, make a work plan and arrangement so you don’t face last minute hassles. 
  • Surprise plans - If you are planning a surprise dinner or spa service with your spouse, this is the time to make inquiries, bookings and reservations.

3 Months Before

  • Arrangements for Activity - These days, many couples love to explore different activities together such as rafting, snorkelling, scuba diving, skiing, sailing, camping et al. You need to make necessary arrangements for the activity you want to engage in.
  • For some foreign travels, you may consider travel insurance, especially if either of you has health issues. 

2 Months Before

  • Picture perfect - Buy a good camera depending on your skill set and interests. You may also want to check if your present phone can click good selfies!
  • Language Smart - If you are going to an inland or overseas location where the local language is very different from your spoken language, do some homework or sign up for foreign language classes or download apps.
  • Check for any recommended vaccinations, if required.
  • If you are going to a destination with extreme weather conditions, research and shop for the necessary gears and clothes.
    Savvi Formalwear


1 Month Before

  • Make a packing list.
  • Finalise your travel itinerary and make hardcopy of it.
  • For foreign travel, have at least a small amount of forex so you can get to your hotel from airport.
  • Reconfirm all bookings.
  • If some items on your packing need to be shopped and may have a longer shipping time, place an order asap.
  • Make shopping list, if it’s on your itinerary. It is advisable to keep your shopping plans brief.

1 Week Before

  • Make note of all important contact numbers. Don’t rely only on phone directory. Hardcopies can be saviours at times!
  • Take printouts of tickets and other documents. 
  • Go through bookings and reservations to check if information is correct and to recheck the dates.


2 - 3 Days Before

  • Reconfirm bookings.
  • If you do not want to rely on last minute ‘Ride Now’ cab apps, make other arrangements for your transport to airport/railway station.
  • Check the weather forecasts online and see if you need to make any changes to your list of belongings to carry.
  • Make the necessary household arrangements to prepare for your absence.

1 Day Before

  • Check all battery backups of all your electronic equipment.
  • Check your luggage for important items and keep the handbag ready.
  • Reconfirm travel schedule to be prepared for delays, if any. 

And finally, the day you have been waiting for is here. Start early to reach the airport/station in time. Relax and enjoy every bit of the journey!


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