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This Season's Must Have Jewelry Trends

By Richa

All that sparkles- Plan Your Wedding presents to you jewelry trends for the summer. From bridal crowns to body chains. For every taste, the top bijoux to covet.

Every girl aspires to shine gracefully on the day of her wedding. Perfect jewelry is something which is essential to fulfill this dream of all soon-to-be brides. But looking at so many options available in the market, there are chances that you might find yourself confused and stuck in the middle of nowhere. Well, here is a guide to clear the air of confusion around you; I spoke to three experts of the field to bring some of the latest jewelry trends straight from where it is created.

According to Aditya Pethe, Director, Waman Hari Pethe (WHP) Jewellers “this season is all about diamonds and fusion metals. The rock will be seen sparkling at the Indian weddings along with the work wear jewelry. Coloured diamonds too are entering the market as women have become more receptive to experiments.”

He further added “in metals, gold will be popular in yellow, pink and white colour. The weddings too will see diamond jewelry along with the authentic traditional designs and temple jewelry.  Amalgamation of two-toned metals and using gold in different colours is also an upcoming trend. Rose gold has created a fan base and is here to stay. White gold and platinum jewelry is creating its market share. Statement jewelry and unique accessories like head gears, finger cuffs etc. have been the favourites of the season too.”

Samir Sagar, Director, Manubhai Jewellers said “the Indian summer is about to get hotter! With shining baubles in gold, colourful hues of gemstones and modern motifs; the summer jewelry trends are going to be all about gold, it being the favourite metal around all seasons, this summer will see modernistic lightweight gold jewelry in focus. The season fills the air with a cheerful and colourful aura, inspiring designs to focus on floral motifs and geometrical shapes. Lightweight fusion designs in earrings, rings and bracelets with intricate casting work will add to the season’s cheer. With the plethora of colours and excitement, diamond jewelry too has regained its sheen.”

He also mentioned that “marquise diamond, princess cut stones with rubies, emeralds, onyx and citrines add to the colour palette of the season. Rose gold has gained new fervor, with its touch of pink and sophisticated designs; the newer collections are trendy and much in demand. Inspired by the purity of nature and crafted with textured gold, rose gold too adds its pink blossom to this season.” 
He further added that “as we get to the festivities, we cannot forget that the Indian summer also rings in the wedding bells. One of the upcoming summer jewelry trends in wedding ceremonial accessories is chunky earrings and broad cuffs. The fluttering of a jhumka and regality of chandbalis in cutwork has become immensely popular among women today. Chunky jhumkis with pearl and gold beads teamed with summer prints and colourful fabrics, will make style statements this spring."

Indian weddings are categorically known for their splendour and magnificence; and the Indian bride, a visual delight, no less than a princess! When it comes to bridal jewelry, Indian brides want to go back to their roots of tradition. An increasing number of brides appreciate the royal look that traditional Indian jewelry adds to an outfit. The brides during this season love a nice jadau choker set with elegant engraving work. The gold multi- layered kantha and rani haar’s with kundan stones, garnets and pearls are bridal favourites. Jadau karigari instantly adds in a heritage look to bridal jewelry and thus has garnered a special place among the modern Indian brides. The industry has come a long way with some interesting trends and brilliant craftsmanship. The most important trend today, is the ability to re-create these royal baubles using the technique and handiwork of the Mughal era. This summer, jewelry trends are going to definitely reach new artistic height, with industry creating higher standards in design innovations and excellent craftsmanship.

Tanya Rastogi is a Jewelry Connoisseur and curator, known for her everlasting eternal creations and enticing estate jewelry masterpieces. Coming from the family of the Nawabs  ‘Lala Jugal Kishore Jewellers, the jewelers to the Nawabs of Awadh since centuries’, Tanya  Rastogi was fortunate to have access to rare jewels that were once only adorned by the  Nawabs of Lucknow.

According to Tanya, “colours are the trend for this summer season in jewelry, as well as in clothes. Spring Summer is the season that inaugurates a brand new chapter of fashion every year. This season is all about innovative designs and statement jewelry. Unique accessories like finger cuffs, palm cuffs, ear-cuffs, head gears, multi-rings, nose pins will be trending this season.”

She also said “Indian brides will go beyond coloured stones and rare stones like jade, ladli, Basra pearls, Burmese rubies and Colombian emeralds will be the showstoppers of the Big Fat Indian wedding. On the wedding day, a bride likes to go as close to her roots as she can and thus, authentic heirloom designs that are a reflection of the tradition seems to be popular. Coloured diamonds rose and white gold along-with yellow gold will continue to win the hearts of modern Indian women.”

According to her, “statement jewelry, like a melodious chandbali or a head piece with a pair of lehengas will be seen. Kantmalas with plain sarees that ad femininity and grandeur to the woman's grace will be popular.”

After getting insights from three experts we know for sure that statement pieces are a must for every bride to stand out. Gone are the days when all the bride needed was a truckload of sparkling jewelry! Fortunately, we’ve moved on from the phase, and now looking at some gorgeous, daring pieces of jewelry that every bride must give her nod to. After all, weddings are the only occasion when you’re supposed to standout and hence can be experimental! So, let me list out some exciting jewelry pieces you wouldn’t see on an average bride. Because who wants to look like every other bride!

Bridal Crowns: Bridal Crowns because you are the queen on your D-day! A gorgeous hairdo is incomplete without a gorgeous crown s:for the bride. And nothing suits her better than the one with Swarovski crystals to ensure a demure, queen-like look.

Customized Broaches: This is one make you stand out without overdoing. Broaches are totally the newest jewelry you can experiment with. They are inventive, cute and make a beautiful statement without doing much. So invest in ones that really bring out your personality. Best is to get them customised with a motif that reflects your love or with a monogram used for your wedding or something more innovative. It can be placed in your hair or on your dress.

Maatha Pattis: Maatha pattis have come back to style in full force with elegance. But it’s about the style – how
avant -garde it is and how interesting it is. That really is the deal breaker – so look for ones that add drama to your entire outfit. Please be careful not to overdo the whole look. Whether you use a single string or multiple make sure to try it to know how it looks on you! You can use strings of pearl or kundan or even plain metal chains.

Armlets and Cuffs (Bajubandhs): These are back with a bang. The best way to flaunt your toned arms after months of rigorous planks is with some beautiful armlets or cuffs! Whether with a sleeveless gown or a saree blouse, arm bands look ultra-chic and elevate your look like no other accessory! Bajubandhs are pretty common but wearing a unique design with a cuff is the new black.

Bold Waist Belts:  kamarbandhs are all over the town, it’s the hip new belt that is taking the world by storm now. Brides putting on delicately designed kamarband jewelry look stunningly gorgeous in addition to it highlighting the personality associated with traditional appeal for that occasion. It definitely highlights the femininity.  They are as stylish as they can get and can make your look – enchanting and drool-worthy!

Body Armour: They look like urban armour – with pearls, kundans and other precious things. The novelty of it is the fact that they add the glam factor to your outfit. Choose an outfit that has less embroidery and work to make your jewelry talk. It can make you look like a princess from heaven!

Body Chains: Wearing a strapless blouse? An intricate, layered shoulder chain is a must for you to invest in! Avoid it over an embroidered neckline; shoulder chains shine when worn over plain silhouettes! Shoulder chains look very classy and chic at the same time!

Innovative Hair Accessories: From golden petals to beaded strings to metal chains and interesting hair pins, hair accessories have evolved over time. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an Elsa to don one!

Hand Harnesses: Make way for the next-generation haathphools! Hand harnesses today come with tassels, chunks of metal, pearls, beads, and what not, ensuring your hands do all the talking. Funny how hand accessories never look overdone, no matter how the bride chooses to wear them!

Knuckle Dusters: And, if it’s not haathphools, its traditional knuckle dusters, made popular within the Indian jewelry scene. Knuckle dusters are gorgeous albeit audacious additions to any bridal ensemble. For this one, however, keep the rest of the look minimal so that the accessory shines over your mehendi-laden hands. You can even choose a clutch attached to the knuckle dusters.

Ear Cuffs:
Not a fan of big fat traditional earrings? Ear cuffs are your thing! They’re extremely striking, look state-of-the-art and lend just the right amount of modernity to your traditional ensemble. You can choose a traditional look or modern depending on your attire.

Palm Cuff: Bid adieu to the conventional cuffs! Go big with larger-than-life and intricately-designed palm cuffs that come with kundan, pearls, or gemstones, for that’ll enhance the overall look of your hands.

Happy Styling Summer Bride!

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