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Things Professional Makeup Artists Wish Brides Knew

By Richa

On what is only the most special day of your life, one wrong move can screw everything up. No pressure, right? Fret not!! One of the best bridal makeup artists in Delhi share helpful tips that could save you from a big mistake on your D-day.

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Every bride has a vision for her wedding day from her lehenga to how she always wanted to look. Your wedding is going to be the most photographed day of your life. Choosing the professional makeup artist is one of the key points in wedding planning. The photos are going to last forever! As far as makeup goes, you definitely want to avoid any blunders possible. Therefore, it is definitely important in choosing a makeup artist who has years of experience and a style of makeup that you are comfortable with.

The finest Makeup artists in Delhi NCR know how to highlight your best features, downplay blemishes or discolouration, and really make your eyes pop. Instead of relying on your personal tried and true routine, they can create a look that is fresh, polished, and flattering. A professional makeup artist will always ensure your comfort when it comes to getting you ready; it is their job to make you like your best! So always choose a makeup artist based on their work and how comfortable you are with them.  If you think it is expensive to hire a Professional Makeup Artist, wait until you hire an amateur!

Read on and keep these few things in mind when you have your makeup done professionally!

Always take a trial before booking your makeup artist

It is not uncommon for brides to feel uncomfortable on the day of the makeup since sometimes they have never put makeup before and suddenly feel uncomfortable when they see themselves all decked up. Even if not a trial, go for a party makeup. So, always make sure you always take a trial to see how comfortable you are with the makeup on so you feel comfortable on your big day!

Skincare is key

Looking flawless on your big day is not solely dependent on makeup. You need to make sure your skin is in great condition. Start taking care of your skin at least six months prior. It includes having a great diet, following a skin care routine that suits you and having good sleep pattern. The better your skin, more flawless the makeup will look.

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Take some inspiration

Usually every makeup artist has their own technique and signature styles, but it is of great help if you present them with certain photos or idea of how you would like to look.

Do not solely depend on social media

Social media has become a place for everyone to portray their talent, but do not be highly influenced by those images. How one person looks with a certain type of makeup, you may not look the same way. Always try to visit the makeup artist to have a look and feel of the makeup on you.

Book your MUA months in advance

A bride-to-be should always book her makeup artist at least six months in advance. It is highly possible that you will be getting married during the peak wedding season. Therefore, there is a chance you might not be able to book your preferred MUA two-three months before your wedding. Even the makeup artists have more clients during that time and its better if you book one in advance so that you can finalize the trials accordingly.

Consult your MUA to build your personal makeup kit

It is important to follow a basic routine functions that follow a wedding. So, consult your MUA so they can help you build a makeup kit that suits your skin type and makeup style.

Jane Iredale

Get all your pre bridal procedures done at least a week prior

Allow your skin to recover from the pre bridal treatments as usually it does leave the skin a little sensitive.

Keep a separate team for family members

You do not want to be rushed while getting ready just because your mother or sister has to get ready as well by the same artist! Keep a separate team to help the family members get ready .For everyone else, it is a party, so do not let them take away the focus from you. Book a separate studio for your relatives, and if the makeup artist is coming to the venue, book a separate room. Also, get the finances sorted well in advance because most artists have family packages. 

Finalise the finances before hand

Make sure you discuss the payments before the final day and make an advance booking payment as well to confirm that you book the best beauty salon in Delhi NCR.

Finally, TRUST your MUA!

Trust your MUA because they can see the big picture, which most brides cannot. It is important to communicate what you want and we are all for that but on the final day, trust us because we have done this before, and we understand how the lighting and the pictures will work.

About The Author: Chandni Singh, Bridal makeup artist and Hair Stylist

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