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The Wedding Card Game

By Visweswar Reddy

Know all about the current fashions in the wedding card industry.

Everything about a modern wedding has come to be associated with exclusivity, innovation and customisation. Sophisticated style and a well-coordinated look put together has become the challenge for experts spanning various industries in the wedding behemoth. Off late, the concept of a ‘concept’ behind a wedding card has also captured the imagination of many. People are willing to move away from the tried-and-tested. The fact that the invite is the first official brush of a guest with a wedding has dawned and customers are realising the idea behind a card that has a touch of exclusive style.
No two weddings are similar. No two brides-to-be are similar. So, why should a wedding card be? When you can get flowers, wrappers and laces matching to the theme of the wedding, then why will the card be a one-off, fragmented piece of exercise, removed from the mood and flavour of the wedding? These are thoughts which have given birth to the concept of a theme-based and customised wedding cards. As a card designer, I apply the same principle and never repeat a card.
More and more wedding invites are going for the contemporary look. Which is, so to say, a non-cluttered look. Bold and experimental colours, clean font and easy layout are all essential tools to create a modern wedding card. Italicised font can safely be said to be out of fashion. Instead, flowy and delicate font is in. Cool graphic elements have become the mainstay of the modern wedding invite industry along with fusion notes and arty decorations.
A few trends can be put down to lay insights into the ongoing card orientations.

Box the Invite
This trend is for those who are looking for some fun creativity to spill over the traditional invite. The shift is from the regular flat cards to boxed invitations. These invitations are elaborate boxes which contains the actual invitation. There are layers to the box and the top layer is decked with wrappers matching the tone of the card. A small gift or chocolates can also be attached to one of the layers which makes it a dual-purpose invitation. These invitations also have a combination of laser cut-work, stone work, enamel work and other adornments lending them an ornate vibe.

A Gem of a Concept
The wedding invitation can itself be developed as a concept. Examples of these could be a mela fan for a mela theme, a traditional Indian fan for a palace theme or a 3D lotus pop-up invitation for a lotus theme wedding. The invitation could even be in the form of a yearly planner where the invitation is printed on the relevant day/ date. In most cases, the concept is matched or developed based on the overall theme of the wedding or location.

The Contemporary Tone
Wedding invitations have typically portrayed the traditional Indian look with the use of Indian motifs and patterns like the shloka, doli, peacock, baraat and deity images. Most contemporary cards go for the Indie-chic fusion look. This can be achieved by the use of contemporary versions of traditional Indian motifs mixed and layered with western design elements. The treatment of the font, graphics and illustrations makes all the difference. The look is Indian festive but the treatment is Western.

Art Appeal
With the growth and awareness in India art, many clients want to portray work of eminent artists on their cards.
I have developed a unique method to combine these works (with permission of course) along with the graphical elements and high quality printing (to resemble art prints). The end creation is a truly unique art “masterpiece”.
The Destination Invite: Glitzy or elegant accessories could accompany the invitation– bags, favour boxes or photo frames. If it’s a destination wedding, along with the invitation or just before the wedding visitors are handed-over invitations/ cases for travel documents, customised hotel keys invitations, baggage tags, in-room folders and photo books. The accessories are usually in the same theme as the main wedding invitation retaining the same look-and-feel.

Ideas for Brides-to-be
Velvet printing textures, colours like fuchsia pink, orange, inlay work and intricate cutwork, stone craft, traditional Rajasthani motifs, a wide range of decorative motifs starting from doli to earrings and an innovative fragrance card like the smell of sandalwood greeting the senses of the receiver as soon as the card is opened.

Ideas for Grooms-to-be
Colours like turquoise blue, sea greens and even purple, neutral tones, motifs like the baraat, kalgi etc can be a few choices.
Art work on cards, smart graphics and pairing of accessories can work both for brides and grooms-to-be.
A lot of times, the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be get their cards made from the same designer. They are also received by the same guest. In such cases, it is important to make the cards distinctly unique.
Let the card tell a story. Let it give a glimpse of what your wedding is going to be like. Pepper it with your own imaginative inputs and creative touch. Let it reflect you.

Article Contributed By Uttara Shah . She is a leading wedding card designer in India and is known for her signature bespoke cards. She has served clients of the likes of Imran Khan and Avantika Malik, the Mittals etc. She owns a studio in Mumbai. Contact Uttara Shah on 9930121161 or emailher to

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Karik [ 24 Jan 2012 ]
To think, I was cofnsued a minute ago.

Jennis [ 25 Jan 2012 ]
You're a real deep thinker. Thanks for sharing.

Janelle [ 25 Jan 2012 ]
Thank you so much for this aicrtle, it saved me time!