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By Anuradha Turner


While a black tux is the usual dress code for any occasion, there is something about a Grey Formal Suit that makes you look stunning. It is easier to choose just a Black Tux no doubt, but grey is trendier. However, there is one peculiar issue that one might face while choosing a grey suit—the hue you should opt for. The winter season is here and if you are opting for a formal suit to keep yourself warm, a grey-coloured suit may be an investment that you will never regret.

Charcoal Grey

Charcoal Grey is basically an option for men who have always sworn by a black tux. Charcoal grey as the name suggests is very close to the family of black. At the same there is just enough tinge of grey to bring out finesse. The hue is also a must try for men who think they have extremely young looking or boyish faces. It adds age to your personality and hence, it is popular amongst men who have small, boyish looking face. It is also versatile in terms of its simplicity. The Charcoal Grey as a shade may come across as bland or even dull hence, it creates just the right balance for men who like to experiment with funky ties and colourful shirts. So, if you want to team up a colourful shirt, balance it with a Charcoal Grey Suit.

Who Should Wear: Goes with any skin colour and hair colour. However, the Charcoal Grey is a must if you want to make your boyish face look mature.

Cambridge Grey

Cambridge Grey gained popularity because of its rich fabric and coarse effect. Unlike shining blazers, the Cambridge Grey never really found a place in occasions or weddings. Bordering towards a medium grey colour, the hue is not the most versatile. However, it can do wonder to the Indian Skin tone. Unlike a light grey, which might bring in too much contrast, the Cambridge grey is just the right medium shade for Indian men. If you have dusky skin tones, then a Cambridge grey might bring the right shine in your personality.

Who Should Wear: Suits men with dusky skin-tone, and also good for men who want to add more weight to their shoulders.

Cement Grey

"Cement Grey is one shade which will trend this season. It might be a bold move for many but if you don't fret before experimenting, the Cement Grey will make you look classy beyond belief", says Karishma Sudarsan, stylist for Men.

The Cement Grey is not your usual grey, and you might have eyes following you, but the shade has added a dose of freshness to the grey shade family. A very light form of grey, this shade is not really your team player. Hence, you might find it difficult to team it up with colourful shirts or ties. On the positive side, however, the Cement Grey allows you to keep it simple, classy and minimalistic while adding triple the amount of poise. What you can experiment with is with different prints and patterns in similar colour .The Cement Grey is a guaranteed to add finesse to your personality.

Who Should Wear: Men with a vibrant personality who don't mind experimenting. It is perfect for morning/ spring weddings. Suits almost any skin colour

Cloud Grey

Perfect for summer or spring weddings, light grey will brighten any wedding party. If your wedding design’s colours are pastels or in the beige family, then a light grey will pair perfectly. For tie/ bow tie options, lavender or dusty pink will match well with the understated light grey. Pair it with black, brown, or tan shoes.

Who Should Wear: Anybody following a pastel lavender or pink themed wedding; in spring/ morning.

Battleship Grey

We love a classic grey for a groom. Dark enough for winter but still bright enough for a summer wedding, this tone can be matched with almost any colour. Just remember that with lighter colours any fit imperfections will be highlighted. Order a made to measure suit or spend time getting it altered to ensure the perfect fit. Want to play into the hipster trend this year? Throw on a pair of tortoise shell glasses and a burnt orange pocket square to complete the look.

Who Should Wear: Men who want an intense look, filled with power-packed rigour. The shade is perfect for morning and evening occasion.

Ash Grey

Ash is a rich but a medium-grey tone. Most people favour this colour for their groomsmen or the father of the bride. A bright yellow dahlia boutonniere or bow-tie will complement this tone. The shade is known for classic and clean perfection.

Who Should Wear: Perfect for the father of the bride or groom

Slate Grey

Slate grey is close to black but still has tonnes of grey. This is a great choice if you want to go classic with a tuxedo but keep the tone soft. This colour looks great when paired with bold colours like coral, teal, or violet. Again, this is a great choice for groomsmen or the father-of-the-bride because it looks mature. Steer away from brown and tan shoes, dark grey needs to be paired with black or navy blue.

Who Should Wear: Men who want to add more depth to their look, and yet stay subtle. In brief, express your mature side without giving away too much. Suits Indian skin tones.


Always consider the theme of your wedding and other details. For example, if you are having a morning wedding and the theme is floral/spring, light grey will be subtle and just the apt shade.

Your skin tone and face shape maybe be highlighted with the right shade of grey. If you have a dusky skin tone, you can go for lighter shades but medium grey may merge too much with your skin tone, making it look dull.

If your skin-tone is fair, medium and dark shades of grey will bring out brightness on your face.

Know the three moods of Grey: Darker Shades of Grey will bring out a certain vibrancy and intensity in your personality, Medium Grey has a smart and sleek look while lighter shades of grey will bring out a classic yet warm side of your personality.

It is advised to carry your shirt and tie while selecting the right shade of grey and vice versa.

Inputs for Tips and Shades By Suditi Srivastav, Fashion Designer and Faculty, Pearl Academy.

Most men fret from getting into details like shades and want to stick to just colour. However, here is a palette of shades that can make you shine and bring out just the most alluring side of your personality—it is this quality of the World of Grey that makes it such a better choice than any other colour. So, this wedding season, explore a variety of shades in grey and add a new dimension to your personality!

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