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The Prettiest Bridal Hair Accessories Obsession!

By Richa

Cast all flashbacks of mundane maang tikkas and kitsch matha pattis out of your mind; the humble hair accessory has come of age, and there’s a hair slide vibe to suit you no matter what your style…

A big part of what makes your hair look wedding-ready, not just party-ready, is the perfect accessory. It goes without saying that your hair should look its best on your D-day, and whether you choose to wear it down or in an updo, the right accessories will liven up your bridal hairstyle. Deciding upon the wedding hair accessories can be a little overwhelming for even the most organised bride. However, having the right accessories in your hair will complete the fairytale look you have always dreamed about! If you thought hair accessories were limited to the boring Maang Tikkas or Matha Pattis, think again. From pretty to royal, they have that ability to transform you completely and add a little oomph to the entire look.

“India is a country with a mix of different cultures and traditions but very urbane at the same time. With the inclination towards big fat weddings and destinations, Indian brides have to decide their look for not one but various occasions. This has made our contemporary brides to adopt trends from other cultures and not following one set tradition. Every girl wants to look her best on her D-day and why not. So it is important to put together all the important elements required for her bridal look, be it her attire, shoes, makeup, or jewellery. I would like to mention here like it is important to coordinate your jewelry, it is equally important to match your hair accessories. Hair accessories have always been a very important part of Indian brides,” says celebrity makeup artist Naunidh Singh.


First, make sure you have chosen your wedding dress before purchasing anything else; the dress style you opt for will give you an idea of what to look for when researching wedding hair accessories. Today they offer so much for the modern bride. With the help of a jewellery designer, why not create something that has been tailor made just for you?


 Second, although there is no strict rule but try to purchase your hair accessory after your hair trial. Once you know the style you are having even your hair stylist might be able to advise what will complement the hair and dress.

Choosing Your Wedding Hair Accessories

A headpiece instantly sets the tone for your bridal look. If you’re stuck on what accessory to go for, read on for our helpful guide on how to choose your wedding hair accessories!

                                                     Bachelorette Party

A Tiara for the Princess:
If you’ve always dreamed of wearing a tiara since you were a little girl, then your own Bachelorette is the perfect time to feel like a princess! A sparkling regal tiara or a quirky one, the choice is yours… but yes, one with a single line of diamantes looks stunning even with the simplest of hairstyles!


Flower Head Bands and Wreaths: Bring nature to your wedding by weaving yourself an outdoor inspired vine-enthused headband. Flower crowns are a beautiful and stylish alternative to the traditional hair accessories. And these aren’t just limited to the bridesmaids! Get a super special one with roses or bigger flowers to stand out! These headbands are timelessly beautiful and show the massive advantage to a sumptuously design piece: it’s often fuss-free!

                                                            Engagement and Sangeet

Metallic Hairbands:
The fashion scene of hair accessories has changed. Gone are the times when hair bands were either worn by school-goers or kids. They are a great way to add panache to your wedding hairdo, be it a sleek bun or a loose ponytail. They are versatile for any hair length and style. Ribbon headbands are bang on trend encrusted with pearls and sparkling crystals; will adorn every bride with elegance and romance.


Lakmé Absolute

Greek-Style Goddess Headband: These look best with gowns or modern lehengas or anarkalis. Accessories like metallic wreaths can add that stunning angelic vibe within you! It's promised to get you into a dreamy mood and it’s guaranteed to bring out the goddess in you.



Quirky Hair Clips: If you want to set a trend on your big day, then do so; after all, you only get to wed once. Pick up funky hair clips and pair them with the cocktail gowns during the Engagement or Sangeet and you are ready to dazzle. These can be just clips or pins that come in fun shapes – stars, flowers, all put on the hair in a formidable way. Maybe pick a shape that’s closest to your spirit animal.


Modern Juda Pins: The new age juda pins are perfect for Indian and fusion outfits to make your bun look prettier. Try considering the ones with hanging chains. They definitely look unique and elegant.


Zardosi Headbands:
A Zardosi headband is the perfect blend of traditional and cute. They look very beautiful and give your hair a royal touch. And what’s the best part? You can leave your tresses open if you want to!

Head Chains: Shop out of the box if you want to add an exotic vibe to your look - wear a head wrap chain. The style options are endless, ranging from the styles with big stones and crystal to the delicate ones with small chains and bells. You can choose to wear the chain with your hair tied up in a bun, but this accessory looks best when the hair is left down and flowing. Also make sure that the hair is parted in the middle, since symmetry is important for this accessory to look glamorous and exotic. Add a maang-tikka in the centre or just keep it simple, the choice is all yours! Or maybe show some hippie love and pick up some feather drop head chains, they give out a very fun vibes and are just perfect to keep your hair in place and make it look exciting!



Layered Hair Pins: They come with two combs that you can put on either side of your hair – they are refreshingly different and give a classy vibe!


Barrettes:  Barrettes worn during the wedding time are heavily embellished. Depending on the embroidery used on the wedding outfit, this hair accessory could be Swarovski encrusted or have golden rhinestone-work on it. A bridal barrette looks simply amazing when paired with a vintage bridal dress. You can also choose a multi-colored horizontal or a comb-style barrette which can hold a traditional bun.


Statement Matha Pattis, Jhoomer Or Passa:
More or less a staple when it comes to Indian weddings, but these have also undergone a change over the years.Matha Pati is indeed a beautiful accessory that is adorning the crown of most brides and bridesmaids. But on the same side, it is very necessary to chose the right matha patti as according to your face shape and size,” says Celebrity Makeup Artist Simran Kaur.


Passa is considering a royal accessory. But it is now no longer restricted only to traditional Muslim weddings. One can paired up a paasa in crystal or coloured stones with your traditional gold jewellery to create a fantastic fusion look,” she further added.

Parandi or Poola Jada: This delicate bejeweled or maybe just coulourful threads accessory blends well with the traditional Indian wedding lehengas and suits. They are the perfect combo of ethnic and style.

Hair Combs: Bridal hair combs are a beautiful way to complement your gown on your wedding day. A lovely keepsake from your special day, these little treasures can be passed down to future generations. These days, you also get temple jewellery designs and pure gold ones also.


The Flowery ‘Do’

Hair is such an integral part of a bride’s big day – well, yes, even if it’s probably covered by the damn dupatta or it’s never photographed , there is something about fresh flowers and hair that go together like wine and cheese. “Women have been wearing flowers in their hair for centuries. Weather its Queen Victoria's supremacy in the late 1800s, botanicals have always been admired hair accessory of Indian culture traced back to our Goddesses. Flowers and Weddings are inseparable,” opines celebrity makeup artist Naunidh Singh. 


"There are plenty of flowers that can be used to set up an attractive hair-do and among that Jasmine to top the list. Flowers are the most cost effective and grand bridal hair accessories for hair styles. You can either use a simple strand to wrap around your braid or use a bunch of flowers to decorate your updo. As I say, Jasmine and rose are among the favourites traditionally. But now others like delicate orchids, lilies, and freesias are largely being used. Readymade flower hair accessories are also available in the market. Hair adorned with these beautiful blooms will set your look to the divinity,” she further added.

Whilst, Celebrity Star Salon Hair Stylist Niell Talwar said “Minimalistic look is a matter of subjective opinion. Most of the brides mean ‘NOT OUTRAGEOUS’, by minimalistic. Obviously, they wish to stand out from the crowd of guests at each of their function, but keeping the look classy. Hence, a good consultation is extremely important before the D-day to understand bride’s taste, and also her family’s taste.

“Floral accessories can include all kinds of colorful flowers these days, ranging from carnations, orchids, lilies, roses and many more. Rusted gold is also making a statement these days, as shiny gold sometimes looks too much for the bride,” she further added.


Latest trends to look out for:

  • Braid the hair in a fishtail and set the flowers in a scattered setting randomly along the braid.
  • The old school gajra on a bun is a classic and my all time favorite.
  • Leave your hair down in Victorian or bohemian curls and use the flowers as a hair band or tiara around the head to look like a Greek goddess.
  • Set your hair in a half up and half down setting, by either braiding hair or making a half bun and pin the flowers to the tied part of the hair do.
  • Curl the hair and let all the hair sit on one shoulder, and use the flowers on either side of the head, this is a very simple yet elegant look.

Inputs by Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Jannat Sethi

Many people tend to underestimate the effort that goes into making a wedding day spectacular. It requires patience, thorough planning, and attention to detail. Once you have all the major things out of the way, like your dress, the venue, the photographer, you will need to turn your attention to the small details. This is what will take your wedding day from ‘good’ to ‘stunning.’ With the right kind of hairstyle and bridal hair accessories, you will definitely look like a star on your special day. Right from the bachelorette to the wedding, there are accessories for every occasion which not only add to the hairdo, but also enhance the bridal beauty! Conventional or contemporary? You take your pick!

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