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The Manly Makeup

By Richa

Let’s construe makeup for men and explore the trends. Yes, no need to read that again! You read it correctly—we are talking about “makeup for Indian men.” Is it still a taboo? Will male makeup ever catch on? Plan Your Wedding unravels the men-makeup-mystery. Read on

Although it seems common only amongst ladies, yet makeup to get a sexy makeover is something every man secretly wishes for. It is just that they don’t want to broadcast it. Indian men are increasingly relying on cosmetic products to put their best foot forward, or rather best face forward, if not every day, then definitely on several special occasions like weddings. Indian weddings are too majestic and flashy for a plain look. That is why the groom does need makeup to match up to his shimmering bride on the wedding day, but of course they are shy to use it. Ajay Bisht, a senior makeup artist at Affinity Salon says, “Indian men are little conscious to use makeup, because they fear that it might give them a feminine look. However, the trend is catching up fast, and now around 60% of men are not afraid to apply cosmetics on their wedding day.” So, what are these products and how to go about applying them? We delve into the subject further.

Apply Makeup as a Man

Many men are growing more and more conscious of their vanity, so why follow only the same old grooming routines? Your persona is extravert, vibrant yet sensible, so why not modestly experiment with the makeup products that can make you look sharp. Makeup can be the answer to a lot of problems. But it has to be done very carefully. It should not take away your masculinity. “Slight shine on the face, covering dark circles and controlling the flaws like blemishes and spots, is what the artist should aim at while putting makeup on grooms,” opines Bisht. It should look make-up, not made-up (there is a thin line, mind it); so, to enhance the natural look with limited but right products should be the focus point for you while getting ready for your D-Day. It can also be considered as being presentable or well-groomed.

How Much Is Too Much?

Don’t be surprised if your toiletry kit contains tinted moisturiser, bronzer or a lip gloss along with your shaving essentials, toothbrush and a deodorant. No, we are not implying that men should use mascara or eye shadows, but let’s face it; they have bigger pores than women, and therefore are more susceptible to breakouts. Additionally, everyone has blemishes, uneven skin tones, dark circles and patches. In this context, a slight make-up can go a long way in hiding these flaws and improving your features. The key to applying your makeup is striking the balance between how much you use it and where you use it. Make sure your makeup artist knows that too.

What Products Do Men Need?

Foundation or Tinted moisturiser

Foundation provides the skin with a polished look, whilst effortlessly gliding away the appearance of a wide range of mild facial blemishes upon application. Many Indian men have to deal with an uneven skin tone, open skin pores and a rough skin surface; so, if this is you, offer your skin a really natural blanket of coverage with a men foundation.
Catering the requirement in everyday grooming products, tinted moisturiser comes up as a rescue. It offers maximum comfort with the moisturising enzymes and the expert coverage with the foundation extracts. So, using a moisturising base, for delving into the men’s makeup is a good start.

If you’re going to use it, it’s best to be clean-shaven. Little bits of makeup will really stick out on stubble. And make sure you find a foundation that is nearest to your complexion.


Imperfections can be immediately covered up with easy application. The main purpose of any kind of wedding makeup for groom is to hide the flaws on their face. So, use a good shade of concealer that is as close as possible to your natural skin tone to smoothen your skin. Cover under-eye dark circles, dark spots, uneven complexion etc. Conceal blemishes by going around the base of the blemish in small strokes, then covering the top. Make sure the edges are blended well.


Highlighters (don’t confuse it with the stationary item) are cosmetic fixes, which can be used to define high-points in one’s face. What are these high-points, you ask? They include the cheekbone, brow bones, nose-bridge and the cupid-bow region just above your upper lip. Dab a little on these regions and blend away for a glowing contour.

Lipstick or Lip balm

If imagining yourself in a lipstick made you flinch. And if that imagination was restricted to pinks or reds, then your lack of knowledge is coming in the way of your makeover. The lipstick doesn’t have to be those girly pinks and reds, even a glossy lip balm would do the trick. After all, no one likes looking at chapped lips, let alone kissing them. And if you are confident that you can carry them off well, you can also experiment with the darker shades.


Use a powder puff to apply powder to the areas of your face that tend to get oily. T-zone, your forehead, nose and chin, should be focused primarily, as it tends to be the oiliest in most people.


Liners? Girly makeup? Did that make you squirm a little? Think about the gothic looks of actors like Prateik Babbar and Johnny Depp, and how cool they look with the guy-liner (Aha! So, now you feel a bit interested. Well, the desire on your face to look sexy is visible). The uprise of men’s eye makeup has been quite overwhelming in recent years, as illustrated by the availability of male specific makeup products including guy liner and manscara in the market. It is the perfect way to frame your eyes and make them stand out in the correct ways and at the same time, maintain your masculinity and sex appeal.

Makeup Must-Knows

Remove your makeup before going to bed. Leaving makeup on overnight might damage your skin. So, at the end of the day, wash your face with a good face wash to remove makeup. Finish by using a moisturizer. Use a richer moisturizer at night if you have dry skin.
A makeover doesn’t require a large amount of time or money to be spent. What it does demand, however, is an audacious attitude and the confidence to carry off that streak of adventure.

So gentlemen, bring out the perfection in the most masculine ways with a little help of professional makeup products for you. Many Indian grooms prefer (but obviously don’t express openly) to use a little makeup on their wedding day, which is perfectly fine. After all, for a glitzy, spectacular showpiece, you certainly do not want your skin and complexion to be holding you back. Add some flavour to your own look with specific men-makeup products and truly enjoy the rewards. Stash these products into your repertoire and sail away to a perfectly groomed appearance.

P.S.: it is fine if you want to experiment with the makeup and products but a word of caution, do not experiment on the wedding day. Sometimes experiments can go awry. So, go for makeup but carefully. Getting a trial, few days before your wedding, is highly recommended.

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