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The Lush False Eye Lashes

By Richa Sahni

Long eyelashes can make eyes look bigger and more engaging. Though not all of us are blessed with sky-high lashes, so, false eyelashes are the next best choice. When worn correctly, they can go undetected! Read on some handy hacks for applying them so they look natural – and last.

Venue – check, food – check, dress – check, shoes – check, fake eyelashes – wait what? YES! False eyelashes are a rage now and not just in the glamour world. Brides and even bridesmaids are now trending this hot fad this winter wedding season. But on your Big Day - when you’ve said yes to the dress, the guy and so much more - are false eyelashes appropriate? Especially; if you’ve never worn them before?

Here is what the expert makeup artist Vidya Tikari has to say about that “Your wedding day is a big one not only in terms of the occasion but also it’s a big photo opportunity day. It is essential that the bride looks a little dramatic and bolder on that day with makeup and hairstyle that lasts much longer. Fake eyelashes give you that extra thrust and push. Whether you opt for full strip lash or individual ones, for a softer look, it creates a resplendent look that lasts through the long day and makes you look fantastic in the pictures. It’s just one of those items along with professional hair styling and makeup which seals the look for your big day.”

However, with all the to-do lists before the wedding, some brides want to keep it sweet and simple rather than experimenting with false eyelashes. They worry they might lose eyelashes on the big day, or even worse, have the glue pull out or damage their natural lashes. But there is no denying the fact that false eyelashes are a great option for brides who want to add a little va va voom to their lashes on their big day but don’t want to commit to 3-4 weeks and the expense of eyelash extensions. Moreover, with the premium quality false eyelashes, there’s no need to worry about losing/damaging your precious natural lashes as they attach to your eyelid as opposed to your individual lashes.

You know even a single coat of mascara can make a huge difference in bringing your wedding-day makeup look from every day to totally gorgeous. With false lashes, you’ll get the same effect, but tenfold. In the past, false lashes meant glued-on strips that may or may not slowly peel off as the night went on. But today’s versions are subtle, natural, and totally dance-proof.

Whether you choose to go down with the mascara (waterproof of course!), eyelash extensions, or false eyelash route is a matter of personal preference. However, if you do vow to use false lashes on your wedding day, here a few rules given by the experts that you should learn by heart:

According to ace makeup artist Vidya Tikari:

Equip your eyelids- The basic trick to keep your falsies on is by prepping your lashes with toner and applying primer on the eyelid. An oily eyelid would lead to the eyelash falling in no time.

Choose different lengths of falsies- To give a natural look, stick on lashes of different lengths. Long, short and medium. Alternate them and stick them to your eyelid with the shortest one close to the inner eye, the medium ones in the middle of your eye, and the longest lashes in your outer corners.

Give space between the lashline-Ideally this has to be around 1/7th- 1/8th of an inch from the lash line.

For strip lash cover use the entire strip with glue and fix it on the lash line after you stretch your eyelid out completely.

Choose the right quality of adhesive- This can really make or break the deal! Poor quality glue can make your lashes itchy, irritable and in worse cases cause infection. You can use tweezers to separate the lashes out once they are set dry, so that they don’t clamp up together.

Apply mascara gently- Once fixed to the lashline use light hands to apply mascara. Try to apply it from the middle of the lashes to the outer side of every lash avoiding the area where the lash meets the glue.


Eyelash extension should be done only a day or two prior to the wedding to give an enhanced look for the day.

Complete all the pre-bridal services like facial and threading and keep the eyes for the last to happen.
Carry the brush along in your handbag.

Give all the instructions to the makeup artist about the eye contouring accordingly.

Avoid rubbing just be gentle.

Inputs by Ms. Josephine Song —Global Head New Product Development, VLCC

How to Choose Your falsies?

A pair of false lashes can instantly make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Despite this major payoff, with all of the different length and shape options, it can be daunting finding a pair that’s just right. They help defining your eyes and frame your eyes with an alluring and voluminous set of lashes.

“With proper and wise selection of eyelashes as per your personality and eye shape you can get a glamorous look in an instant. However, the choice entirely depends on what is the occasion and purpose. Full strip lashes come in many shapes and forms. Full lashes which are long and full lend a very striking look but exercise caution as very long false lashes can look a little comical. Full strip lashes also come in different colours: red, fuchsia, green, as well as glitter lashes, for the runway kind of look. Three-quarter strip lashes-They are difficult to get your hands on as they are rare but look stunning! They give an effect as though all your lashes are heading for the corner of your eyes. Individual lashes- this gives a natural and soft look but can be difficult to fix on your lashline, especially if you have short and thin lashes,” Says Ms. Tikari.

Putting Them On

Remember to practice beforehand if you are doing it by yourself—no one gets it right their first time! But it is recommended to take the help of a pro. Ms. Josephine Song - Global Head New Product Development, VLCC provides us the hand-dandy rundown on how to apply false lashes:

Apply all your face makeup and eye shadow evenly according to the colour for the desired look.

Before you do anything else, measure the length of the lash to make sure it fits your eye shape.

Now apply a thin layer of good quality glue to the underside of the lash strip, it takes less than you think. Add a tiny dollop more at the front and back of the strip to make sure it stays in place there to avoid lifting. Wait about 15 seconds for the glue to set. If you apply too much, it will take longer.

Aim for the base of your natural lash line, right on top of your real lashes, not touching the eyelid at all. The glue dries clear, so don’t worry if a little gets on your skin.

Once the false eyelashes are applied, let them dry for a couple minutes. And then you can apply eye liner and mascara to complete the look. You may want to apply mascara to lashes to help blend them in with your real ones.

5 DO’S:
Apply liner before and after
Apply mascara before and after
Apply eyelash curler
Use best quality lash glue
Choose natural and lightweight lashes


Don’t apply lashes for very 1st time on wedding day
Don’t choose very dramatic or gaudy pattern
Don’t fall for cheap lashes or glue
Don’t make lumps of mascara on lashes
Don’t pull them hard to remove

—Inputs by Makeup Expert Aashmeen Munjaal

So there you have it. The best lash look will get you a tonne of compliments. But remember, rules are made to be broken and experimentation, when it comes to beauty, is always a good idea. So have fun, bellas!


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