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The It Gift

By Sanhati Banerjee

The darling of the glamour girl and the graceful diva, that infinite symbol of luxury and that bundle of sparkle that electrifies beauty – jewellery stands out as the poster girl of gifting. Be it on the engagement ceremony or on the upcoming Valentine’s Day; here’s an authentic guide to gifting jewellery in splendid ways.

On your engagement/ring ceremony, as the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be you will obviously exchange rings but apart from the rings, what are the other jewellery items that you can gift to each other? For instance, a chain and bracelet for your man and may be a pair of chandelier earrings and a bracelet for your woman...How can the jewellery gifting items for this occasion be customised, for instance, using initials, doing engravings etc.? Custom jewellery gift packs can also be gifted by the bride to her would-be mom/sister-in-law. This applies to the would-be-groom as well. Such custom boxes can be designed keeping individual taste in mind and to make your boxes complete, you can include other items of pleasantry.
Platinum love bands are a part of any love/romance/celebration range of jewellery. Carved out of the precious, white metal, these bands are chic and have an appeal for both the sexes. In fact, love bands are theme bands with the choice of getting your initials engraved on the inner side or for that matter, any symbol that you both associate with. In India, these bands have skyrocketed in popularity in the last decade. So, on your engagement ceremony, at the time of exchanging rings, you can also present your own love bands or circles of eternity to each other. Choose from plain to the more elaborately designed pieces or the ones that come studded with stones as per your budget and liking.

Love Engraved

It’s all saying “you and me” loud and in creative ways. That’s more than just gifting; it becomes a language or gesture of affection. It takes on a strong visual sense that has been etched keeping personal details in mind. Courtney Cox and David Arquette had “A deal is a deal” engraved on their wedding bands. “Engravin g can be done on the inside with initials; important dates, names or a short phrase used during the vows using a good font” says Nitin Raj, CEO,, an online jewellery portal.
You can really make an impression by having a love poem, or special message engraved on your gift. You can avail of personalised gift services from online jewellery and gift stores and add that little extra feeling to your present, which is ideal for occasions like the Valentine’s or engagement, when you really want to tell that special person exactly how you feel, in your own words. You can get lines from a poem or a song which both of you cherish, or self-composed lines engraved on your gift.
For jewellery, there’s no limit to the ways you can put an individual stamp on it — “from witty or touching messages engraved on lockets to biographic charm bracelets; it also can be customised by way of having lookalike rings for both” says Calvin John, vice president, offline marketing, has introduced Trinity Rings where the couple’s name can be engraved on the ring. They also have a separate “Personalized Section” under pendants where one can have initials as well as messages engraved on these pendants.
“Engraved initials on jewellery pieces is something a couple can connect to and it will give ample amount of happiness to each other, one more option is that a couple can go for some combination necklaces, which will be a sign of everlasting love, for example heart pendants” says Prakshi Sharma, jewellery designer at RK Jewellers.

Assorted Gifts

While solitaires do all the talking on the engagement ceremony, couples can pick from other jewellery items to make it more engaging, special and memorable. You should, of course, look into your budget before taking the final decision.
“Cufflinks, chain, watch, bracelet, a diamond pen or silver plated office stationary can be gifted to the man and an exquisite diamond with topaz set of necklace (or choice of gemstones) and earrings could be ideal for the woman,” says Dimple Nahar, who owns the label and store 2Divine, specialising in luxury gifts, diamond jewellery, fashion accessories, costume jewellery, haute couture and home décor articles. 2Divine has special jewellery boxes and Dimple Nahar says “jewellery care book, cleaning cloth and few scented candles” can be included in those boxes. You can gift such boxes to your would-be mom-in-law and sis-in-law as well as throw in your photo frames, chocolates and candies to make the boxes personalised. The boxes can be wooden or plastic and can be used as jewellery cases later. The boxes can have floral or abstract prints and you can get a message inscribed on the inside of the box and include a greeting card as well. “Customised jewellery pack for mother-in-law and sister-in-law would be a great idea and it is something which will be appreciated and loved for the matter of the fact that their daughter-in-law/son-in-law cares for their happiness and love them, and they will cherish it for lifetime. These jewellery gift boxes are available with leading jewellers from where you have purchased your jewellery, or high-end gift stores; but if you don’t want to step out, online stores give you the best options to choose from a wide variety. In fact, apart from giving the jewellery, put some chocolates and photo frame of yours with them and make it more than just a jewellery box” says Prakshi Sharma, jewellery designer at RK Jewellers.
“Why not gift a single line bangle to the bride which resembles the circle of trust and friendship and in turn the groom can get a cool bracelet?” asks Bhavin Rupani, president, Jasani – The Jewellery Lounge.

Proposing with Jewels

Bhavin Rupani says “Apart from gifting a solitaire ring, the guy can also get a nice box with the message ‘Will You Marry Me?’ written inside or say it with a heart-shaped diamond on the Valentine’s Day! One can add rubies to the ring to get the red colour. The girl can also say it to a guy with a simple band and a message engraved on the ring since men would not want something too loud or else a gold band can do the trick. A cool gifting idea on the Valentine’s Day could be an evil eye.”
Romancing with Jewels
Charm bracelets, red roses, blue roses, champagne flowers, pink squares etc. can be beautiful options in love and romance jewellery.
Bracelets for men and heart-shaped jewellery for women can never go wrong. Heart-shaped pins, lockets, rings, brooches and danglers and bows and Cupids in jewellery make for adorable theme-based gifts. How about a bottle of her favourite wine and a pair of chandelier earrings for her hanging from the ribbon? How about a pair of classic diamond/gold cufflinks holding together a ticket for his favourite show to propose to your man?
For men, it is important to remember your women’s choices. Is her style elegant or flamboyant? Is she into silver, gold or gemstones? Does she like elemental design or is she more of a thematic kind of a person? That will help you make the most desirable gift.


• When it’s your 1st Valentine’s after marriage, what could be a better way to celebrate than finding out the perfect gift for each other? A gift that really sums everything what you mean to each other.
• For Her: Nothing is as special as diamonds. A pair of spectacular diamonds earrings – studs, hoops, drops, whatever she likes – makes a gorgeous valentine jewellery gift and has its stunning Halo Collection that signifies Eternal Celebration of Love. A collection that expresses your love symbolically without having to say a word as this fabulous, the collection speaks the universal language of love and emotion where a centre big diamond is encircled with smaller diamonds signifying the girl being the centre of the guy’s universe.
• For Him: Customised rings specially made for him and engraved with their name/initial on it.
Inputs are taken from Calvin John, president,

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