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The Easy Jewellery Shopping Guide

By Sanhati Banerjee

Investing in jewellery just before your wedding can become a simpler task if you have a few shopping tips on your side and if your browse through a few golden rules.

While choosing your jewellery it is important to go for something that is within your comfort zone; though sometimes it is good to step out of the box especially when considering something unique. Go for jewellery that you can carry well and which suits your design style. Your jewellery is the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to your outfits. So go ahead and make your fashion statement by wearing the right type of jewellery.
It is important to understand whether you want your jewellery to occupy the centrestage and be the focal point of you ensemble, whether you want it to complement your outfit or you want it to be subtle. Make sure that the jewellery complements not only your outfit but your personality and the occasion too.

Know your Metal, Pick your Style
Jewellery buying becomes a tricky business because there are so many different types of materials, metals, styles and gems to choose from. You can shop better by being an enlightened buyer.
Some people may be allergic to certain types of jewellery and it is necessary to be aware of your body’s reaction to various types of metal.
Budget is another important factor that you should consider before you purchase any jewellery. There are several jewellery options these days. Ask yourself how much you want to spend.
Decide in advance what kind of jewellery you want to buy – silver, gold, diamonds, or other precious stones. Think about the jewellery style you want to buy; is it contemporary or ethnic?
Another important benchmark to buy jewellery is to decide what type of clothes you plan to pair your jewellery with – Western, fusion or Indian.
Jewellery is usually very expensive and therefore it is necessary to ensure good service; it is important that you buy it from a full-service jeweller who will help you before, during and after the sale is made.

Understanding Diamonds
If you plan to buy diamonds then it is important to understand diamonds. There are four major points to keep in mind while selecting a diamond. Experts call it the 4Cs that determine the quality of the diamond – carat, cut, colour and clarity. The characteristic of one of these traits affects the others and the overall quality and value of the diamond. This is the basis on which the diamond is compared and graded. This system was developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and is now an industry standard. The GIA is the world’s most respected authority on diamonds, coloured gemstones and pearls.
When you buy a diamond ensure that it is certified because a certified diamond’s quality is guaranteed and this increases its value as compared to uncertified diamonds. Always buy diamonds from an authorised source. Ensure that the gem or diamond is certified by the GIA, AGS or EGL which are available worldwide.

Go Gold
Though yellow gold is extremely popular, you can also get gold jewellery in white, rose and even designer colours such as brown, green and blue.
Gold jewellery never goes out of style. Gold is wearer-friendly and it is also very beautiful. Pure gold doesn’t react with other elements to create any tarnish. Gold rarely gives people any allergy or any problem and it can be worked out into nearly any shape. Therefore it is the most popular and favoured form of jewellery.
The higher the percentage of gold; 18kt, 22kt, and 24kt, indicates that it will be softer and more susceptible to dents, scratches, than10kt and 14kt gold. Ask the salesperson about the return policies and certificates of authenticity when buying gold jewellery. If you’re going to wear the gold jewellery every day, then a lower gold percentage may be a better bet for you. The hallmark is usually written on the inner part of each piece, and will indicate the gold content. While buying gold also it is important to ensure that it is certified by BIS Hallmark. A hallmark has five aspects i.e. BIS Mark, the Fineness number (corresponding to the caratage), Assaying and Hallmarking Centre’s Mark, Jewellers identification mark and year of marking indicated by a code letter and decided by BIS (e.g. Code letter A was approved for year 2000, B for year 2001 and C for 2002). To be on a safer side, it is best to go for a BIS Hallmark while buying gold.
So now jewellery shopping will be a lot simpler and stress free for you!

Skin Tones and Jewels

Cool skin tones look best with white pearls and diamonds. Stone colour and jewel tones like pinks, purples, blues, reds, and magentas suit them best.



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